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Mengniu Danone made new progress in the transaction, the midterm report of maizeer was postponed, Wal Mart’s performance exceeded expectations, yum! China applied for the main listing in Hong Kong, and the orange juice sold by HEMA was fined. Tencent responded to the sale of meituan’s equity

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Mengniu and Danone series of transactions were approved by the general meeting of shareholders

Today, Mengniu and Yashili jointly announced the latest progress of a series of transactions with Danone. The announcement shows that the acquisition of Mengniu low temperature business joint venture company, the sale of Dumex China and the acquisition of 25% of Yashili’s equity were unanimously approved at the special general meeting of shareholders held today. Among them, the acquisition of low-temperature business is expected to be completed on August 26 this year. (company announcement)

Macquarie delayed the disclosure of the semi annual report of 2022

Macquarie announced today that the company originally planned to disclose the semi annual report of 2022 on August 23, 2022, but now the disclosure time will be postponed to August 30, 2022 because the report has not been prepared yet. (company announcement)

HEMA was fined for failing to sell orange juice anselmi

According to the official website of Shanghai market supervision bureau, the Tipco orange juice (specification and model: 1L / bottle, production date: April 6, 2021, nominal dealer: Shanghai HEMA Network Technology Co., Ltd.) for sale by Zifu Road branch of Chongqing HEMA Xiansheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. is unqualified.

On August 16, 2022, infant formula milk powder product formula registration approval (decision) to be received

Today, the food evaluation center of the State Administration of market supervision and administration released the detailed mailing list of the approval document (decision) for the registration of infant formula milk powder products. The formula is phase 1 and 2 of Feihe zhenai Beihu infant formula milk powder. (State Administration of market supervision)

Yum! China applies to be listed in Hong Kong

Yesterday, yum! China announced its application to voluntarily change its secondary listing status on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange into a main listing. After the shareholders approve all the proposals submitted at the special meeting and obtain the necessary approval from the Hong Kong stock exchange, yum! China will become a dual major listed company on the New York Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong stock exchange. Qu Cuirong, CEO of Yum! China, said that this strategic move enables the company to reach more investors, increase stock liquidity and reduce the impact of delisting from the New York Stock Exchange on the company. (issued by the company)

Chengde Lulu’s revenue in the first half of the year was 1.462 billion yuan

Chengde Lulu announced yesterday that its revenue in the first half of the year was 1.462 billion yuan, up 7.52% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was 297 million yuan, up 5% year on year. (company announcement)

The income of Dabei agriculture decreased by 12.28% in the first half of the year

Dabei Agriculture announced yesterday that the company realized an operating income of 13.393 billion yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year decrease of 12.28%; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company decreased by 510 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 202.35%. (company announcement)

On Saturday, the family convenience store launched the Mid Autumn Festival gift box

Today, the family convenience store and “week zero” jointly launched the mooncake gift box “moonlight at home”. The filling of the mooncake is made of week zero plant meat floss. The new products will be sold in the family convenience stores nationwide, with a price of 198 yuan per box. (issued by the company)

Absolute vodka plus new

Yesterday, absolute vodka, a subsidiary of Pernod Ricardo, announced the launch of the new product “absolute watermelon”, which is more than the original product

Coca Cola bottlers promote cardboard packaging

Foreign news reported yesterday that liberty Coca Cola, a bottler headquartered in Philadelphia, is introducing Coca Cola packaged with keelclip cardboard to replace the traditional plastic ring to fix the drinks together. The new packaging will save 75000 pounds of plastic packaging each year. Keelclip was launched in Europe in 2019, and more than 550 million copies have been used worldwide. (NACS)

Arla unveils protein beverage formula for kidney disease patients

According to foreign news yesterday, Arla foods ingredients has made two beverage prototypes for people affected by kidney disease and living on a low mineral diet. According to the introduction, the two formulas “have high protein content but low mineral content”, so they are suitable for chronic kidney disease patients. This group usually needs to avoid excessive mineral intake for health reasons. Arla foods ingredients hopes that this formula can be popularized among manufacturers in Europe, the United States, China and Japan. (Dairyreporter)

Nestle launches new multi grain supplementary food in UK


Foreign news reported yesterday that Nestle’s SMA nutrition series launched two types of multi grain supplementary foods for infants and young children in the UK, which are applicable to infants over 6 months old and children over 12 months old respectively. The retail price of both products is £ 2 (about rmb16.35). (FOODBEV)

Fast reading of food industry information

Ensuring smooth logistics: National Railway Freight continues to operate at a high level

