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Advertising other people’s homes? Is sprite so generous?

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Recently, with the simultaneous launch of [sprite] sugar free creative video and the activity of “sweeping any soda, winning sprite sugar free”, a question that everyone has never heard of: is sprite advertising for others? It triggered a hot discussion, and even rushed to the microblog hot search.

Sprite, which has always been known as a green bottle, unexpectedly appeared a white packaged beverage in its own advertisement. The blurred picture and the bottle body seem to be similar. Is it not that the white bottle is a soda of other brands? However, as the camera gets closer, the truth is coming out: it turns out to be sprite sugar free original flavor and Sprite sugar free fiber +.


In addition to playing tricks on advertising creativity, there are also interactions full of reversals offline: follow sprite’s wechat official account, click on small programs, scan any bottle of soda, and have the chance to win sprite sugar free coupons. It not only allows more consumers to try sprite products, but also shows that sprite is confident and generous without sugar.


Offline experience of “sweep any soda, win sprite without sugar” activity (see the end of the article for details)

This pioneering creative activity will “catch all the soda on the shelf” and “is sprite really confident enough to advertise to others?” This question goes deep into the hearts of consumers and encourages them to take the initiative to scan for answers, which fully reflects the bold charm of sprite’s new marketing methods.

Adhere to the principle of “play with the stem, play to the end”


The creative video with advanced ideas and unique interactive experience activities, the marketing combination of Sprite sugar free this time, can not help but remind people of the blockbuster “signboard” advertising war between Burger King and McDonald’s, and the creative activities initiated by Burger King: as long as you place an order with the Burger King app near the McDonough store, you can buy the Burger King Classic burger at a price of 1 cent.


Sprite has always been serious about its dedication to breakthrough and innovation and its ultimate pursuit of diversified creativity. This creative marketing activity with a big brain has become the “King fried” combination in 2022, which can be said to have earned enough gimmicks. What is the secret of the success of this marketing campaign?

First, brand marketing also needs enough courage to boldly try innovation. And such a marketing method has shown great courage to go out of the street, and it has been half successful.

Second, it does not necessarily need a large number of stars and resources to attract consumers’ attention. By using its own advantages, even a simple defocusing and focusing shooting method can form a creative video, which can attract more attention with less investment.

Third, the spirit of entertainment has brought a new perspective to China’s advertising industry. Advertising is also entertainment. A good advertisement can let consumers take the initiative to see it. Sprite has achieved a comprehensive increase in attention and discussion, which not only makes consumers smile, but also enables the brand to occupy the minds of consumers more quickly.

Let’s wait and see what new tricks sprite will play in the future. Now, you may as well Click to join this unique “sweep any soda, win sprite sugar free” activity to find out!

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