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The registration approval of Youbo genuoan formula is to be received to meet the new national standard era

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For dairy enterprises, formula registration is not only a competition of speed and strength, but also the realization of brand product strategic layout. At the moment when the national regulatory authorities and consumers are paying more attention to the formula, who can take the lead in passing the test can take the lead in the era of high-quality milk powder industry.

Recently, the food evaluation center of the State Administration of market supervision and administration released the latest approval document (decision) for the registration of infant formula, and the domestic milk powder brand Shengyuan’s youbogenoan milk powder was listed. As the fist product of Shengyuan’s infant milk powder category, Eugene has built a hard core and differentiated product strength around breast milk research and formula upgrading, and its brand innovation strength has been recognized by the state.

Adapt to the new needs of the industry and stand out with super strength

It is getting closer and closer to the formal implementation of the new national standard on February 22, 2023. The success of the registration extension of the existing formula of Eugene is of positive significance for the formal implementation of the new national standard.

As we all know, the registration certificate of infant formula is valid for 5 years. Since the second half of 2017, China has issued the registration certificate of infant formula in succession. Therefore, from August 2022, the infant formula certificates registered in 2017 will expire in succession, facing the problem of secondary formula registration, that is, the extension of the registration validity period. Under the new national standard and the secondary formula registration system, the quality of milk powder in China’s infant powder market will be further improved, and the industry competition will be further intensified.

Shengyuan milk powder Youbo genuoan (Guoshi Zhu Zi yp20170109) is the first batch of products that passed the registration of infant formula in 2017. It is a bionic formula in Youbo ® Focus on improving the baby’s physique. The addition of calcium, iron and zinc is higher than the national standard, adding weight to the baby’s health.

The success of this formula registration extension shows the super R & D strength and quality control ability of Eugene, and also marks that the domestic milk powder industry represented by Eugene has entered a new stage of high-quality development with quality improvement as the core.


Professional formula is more suitable for baby’s nutrition needs

As a high-end milk powder brand under Shengyuan, youbogenoan can break through the competition and successfully postpone the registration of formula under the environment of continuously strengthening the supervision of the state. The strength of youbogenoan has been tested and confirmed.

On the basis of the new national standard, Shengyuan milk powder youbogenoan has upgraded and adjusted the formula to further enhance the product strength. It not only selects the 48 ° north latitude golden milk source belt, ensuring that the milk powder has a safe and stable high-quality milk source; Strengthen calcium, iron and zinc in the formula: rich in natural milk calcium + special screening 0.1-1 μ M ultra fine grinding calcium carbonate, good absorption effect, higher activity of divalent iron and easy absorption. The bioavailability of the second-generation zinc lactate is about 1.3-1.5 times that of zinc gluconate. The above calcium, iron and zinc are added according to the reference intake of dietary nutrients for Chinese residents (DRLs) standard of the Chinese Nutrition Society, and the nutritional combination is created according to the scientific ratio, which is more suitable for the growth needs of the baby.

It is worth noting that the new national standard requires that the first stage whey protein is ≥ 60%, while the first stage whey protein of Shengyuan milk powder is 70%, which exceeds the national standard. Youbogenoan is also the first packaging exhibition in China

The registration approval of Youbo genuoan formula is to be received to meet the new national standard era








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