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Get rid of homogeneity! Prefabricated vegetable products can also be done this way

policy and capital both help to prepare vegetables. What opportunities can the enterprises enter the market seize to advance?

Text: Emma Zhang

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This summer, prefabricated vegetables have become a key word that affects the nerves of the whole society: first, Luo min’s “developing first and suppressing later” passed the Epiphyllum in front of the prefabricated vegetables’ tuyere. Then, Haidilao set up a community operation center to promote the prefabricated vegetables business in order to save the profits and losses. In Guangdong, Shenzhen and Shandong, summits related to prefabricated vegetables have been held one after another… The popularity of the prefabricated vegetables market is still high. The high-speed growth is not only favored by the domestic market, but also called the next “billions of tuyeres”. From the perspective of the foreign market, there is still a huge growth space.
In the second half of the year, local governments have issued policies to regard prefabricated vegetables as an important engine for local economic development. In just a few years, prefabricated vegetables have grown rapidly from the commercial market where enterprises compete with capital, and become a new economic phenomenon that attracts the attention of the whole people. How can the prefabricated vegetable industry move forward steadily in the face of the good situation where the market space suddenly opens up and both policy and capital help? In the case of low concentration in the domestic market and the birth of leading brands, what opportunities can the entering enterprises seize to advance?

The market “cake” is huge. How to cut it?

In the face of hundreds of billions of “giant” markets, policies and capital have increased their bets one after another. With the geometric growth of the number of players, the market potential and future trend of the prefabricated vegetable industry are more and more worth exploring and studying.
According to the 2022 China’s Prefabricated vegetable industry insight report, from 2013 to 2021, 71 investment and financing events occurred in the prefabricated vegetable track, and the total amount of financing disclosed exceeded 1 billion yuan, involving 42 projects. Recently, there are also media reports that, following the layout of prefabricated vegetable tracks by many supermarkets such as HEMA, Sam and Yonghui, Midea, country garden and other enterprises have also quietly entered the market. Although more and more brands of prefabricated dishes have entered the market, there are still obvious problems of homogeneity in terms of product types: for example, too much focus on heavy flavor Sichuan cuisine; Domestic meat and vegetables account for a high proportion; Most require refrigeration; There is no difference in the consumption population.
So what are the opportunities and development trends in the future if the prefabricated food brand wants to get rid of the dilemma of homogenization?

1. Vegetarian prefabricated dishes

In the European market where prefabricated dishes started earlier, in order to meet the growing consumer demand, major manufacturers have been introducing high-end new products. The survey shows that consumers’ preference for frozen non vegetarian packaged food is rising, because the hygiene problem of fresh products in the market is increasingly serious.
According to the report released by technavio, from 2021 to 2025, the global frozen food market is expected to grow by 94.99 billion US dollars, of which 46% is from North America. Ready to eat food, especially vegetarian ready to eat food, will continue to promote the expansion of the industry.
Source: swift fine foods
Another British study also shows this trend. 《Eating
In January 2020, n Ü ty, a start-up company of Indian prefabricated dishes, introduced ready to eat dishes with storage resistance by using non thermal sterilization (high-pressure) technology through its proprietary cooking technology, and extended the shelf life of normal temperature storage to 2 months without adding any artificial additives. Since 2019, n Ü ty has expanded its business to more than 220 locations in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai, providing at least 500000 meals for the market.
3. Prefabricated dishes for special people
Finally, as consumers demand more dietary varieties in the fields of freezing, freezing, vegetarian and vegan, global manufacturers are focusing on product innovation to adapt to the new health choices of consumers around the world.
At present, major European enterprises are providing consumers with various innovative products to meet their preferences. After all, the innovation of sugar free and low calorie food is directly related to the health of consumers. Developed specifically to meet certain medical or nutritional needs, such as weight loss, diabetes, or people with specific food intolerance.


