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How many people are hurt by a bottle of mineral water at 15 yuan?





“Next time, I will never take mineral water that I don’t know.”
“people are wandering in the Jianghu. Who can avoid being stabbed? In the future, I will take a detour when I encounter mineral water that is not cheap at the sight of a bottle.”
“I took a bottle of mineral water with me and thought that it was only five yuan at most. Once I settled the bill, it was twenty yuan. I am not worthy of this worker.” A 6031… A 6031 once upon a time, when you thought of the cheapest bottled water, you would undoubtedly choose natural drinking water or mineral water. At that time, there was no shortage of “ice dew” on the market for one yuan, and the prices of Yibao and Nongfu mountain spring were also clear. However, in recent years, it is very difficult to find bottled water priced at one yuan in convenience stores or supermarkets.
among all kinds of beautifully packaged bubble water, tea and sugar free drinks, mineral water has been “rolled up” for a long time. The price of most mineral water has risen to more than 3 yuan, and the price of more middle and high-end mineral water is mostly between 5 yuan and 20 yuan. You can guess that “the price is not low” by looking at the bottle.
“just because I didn’t look at the price, I was stabbed by an assassin when I checked out.” Tong Yao, 22, recalled that the first time she was “stung” by the price of mineral water was at the boarding gate of the airport. Knowing that the prices of various commodities at the airport were on the high side, Tong Yao “deliberately avoided all kinds of fancy drinks and wanted to buy mineral water cheap and quench her thirst.” However, in the freezer in front of her, there were not many kinds of mineral water to choose from, nor did she have the farmer’s mountain spring and Yibao, which she was familiar with. She picked up a bottle of “Shu Dayuan” which looked low-key. “I haven’t heard of it before, but the packaging was simple. I thought it would not exceed 5 yuan. After scanning the code, I lost 16 yuan.”
since then, Tong Yao has set up defenses against mineral water that she has never seen before. “I don’t know the price and try not to buy it. If I buy a cup of milk tea for more than ten yuan, won’t it smell good?”
Tong Yao’s experience is not unique. Unlike Zhong Xuegao, who set a high price at the beginning, mineral water was often the most “accessible” choice in the freezer for a long time in the past. When more and more middle and high-end mineral water began to “rectify” the market, it was inevitable that consumers would be caught off guard.
“Mineral water Assassin” in Xiaohong book
on social platforms such as xiaohongshu and Weibo, many netizens shared their experiences of “mineral water assassins”.
zinc scale has noticed that most of the netizens buy high-priced mineral water in high-speed railway, airport, cinema and other scenes, but there are also many consumers who have the same experience in daily scenes such as convenience stores. The “assassins” are mostly priced at 10-30 yuan, and the “assassins” with high frequency include 5100 qumanong Tibetan glacier mineral water, bamalilang, Youfei and Voss.
“although a lot of high-priced mineral water is priced on the bottle, such as Evian and Kunlun Mountain, which are relatively familiar with high-priced mineral water, many brands have never seen or heard of it, and it is easy to mistake it for ordinary.” One netizen concluded, “in a word, people who don’t know mineral water dare not buy it.”
Just as consumers’ intuitive feeling, more and more “never seen” mineral water is pouring into the market, and gradually pushing up the positioning and price of mineral water. And who are the players in this “water battle”?
in fact, traditional and established enterprises, including Nongfu mountain spring and Yibao, are not absent. Nongfu mountain spring launched a new brand of natural mineral water “changbaixue”. China Resources Yibao announced that it would develop the high-end mineral water market and launch the drinking natural mineral water “yibaolu”. Master Kang launched the “conservation spring”. Wahaha and Laoshan also launched the glass bottled high-end mineral water early. As a whole, the price of high-end mineral water of these brands is between 3 yuan and 5 yuan. In addition to these familiar brands, there are many new consumer brands trying to take a share. For example, Yuanqi forest launched its mineral water sub brand “youkuang”, and three and a half meals launched the “mountain spring water” positioned by the coffee partner. At the beginning of the former’s launch, 568ml sold for 4 yuan, and recently it was reduced to 3 yuan. The latter 300ml sold for 2.4 yuan. In addition, there are many cross-border players. Baijiu enterprise Anhui Yingjia gongjiu group launched Yingjia mountain spring, haoliyou launched haoliyou lava spring, Yili launched Yike living spring, liangpin store launched a new private brand mineral water named “liangpin Living Spring”, and even Meirong brand Christina also launched the high-end drinking water brand babunong natural mineral water. There are many
players. If you want to stand out, you need to “roll in” everywhere. The first thing to “roll up” is the water source. “We don’t produce water, we are just the porters of nature.” Nongfu mountain spring emphasized its water source by relying on this advertisement. Now, the middle and high-end mineral water of all major brands have told enough stories and made enough articles on the water source.