According to the monitoring and summary data of the office of the leading group of the State Council for ensuring smooth logistics, on August 15, the national railway freight transport continued to operate at a high level, with 10.384 million tons of goods transported, basically the same month on month; There were 7.1203 million freight cars on expressways throughout the country, an increase of 15.10% month on month; The cargo throughput of the monitored port was 33.686 million tons, an increase of 11.6% over the previous month, and the container throughput was 837000 TEUs, an increase of 10.2% over the previous month; There were 481 civil aviation guaranteed cargo flights, down 21.3% month on month; Postal express received about 296 million pieces, an increase of 8.4% month on month; The delivery volume was about 284 million, an increase of 2.2% month on month. (CCTV News)

There is a rumour of China’s ban on Australian goods, but it has not been officially confirmed

On Monday morning, the official account of the “world meat import report” published an article saying that China announced to suspend the customs clearance and goods release of all Australian and New Zealand meat, dairy products, agricultural products and other commodities. However, the ban was not officially confirmed. In the afternoon of the same day, the official account again released a message that “Australian meat, dairy products, agricultural products and other goods have resumed customs clearance and inspection, and can be declared normally.” The two major agricultural products exported by Australia to China include grain and meat. Roger Fletcher, Australia’s largest mutton exporter, said that any comprehensive ban would hit local agriculture by billions of Australian dollars. (aohuacai

Mengniu Danone made new progress in the transaction, the midterm report of maizeer was postponed, Wal Mart’s performance exceeded expectations, yum! China applied for the main listing in Hong Kong, and the orange juice sold by HEMA was fined. Tencent responded to the sale of meituan’s equity

华尔街日报昨日消息,总部位于美国伊利诺伊州的Home Run Inn Frozen Foods宣布召回超过13,000磅冻肉披萨(生产日期7月6日,保质期截至2022年12月3日),因接到消费者投诉称产品中发现金属。该公司网站称,包括沃尔玛和Target在内的零售商销售旗下比萨饼。截至本周一尚未报告有消费者因此患病或受伤,其他产品不受召回影响。(华尔街日报)


日本北海道的中小食品企业纷纷进军亚洲市场。10月,在札幌市内经营巧克力店“SOIL CHOCOLATE“等4家店铺的日本Enkuru公司将在跨境电商平台”天猫国际“上销售。在日本价格为1箱960日元(约合人民币48.59元),在中国的价格设想定为1500日元左右(约合人民币75.91元)。(日经)


外电昨日消息,总部位于费城的装瓶商Liberty Coca-Cola正推出采用 KeelClip 纸板包装的可口可乐,以取代传统的塑料环来将饮料固定在一起。新包装每年将节约75000 磅塑料包装。KeelClip于2019年在欧洲推出,全球已使用超过5.5亿份。(NACS)


外电昨日消息, Arla Foods Ingredients已经制成两款饮料原型,面向为受肾病影响和以低矿物质饮食为生的群体。据介绍,两款配方“蛋白质含量高,但矿物质含量低”,因此适合慢性肾病患者食用,这一群体通常出于健康原因需要避免摄入过量矿物质。Arla Foods Ingredients希望该配方能在欧洲、美国、中国、日本生产商中推广。(Dairyreporter)


外电昨日消息,雀巢旗下SMA Nutrition系列在英国推出两款婴幼儿多谷物辅食,分别面向适用于6个月以上婴儿及适用于12个月以上幼儿。两款产品的零售价均为2英镑(约为16.35人民币)。(FOODBEV)






周一早上,“世界肉类进口报告”公众号发布文章称,中国宣布暂停所有澳大利亚和新西兰肉类、乳制品、农产品等商品的清关和货物放行。但最终该禁令消息未得官方肯定。当日下午,该公众号再次发布消息称,“澳洲肉类、乳制品、农产品等货物已恢复报关查验工作,已能正常进行申报。”澳洲对中国出口的两大农业产品包括谷物和肉类。澳大利亚最大羊肉出口商罗杰弗莱彻(Roger Fletcher)称,任何全面禁令都将对当地农业造成数十亿澳元的打击。(澳华财经在线)




昨日,多家方便面制造商要求泰国允许对产品提价以应对不断上涨的成本,这可能为14年来的首次提价铺平道路。据悉,方便面和其他主食的价格受泰国法律限制。包括Mama、Wai Wai和日本Nisshin在内的五家面条品牌生产商表示,其正寻求批准将产品价格从6泰铢(0.17美元)提高到8泰铢(0.23美元)。(路透社)






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