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The list of the world’s most valuable food and beverage brands was announced! Nestle topped the list and Haitian ranked first in the top ten

people have rekindled their enthusiasm for their favorite brands, and the food brand value has returned to the level before the epidemic.

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Source: food daily (ID: food)

Recently, according to the most valuable list of “food and beverage in 2022” compiled and released by brand finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consulting company, Nestl é, headquartered in Switzerland, has been the world’s most valuable brand for a second time, and has once again become the world’s most valuable food and beverage brand.
Brand finance evaluates 5000 major brands in the world every year and ranks them according to their value, brand strength, growth rate and popularity. Next, let’s take a look at the most valuable list of the food and beverage industry in 2022 evaluated by brand finance.

Top ten food and beverage brands in the world

According to the data of brand finance, Nestle ranked first this year with a brand value of US $20.8 billion, which was higher than US $19.4 billion in 2021 and almost twice that of Yili Group, the second Chinese dairy brand, with a brand value of about US $10.6 billion. Lay’s ranked third with a brand value of $8.6 billion. Over the past year, the value of these three brands has increased by about $1 billion.
Top 10 most valuable food and beverage brands in the world
Image source: brand Finance
In this regard, Nestle believes that the company’s independent and decentralized business structure is the reason for its continued profitability. The ability to respond to and deal with consumer demand and customer demand in a timely manner, as well as the ability to calmly cope with difficulties and challenges from the supply chain, has helped the company overcome the pressure brought by the COVID-19 epidemic and the supply chain in the past few years. At the same time, Nestle successfully realized the growth of brand value through flexible testing and launching new products.
In addition, according to the company, Nestle’s investment in digital transformation and long-term brand strategy has also helped it maintain its leading position.
Yili, ranked second, focuses on high-end dairy products. In recent years, due to people’s recognition of the importance of immune system construction and health benefits, the sales volume of Yili’s products has significantly increased in the past year. Among them, Yili’s cheese, milk powder and bottled water series products have strong growth. Yili said that Chinese consumers think these products have health and nutritional value, and Yili’s market advantage is also derived from this.
Image source: foodnavigator Asia
This year, the brand value of Leshi was US $8.6 billion, an increase of 31% over 2021. Recognizing the impact of the epidemic on consumers’ snack consumption habits, under the condition of limited social interaction, Leshi successfully achieved digital upgrading during the epidemic by promoting products in various online stores (especially Amazon), which greatly promoted
The list of the world’s most valuable food and beverage brands was announced! Nestle topped the list and Haitian ranked first in the top ten
此外,在本次食品饮料榜单的Top 10中,海天(Haitian)可以说是成功实现品牌价值大幅增长的“新星”品牌。目前,该品牌的价值为58亿美元,位居榜单第8位,相比去年上升了4位。这也是海天第一次进入该榜单的前十名。


关于本次榜单,Brand Finance EMEA地区的咨询主管Savio D’Souza表达了他的乐观的态度:“人们重新燃起了对于他们所喜爱品牌的热情,他们渴望雀巢、伊利和乐事!食品品牌价值也回到了疫情之前的水平。”


图片来源:Brand Finance
仔细来看,在今年全球最具价值食品饮料品牌Top 100的名单中,共有12个中国品牌入榜(去年是11个),是本次榜单中上榜数量第二多的国家,仅次于美国(共41个品牌入榜)。
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