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“Kicking” sugar free Cola: where is the “spirit” of Yuanqi forest cola? Daily new product soup Vol.28

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Product features:

Reduce and add to create a healthier “cola” flavor bubble


This is a coke flavored soda bubble water. The product still continues the classic “0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 calorie” element of Yuanqi forest, but it has made a more “clean” upgrade based on the traditional formula and abandoned the phosphoric acid in the traditional Cola formula. As a common food additive, phosphoric acid helps to maintain the stimulating and refreshing taste and addictive sour taste in carbonated beverages. In order to remove chemical additives and avoid flavor loss, the Yuanqi forest product research and development team collected nearly 40 kinds of Cola from the world, analyzed their taste differences one by one, formulated thousands of blending schemes, and finally determined the formula that can replace the phosphoric acid flavor. Not only phosphoric acid, but also sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and other commonly used preservatives are discarded in this product.


Picture source: Yuanqi forest


“There are both subtractions and additions”. In this product, the natural substitute erythritol is used to replace aspartame and acemi, and the Paraguayan tea extract is used to replace the artificial caffeine in the traditional cola, so as to achieve a new upgrade of bubble water in the reduction and addition.


Recommended reasons for foodaily:

“Water test” sugar free cola, seeking a piece of cake in the potential track


According to the analysis of allied market research, it is predicted that by 2030, the global sugar free carbonated beverage market will reach 243.5 billion US dollars, with a CAGR of 7.3% from 2021 to 2030. The enhancement of public health awareness, the popularity of low calorie intake habits, and the mature application of natural food additives in commercialization have all promoted the growth of the global sugar free carbonated beverage market. Among them, sugar free Cola contributed more than half of the global sugar free carbonated beverage market revenue in 2020.


Picture source: Yuanqi forest


Aware of the urgent demand for health in the beverage market, Yuanqi forest continues to adhere to the concept of Zero sugar and makes cleaner and more natural improvements to the formula. In the rapid development of sugar free cola, Yuanqi forest may be able to seize the opportunity to share a share by meeting the more differentiated and subdivided needs.


Basic product information:

Country of origin: China

Company & Brand: Yuanqi forest

Category: beverage / pure water, flavored water and bubble water beverage

Applicable group: general public

Ingredient list:

Water, erythritol, carbon dioxide, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, sucralose, caramel color, edible essence (including Paraguay tea extract).

Nutritional composition table:

Storage condition: normal temperature

Specification & Price: 480ml * 15 bottles / 89.9 yuan

Cover image source: Yuanqi forest
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