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Sports and drinking “wine” are the same? Union Radler zero alcohol low energy drink daily new product soup Vol.27

Focus on the flash products of the “daily new product soup” on the new platform, with a special deconstruction and presentation from the professional perspective of foodaily, and promote the acceleration of industrial innovation with the inspiration of one in ten thousand!

It is also wine and drink, which can quench your thirst and refresh you
This is a mixed drink made of non alcohol beer and lemon juice, designed for recovery after intense professional or leisure sports. The product is based on union 0.0 beer, added with magnesium, zinc and B vitamins, and low energy (92 kJ / share). A small amount of sugar (2.8g / 100ml) can refresh the mind; Vitamin B3 and B12 help reduce fatigue; Magnesium contributes to the recovery of muscle function; Zinc plays an important role in fatty acid metabolism. At the same time, the product combines the multiple characteristics and delicacy of wine, energy drink and fruit juice.
Image source: pivovarna La š Ko union official website
Ultra thin beverage can, light and attractive
The packaging of Union’s new products is designed by canpack, a Polish beverage packaging manufacturer. In order to reflect the “movement”, “vitality” and “no burden” characteristics of the products, the packaging experts specially adopted the special effect of Matt (the high impact printing and embossing technology developed by canpack, which makes the packaging appear matte and embossed texture) to enhance its bright and refreshing appearance and feeling. The ultra-thin can body and ultra light body feel make the product show different vitality.
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Professional team cooperative R & D
This new product is made by pivovarna La š Ko Union developed it with the football players of the Slovenian Football Association. Union provides technical experience in beer beverage research and development, while athletes contribute their professional sports knowledge and practical experience. Double “professional protection” provides consumers with more comfortable and satisfactory products.
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Multiple elements coexist, applicable to multiple scenarios
In the summer of 2022, a set of home shuttlecocks with the classic pop song compendium of Materia Medica will spread all over the Internet. Nowadays, urbanites who walk from the small living room to the nature and sprinkle enthusiasm and sweat naturally need to supplement water and energy. High sugar and high calorie drinks have long been unpopular, and pure water seems difficult to “quench thirst” for the body. How can we meet the demanding needs of consumers with differentiated products?
Image source: pivovarna La š Ko union official website
In Europe and America, the sports nutrition market is relatively more mature and complete. Only energy supply drinks can be called a dazzling array, such as high protein caffeine milk drinks, energy bubble water added with plant extracts, and fermented drinks rich in super fruits. This zero alcohol low energy drink developed by union Radler is unique among many sports drinks. The flavor design boldly introduces beer and citrus fruit flavor. The combination of citrus and hops is refreshing. The novel product concept not only attracts the sports crowd, but also covers the preference
Sports and drinking “wine” are the same? Union Radler zero alcohol low energy drink daily new product soup Vol.27


公司&品牌:Pivovarna Laško Union
品类:饮料 / 冷冻饮品






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