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Grape juice as wine? See how Dole makes juice to a new height | daily new product soup Vol.29

Focus on the flash products of the “daily new product soup” on the new platform, with a special deconstruction and presentation from the professional perspective of foodaily, and promote the acceleration of industrial innovation with the inspiration of one in ten thousand!

Product features:

The grape juice can be drunk as wine, but the alcohol is not reduced
This is a grape juice drink, the juice content is up to 100%, and the sweetness is moderate; The raw juice is purchased from the winery and customized by Dole company. It gives the natural fermentation aroma of grape juice in the wine barrel, but it does not contain alcohol. It can be easily enjoyed with cheese and meals.
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According to the official website of Dole, 10% red Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% white Chardonnay are added to the two flavors of this series. “Red” makes use of the rich red grape juice, and the product aftertaste is slightly astringent like wine; The “white” version is more refreshing than the “red” version.
Create a more comfortable and elegant drinking scene with the cheese group CP
Dole’s juice is manufactured by snow printing. In order to match this new grape juice with the cheese under snow print, snow print analyzed the compatibility of wine and cheese using “taste sensor” (a technology developed by aissy, which developed artificial intelligence AI taste analyzer and taste consulting, and a joint research team of Keio University, which can quantify “taste” with data indicators). On the back of the product package, the “recommended cheese” with good taste matching is listed: “red wine” with “Snow Brand Hokkaido 100 Haoda crushed” (compatibility 95.4 points), and “white wine” with “6p cheese rich and umami” (compatibility 87.6 points).
By ingeniously grouping two unrelated foods into CP, the taste style of grape juice is instantly improved – whether it is in the leisure time during the day or in the tired time at night, a glass of wine filled grape juice and a piece of fragrant cheese can make you feel more comfortable in life! People who are not interested in wine (grape juice) will also be interested in this combination through cheese, greatly expanding the target audience.
Image source: snow print official website
Paper bottle with cover, easy to carry and store
To a certain extent, this product is no different from ordinary juice drinks except for its taste. Although the product can be used as a zero alcohol “wine”, it can be stored at room temperature and is not packaged in glass bottles. Instead, Tetra Pak crown, which is widely used in the beverage industry, is used. 330ml small package is easy to carry, and easy to spin cap design makes drinking and storage more convenient.
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Recommended reasons for foodaily:

Is it a crossover from fruit juice to wine, or is it a new attempt to “drink” wine?
The cross-border mixing of fruit juice and wine is not uncommon in the market. However, unlike other products, which are flavored with essence to create a similar taste, Dole’s wine juice makes the
Grape juice as wine? See how Dole makes juice to a new height | daily new product soup Vol.29



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