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Cold storage expert Weiquan: how to view the new development of probiotic industry in the post epidemic era?

From August 10 to 12, the 17th International Symposium on probiotics and health, sponsored by the Chinese society of food science and technology and organized by the probiotics branch of the Chinese society of food science and technology, Zhejiang food society, Zhejiang industrial and Commercial University and other units, was held in Hangzhou. The purpose of the conference was to pulse the new trend of industry development and enhance the endogenous power of the healthy development of the industry.

The snack representative noticed that as a member of the refrigerated food industry, Weiquan also participated in the conference. Next, let’s focus on it.

New trend of industry development

The International Symposium on probiotics and health is positioned at three objectives: first, standing at the forefront of science and technology and industrial innovation, and opening a new journey of high-quality development of the probiotics industry in the intersection and extension of disciplines; Second, promote the formation of “academic consensus” and strategic thinking in the field of probiotic research in China through active academic exchanges; Third, let more young people feel the style of probiotic technology and industry through the forward-looking wonderful report and Enterprise Summit Forum of this conference, and cultivate new forces facing the future of the industry.

It is reported that representatives from more than 150 scientific research institutes, universities and enterprises at home and abroad participated in the meeting. Several authoritative experts in the field of probiotics also brought nearly 50 excellent reports with forward-looking characteristics.

It is worth noting that the conference released two major academic achievements at the same time, namely “scientific review of probiotics’ dose effect relationship” and “research status and industrial application of metabiotics”.

Among them, “scientific review on the ‘dose effect relationship’ of probiotics” is a research project officially approved by the probiotics branch of the Chinese society of food science and technology in 2021, with a view to providing technical reference for the health effect dose index and industrial application of probiotics in China’s standards and regulations.

The results published this time mainly focus on the following six aspects, including: first, the intake of probiotics is the key factor to play its health role; Second, accurate counting of live bacteria is an important technical condition for measuring the probiotic dose; Third, the recommended intake of probiotics in the existing research literature and relevant international standards and regulations is mainly 107 ~ 1011 CFU / D; Fourth, the health effect dose of probiotics has strain difference, and the higher the added amount, the better; Fifth, the clinical dose of probiotics in different types of food is relatively stable; Sixth, the health effects of probiotics do not depend on the number of strains, and should be based on the scientific research on the interaction between strains. (for details, please click the original link at the end of the text)

During the conference, the Third Council establishment meeting of probiotics branch of China Society of food science and technology was successfully held in Hangzhou. Nearly 100 industry representatives from 20 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) across the country attended the conference. The snack generation noticed that Weiquan is a consumer goods business


Weiquan: new prospects for the future

After more than 20 years of accumulation and development, some enterprises in the probiotic industry have grown rapidly and become the backbone force supporting the development of the industry. At the dialogue session of the Enterprise Summit, representatives of the probiotic industry, including Weiquan, gathered together to conduct in-depth discussions on the standard construction and industrial development of the probiotic industry.

In the dialogue, Weiquan

“High order probiotics further

Cold storage expert Weiquan: how to view the new development of probiotic industry in the post epidemic era?






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