(1) Patients with diabetes
To a certain extent, prefabricated dishes can help diabetic patients adhere to healthy and scientific eating habits and help type 2 diabetes patients control their blood sugar. According to the report released by the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention in 2019, there were about 1.4 million new cases of diabetes in 2019, of which 69.0% suffered from hypertension and 44% suffered from high cholesterol. The growing number of diabetes patients is also conducive to the growth of the regional market.
Diet to go weekly menu for diabetics source: diet to go official website
According to the report released by the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention in 2019, there were about 1.4 million new cases of diabetes in 2019, of which 69.0% suffered from hypertension and 44% suffered from high cholesterol. The growing number of diabetes patients is directly conducive to the growth of the regional market. Take diet to go, which was founded in 1991 in the United States, as an example. The company mainly provides four types of meal plans: balanced nutrition prefabricated meals; Low fat vegetarian prepared meals; Ketogenic prefabricated meals; Prepared meals for patients with low-fat diabetes. As early as 1999, they launched the first batch of prefabricated vegetable mail order products in the United States, making its product line throughout the country.
(2) Obese people
In a large number of obese people, there are always people who cannot accept a vegetarian diet. The low-carbon water prefabricated dishes designed by the European company live well for diabetic patients have won international innovation awards for their unique product positioning. Live well’s Refrigerated healthy low carbohydrate ready to eat food series recipes are all from the company’s internal carbon water program nutrition team. They have collected feedback from more than 10000 members of the low carbon water program, and are specially designed for people who lose weight.
Fat reduction package source: live well official website


The practice of nearly 470000 people has proved that the low-carbon water nutrition program group can really play a good role in helping consumers lose weight and improving blood sugar control.
(3) Other special groups
Ekomenu, a start-up company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is committed to consuming for specific needs
However, when professionals conducted spot checks on domestic prepared dishes, they found that the sugar content of a prepared dish with sour and sweet taste was as high as 50.7g, far exceeding the standards of who and the new version of the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents. In addition to the fact that the sugar content in the prepared dishes is extremely easy to exceed the standard, the addition of salt is also not to be underestimated. Food with heavy oil and salt is disastrous for consumers. It will not only lead to hypertension and heart disease, but also lead to osteoporosis, kidney stones and, in the most serious case, stomach cancer.
In addition, the prefabricated vegetable products on the market today are mixed, and unhealthy vegetable oil contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids that are harmful to the body. Vegetable oil can cause inflammation and may cause a series of problems such as heart disease. However, the consumption of these basic condiments and the content of additives are often most easily ignored by consumers, whether they are purchased in offline supermarkets or online live broadcast rooms.
2. Taste recovery
The diversified and characteristic tastes of the major brands in the prefabricated food market will also be a great challenge in the future. Due to the lack of detailed industry standards, how can we avoid “industrial flavor” in the production process of prefabricated dishes? This is a question that deserves deep thought. According to the survey report on the consumption of prefabricated dishes released by the Jiangsu provincial consumer rights and interests protection committee, 62.32% of consumers said that the taste of prefabricated dishes was general, and 3.32% of consumers thought that the taste of prefabricated dishes was poor and not delicious. According to a media survey, among the problems that consumers think the prefabricated food industry needs improvement, the first one is the degree of taste recovery.
Source: NutriSystem D official website
For the prefabricated vegetable enterprises, the industrial processing technology in China is relatively limited at present. At present, there are less than 1000 varieties. In the face of more than 18000 Chinese dishes, the technology of taste recovery still needs to be vigorously developed. R & D technology should focus on the following four points:
First, it is the excavation and quality evaluation of traditional crafts. The basic work of “preserving the pot atmosphere” is to collect the traditional cooking methods in a large scale and carpet style, which will be a long-term process. The second is the formation mechanism of the color and flavor of the products in the processing process, and the process parameters of the products are optimized to maintain the quality of the products. Third, it is the creation of engineering technology and equipment. Many traditional industries are not suitable for industrial processing, and appropriate industrial transformation must be carried out. Fourth, it is to preserve the quality during the storage reheating process, strengthen the research on the changes of flavor substances during the food reheating process, and realize the industrial processing and transformation of Chinese dishes.
3. Food safety risk
Finally, when it comes to prefabricated dishes, the first thing consumers may worry about is food safety. Ready to eat food containing fake ingredients will be a fatal blow to enterprises, and it is also the basic principle for the development of all food enterprises.
As a result, a Chinese refrigerated seafood company in the United States, which had a history of 40 years, closed down and was accused of producing and distributing adulterated seafood products in violation of the law. After investigation by the FDA, it was found that the company failed to keep the food contact source clean, causing serious pollution to its frozen and ready to eat fish balls and other products, and would be mixed with
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