among them, Nongfu mountain spring glass bottle high-end natural mineral water, “Changbai snow” natural snow mountain mineral water and Nongfu mountain spring sports cover natural mineral water are all from Changbai Mountain. Since 2018, Nongfu mountain spring has launched four seasons Changbai Mountain advertising films. In the introduction of its official website, it is mentioned that “the water you drink tastes like the soft snow of Changbai Mountain”;
yibaolu is a deep underground natural spring water extracted from the rock mass fissure in Yanshan period; The “mineral” natural soft mineral water under Yuanqi forest. In the brand story, the water source of this product comes from the deep spontaneous spring of Yunnan virgin forest and has been filtered by the deep basalt for 34 years;
. According to the official introduction, the water source of the above-mentioned Babu agricultural and mineral spring water with a single bottle price of about 9 yuan is from the central mountain range of Taiwan, China, China; Kunlun Mountain has always advertised its positioning of high-altitude snow mountain mineral water…
Image source: time data
is not a unique promotional selling point in China. One of the major promotional selling points of the Italian high-end water brand San pello is also that the water source is located at the foot of the Alps.
of course, the emphasis on water source is not enough to make mineral water stand out from the crowd. In this era of “face value economy”, mineral water, which has been produced in simple plastic bottles for many years, has also begun to take great pains in packaging.
It has to be admitted that since so many players compete to enter the race track, this track must be profitable. According to the Research Report of
CIC, the average profit rate of domestic mineral water is only 3.85%, while the profit rate of high-end mineral water is about 6-7 times that of ordinary water. The 2021 water industry innovation trend report also points out that with the decline in the growth rate of traditional 1 yuan water consumption, the medium and high-end water market with a higher profit rate of 3 yuan and above has become the focus of competition among giants.
in addition, there is market potential. According to the report on the consumption trend of mineral water in JD supermarket in 2022, in the past 12 months, although the sales share of drinking natural water in JD supermarket was 15 percentage points higher than that of mineral water, the sales growth of mineral water exceeded that of drinking natural water by 8 percentage points; In terms of user growth, mineral water exceeded drinking natural water by 9 percentage points. According to the
frost Sullivan report, it is estimated that the retail sales of natural mineral water will increase to 30 billion yuan by 2024, with a CAGR of 14.1% from 2019 to 2024.
however, although the middle and high-end mineral water market is “fragrant”, it is not so easy to “swallow”.
especially in recent years, many middle and high-end mineral water brands focusing on healthy water quality have been frequently exposed to quality problems.
take the “mineral water Assassin” brand “shudayuan” encountered by Tong Yao as an example. According to the previous report of, the Henan provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau found that the “shudayuan” bromate produced by Heilongjiang shudayuan Beverage Co., Ltd. exceeded the standard. Previously, the company’s “shudayuan” products had been notified of the same problem and was fined 70000 yuan.
before this, Evian mineral water, as a representative of high-priced water, was also exposed for many times because the bacteria number exceeded the standard, and was listed on the “black list” of China’s quality inspection for many times; According to China business daily, the “Assassin” bamalilang who often appears on the high-speed railway has also been found to be unqualified in product quality for many times. The bromate content exceeds the food safety standard limit for drinking natural mineral water, and there are suspected problems of using green food marks in violation of regulations.
Notice on food sampling inspection (
) issued by the market supervision bureau of Jiangsu Province
The latest news is that on July 13, 2022, the website of Anhui provincial market supervision and administration released the food safety sampling inspection information notice. The natural mineral spring water of Fiji sold by Hefei Feixi County RT Mart Commercial Co., Ltd. and represented by nominally Kangcheng investment (China) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) does not meet the national food safety standard.
therefore, when the price is high, it does not mean high quality. It is really difficult for contemporary young people to pay for this simply by relying on the water source and packaging design. As Tong Yao said, “most people will have a long memory if they are ‘stabbed’ once.”
Author: Li Xuanqi; Source: zinc scale (ID: znkedu), reprinted with permission. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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How many people are hurt by a bottle of mineral water at 15 yuan?



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