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This summer, you drink milk tea in buckets?

I haven’t drunk milk tea bucket, and it’s not summer.
Last weekend was the beginning of autumn. As a reserved program at the beginning of the current season, “the first cup of milk tea in autumn” once again became the focus of the topic.
Also taking this opportunity, a Guang noticed that the popularity of milk tea has been upgraded from raw materials, and a small number of fruits such as oil oranges, citrus, kale have entered the menu; To the feast of small materials, red beans, Oreo, coconut milk jelly and other crazy ingredients are added, and the seconds become eight treasure porridge; Now, we are on the road of increasing quantity——
This year’s milk tea seems to have started to talk about barrels?
2022, the right posture for summer
In 2022, the summer without showing off a whole bucket of milk tea is incomplete.
This year, bottled milk tea has grown from the menu of new tea drinks overnight.
Xicha, located at the head of the race track, launched the “super large bucket of succulent peaches and plums” and placed it in the prominent banner.
Naixue tea not only sets the new Qixi new product “domineering strawberry tornado” to 1000ml, but also separately opens the menu item “domineering one barrel” to facilitate users to order single barrel drinks.
And Qifen sweet, tea Baidao, Shuyi shaoxiancao, guiyuanpu, and aunt Hushang have also introduced different types of barreled milk tea.
Qifen sweet

tea Baidao
book also burned fairy grass

Although we are used to calling all new tea drinks milk tea, in fact, most of the barreled products launched by new tea brands are fruit tea.
The main ingredients are basically divided into two types. Take aunt Hushang’s products as an example. One is the mixed type. For example, “a bucket of fresh fruit tea” contains five kinds of fruits: watermelon, mango, lemon, pineapple and passion fruit; The other is a single fruit category, such as peaches and watermelons that are still in season when they are good to drink.
Not only new tea drinks, but also coffee brands are also entering the big capacity war. Seesaw recently launched a 3-jin ice American style. Although the official tone of the brand is to share the clothes that are convenient for traveling, for workers, it is to show off my neck. No one wants to sleep tonight.
Why is the fire in 2022?
When you use barreled milk tea, you start by playing with stems.
When milk tea plays a more and more important role in young people’s social life, milk tea culture is popular. As a performance art expressing milk tea fanaticism, barreled milk tea appeared in DIY of early netizens.
For example, fans sent a bucket of pearl milk tea to the little princess of milk tea, Jay Chou;
For example, the blogger @ Mrs. Watson filled a mineral water bucket with milk tea to challenge the king of the stomach.
The epidemic at home in early 2020 made people’s desire for milk tea continue to accumulate, which directly promoted the popularity of milk tea brand @ Renzai tea in Haoheng 5L after the release of the seal at that time.
In fact, the sentence “give back your milk tea addiction 10 times” has already reflected that it is
This summer, you drink milk tea in buckets?



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