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Erie holding hands with Spain: open the “hot blooded bullfight” mode, and the world cup war is imminent!

The layout of the
Qatar world cup “Trident” shows what strategy and ambition Yili has?

Text: Emma Zhang

Source: food daily (ID: food)

Less than 100 days from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the classic theme song has not yet sounded in the sky of the Russell stadium, and the commercial battles of various brands around the world outside the stadium have officially sounded the horn.
Take the “Oolong incident” at the end of May this year as an example, the two domestic dairy giants Yili and Mengniu staged a textbook Level “immortal fight”. First, Erie released a poster with Messi, Martinez and Di Maria, highlighting the Argentine national team’s love for football engraved in DNA with the slogan “there is a love called blue and white”. Then, Mengniu, another domestic dairy giant, released posters and news that Messi was the official spokesperson, which really puzzled the fans. After confirmation, the outside world learned that Yili had obtained the official authorization of the entire Argentine national football team, while Mengniu had the right to use Messi’s personal portrait for product and brand promotion.
Source: Official Weibo of Yili
Every time a global sports feast similar to the world cup level is held, it will surely bring exposure opportunities to major sponsors. As the saying goes, “the troops and horses are not moving, and the grain and grass are first”, it is a serious matter for enterprises to seize the commanding height of the marketing field.
In fact, sports marketing has always been an important part of the global marketing market, and football marketing has already become a “green land” for major brands. The competition of domestic dairy brands for official spokespersons and sports IP has also been the focus of the FMCG industry.
Food enterprises have good intentions,
Is sports marketing really so “fragrant”?
One of the reasons why the world’s industry giants favor sports marketing is that “sports is the only pure land for entertainment. No matter how many times you look back, you will never guess the outcome.” This unique feature is generally considered as a marketing advantage: every time the audience participates in activities and watches competitions, they will see advertisements repeatedly, which provides a wide range of opportunities for companies to expose their brands.
In recent years, more Chinese figures have also appeared in the world’s top competitions. Oppo has signed the Champions League and become a global sponsor. A series of cooperation, such as vivo, Yingli and Hisense sponsoring the FIFA World Cup and Tiktok sponsoring the European Cup 2020, have enhanced the brand’s global popularity and brought huge exposure.
Source: statista, the world’s most valuable sports event brand in 2019
Of course, food giants will not miss such a feast. From the global market, food and beverage companies spend tens of billions of dollars on professional sports sponsorship every year. According to the data of National Library of medicine, in 2015 alone, the global sports sponsorship expenditure has reached US $57.5 billion.
Under the strategic background of the era of pursuing great health, participating in major sports events can not only highlight the enterprise’s own values, but also realize the linkage trend and greatly improve
On the other hand, although sports marketing is not a decisive factor, it is still very important. The reason why the outside world likes to talk about Yili Mengniu’s “back stabbing battle” in the Beijing Winter Olympics and Qatar’s “Messi rebellion” is that they perfectly explain the different tactics of the two dairy giants in marketing strategies.
Yili’s playing style in the world cup in Qatar, together with the three strong teams of Argentina, Spain and Portugal, is also very unique and representative:
Picture source: Minister of food
First of all, it is stable. Yili laid out the “three pillars” at the world cup in Qatar. It can be seen from the signing of the Beijing Winter Olympics that Yili Group has always favored to be the spokesperson and sponsor of the official team. The world cup is different from the Olympic Games, with only the top 32 participating. Therefore, whether it is Spain, Argentina or Portugal, they all belong to the world’s strong reserve team for winning the championship. Even if the final champion is lost to other countries, many predictable points have been gathered in the competition schedule.
Secondly, the official team sponsored by Yili accurately targeted the top players of Messi and Ronaldo. Consumers who are familiar with football know that this Qatar world cup is probably the last World Cup attended by veteran stars Messi and Ronaldo. The huge fans of the two kings are enough to support the topic of the two teams, which is equivalent to the traffic “double insurance”. It is not necessary to discuss whether they will leave with dignity or glory. It is enough to cherish the farewell race on behalf of the country.
The last is the pattern. The brand value of Yili Group is strongly bound with the spirit of sports competition. In the 17 years since 2005, the company has fully supported the Olympic Games, made consumers at home and abroad accustomed to and recognized the brand concept of Yili Group, and consolidated its status as a “double Olympic dairy enterprise”. Whether it is the Olympic Games or the world cup, the global level competitive sports will ultimately come down to the national honor and sports spirit. From this perspective, Yili still follows the “big pattern” route.
Mengniu and Yili have different marketing strategies. They are not so “stable” and are not particularly “accurate”. However, once opportunities arise, they are very “ruthless”. Mengniu has always been keen on signing the official spokesperson route. From the early signing of Gu ailing, it can be seen that Mengniu is very skilled in cooperating with personal IP. At the beginning of winning the championship, Mengniu quickly launched Gu Ailing’s exclusive growth documentary and took the opportunity to conduct multi-dimensional publicity.
If Yili is good at “creativity”, Mengniu is better at “borrowing”.
Source: Google
The same is true of Qatar this time. As the official sponsor of the world cup, Mengniu joined hands with Messi and mbape to form “MNM” to join the sports feast. Obviously, Mengniu’s strategy and playing method are not much different from that when it became the official sponsor of the last Russian World Cup. The master competition is like playing go. Yili has made three stable moves in this world cup to form a trend of encirclement.
Messi’s dispute is just the prelude to the “immortal fight” between the two dairy giants in the world cup. After that, the fighting will only get worse.
In the second half of the dairy industry,
How can enterprises better exert their imagination?
By the second half of 2022
Yili should not only give play to the strong characteristics of the dairy giant, but also rely on the innovative thinking of the food industry to constantly break the circle, enhance the international exposure, and further advance to the first place in the global dairy industry.
Source: Google
The marketing campaign of Qatar world cup has been quietly started, and the undercurrent of brand competition is surging. With less than 100 days to go, can Yili Group break out of the tight encirclement, find out what to do, further strengthen brand sports marketing, and win the closing battle of Qatar in 2022? We still need to wait for the curtain to open. After all, it is not the end of the game, and we will never guess the outcome.
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