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Maizeer received a fine of 73.15 million yuan. Ruixing suspended the recruitment of partners. Nearly 150 tons of Feiquan were found to have excessive nitrite and were not allowed to enter the country. Mengniu’s purchase of Danone yogurt joint venture was approved

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Macquarie received a fine of 73.15 million yuan,

Macquarie announced today that he received the “decision on administrative punishment of Changji market supervision and administration bureau” on August 22. According to investigation, the parties involved used food additives beyond the scope during the process of introducing raw milk into the storage tank during the pre-treatment process of producing pure milk and pure milk, with the composition of “ins 1520 propylene glycol 97.3%, food flavor 2.2%, water 0.5%”. During the investigation of the case, propylene glycol was detected in the pure milk (200ml / box) and pure milk (200ml / box) products of maixil. Maizeer said that if the above-mentioned decision on administrative punishment is implemented, the company will face a fine of 73151000.72 yuan, which will have a certain impact on the company’s profits and losses. The company also said that all the rectification has been completed, the relevant production has been completed, and the production of pure milk has been gradually resumed. After passing the inspection, it will be sold on the market.

In June this year, according to the fourth batch of food sampling inspection in 2022 announced by Qingyuan County Market Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang Province, the 2 batches of pure milk propylene glycol produced by the nominal maixil Group Co., Ltd. were unqualified. Subsequently, the General Administration of market supervision asked the Xinjiang market supervision bureau to strictly investigate the problem of propylene glycol detected in the pure milk of maizeer. (company announcement)

Mengniu’s acquisition of Danone’s equity in yogurt joint venture was approved

According to the news on the official website of the State Administration of market supervision today, the equity case of 11 companies including the company was unconditionally approved on August 11. According to the data, the operators participating in the concentration include China Mengniu Dairy Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Mengniu Daneng Dairy Co., Ltd., Hubei youzhiyou Dairy Co., Ltd., Mengniu Dairy (Meishan) Co., Ltd., Mengniu Dairy (Tai’an) Co., Ltd., Tongliao Mengniu Dairy Co., Ltd., Mengniu Dairy (Qingyuan) Co., Ltd., Mengniu high tech dairy (MAANSHAN) Co., Ltd, Mengniu Dairy products (Jiaozuo) Co., Ltd., Mengniu Dairy products (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Ningxia Mengniu Dairy Products Co., Ltd., Mengniu high tech dairy products (Beijing) Co., Ltd., etc. In May this year, Danone announced that it would bid farewell to Mengniu, buy back Dumex and withdraw from the joint venture of Yashili and yogurt. (snack generation)

Nearly 150 tons of Feiquan were accused of exceeding the standard of nitrite and were not allowed to enter the country

The 149.688 tons of Feiquan natural mineral water imported from Fiji and nominally produced by Viti natural water company did not enter the territory because the nitrite exceeded the standard. The importer was Shanghai Jiecheng beverage branch of Jiecheng consumer goods (China) Co., Ltd. (snack generation)

Ruixing has suspended the recruitment of partners

According to today’s wechat official account news of Ruixing, Ruixing said that it would severely crack down on Shanzhai Ruixing and false alliance, saying that the recruitment of partners has been suspended at this stage, and the opening hours are subject to the official announcement; At the same time, Ruixing coffee has not developed any sub brands. (issued by the company)

Shanghai Xicha store manager colludes with delivery riders to make up false orders

Pengpai reported a few days ago that the delivery personnel colluded with the manager of Shanghai Xicha store to take advantage of the company’s supplementary delivery bill settlement loophole and maliciously fabricated more than 800 orders

43 baby friendly rooms closed in the first half of the year

According to the semi annual report released by baby friendly recently, the company added 5 offline stores and closed 43 in the first half of 2022. Among them, 2 baby friendly brand stores were added and 15 were closed; Three new Beibei bear brand stores acquired with 100% equity were added and 28 were closed. The company accelerated the adjustment of stores, which was also affected by the epidemic on the market environment. (interface News)

Ruixing coffee launches two new products

Today, Ruixing coffee launched new products: Jingui Longjing latte and Jingui Longjing iced tea. The new products are now on the market. (issued by the company)

Blue bottle coffee launched its 20th Anniversary Limited series

Today, tmall’s official flagship store of blue bottle coffee officially launched the classic combination of temesca, and used this limited combination for consumers

Abbott launches digital collection for the first time

According to today’s news on Abbott’s wechat official account, the company will release the Roscoe digital collection exclusive to moms, with a limited number of 1000 copies for the first time and four types of blind boxes. (issued by the company)

Keurig Dr Pepper said he was not prepared to acquire Bang energy

A spokesman for Keurig Dr Pepper said on Friday that the company was not seeking to acquire Bang energy. This statement denying the transaction negotiations was issued the day after Bloomberg News reported that Keurig Dr Pepper was seeking to acquire vital pharmaceuticals. (Reuters)

Wal Mart is accused of promoting social media platform

According to Reuters, Wal Mart is likely to launch a social media platform to let online celebrities help the retailer and third-party sellers promote their products and services online. According to the application materials of the US Trademark Office, Wal Mart has applied for trademarks for “Walmart creator” and “Walmart creator collective”. (Reuters)

Fast reading of food industry information

The price of “sunshine rose” grape was accused of falling to 10 yuan

According to media reports, at present, a large number of grapes are on the market. In the past, the price of “sunshine roses”, which used to cost hundreds of yuan per kilogram, has become particularly friendly to the people this year. At present, in some fruit stores in Nanjing, the price of “sunshine rose” is generally around 10 yuan per catty. According to the stall owners, the “sunshine rose” was very popular in the past few years, and many fruit farmers began to cultivate it. Now the output has increased greatly, and the price has come down. (World Wide Web)

Circular of the General Administration of market supervision on the unqualified situation of 13 batches of food sampling inspection

According to the announcement made by the General Administration of market supervision and Administration today, 13 batches of samples of 10 categories of food such as sugar, tea and related products, beverages, cakes, fried food and nut products, biscuits, convenience food, bee products, canned and vegetable products were found to be unqualified. The details are as follows:

The first spot trading platform for dairy commodities in China was unveiled

A few days ago, Inner Mongolia Qingcheng dairy trading center was established by Inner Mongolia Qingcheng state owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd. as the main sponsor, in conjunction with Inner Mongolia property rights trading center, Yili Group, Mengniu Group, Youran animal husbandry, modern animal husbandry and other parties

Maizeer received a fine of 73.15 million yuan. Ruixing suspended the recruitment of partners. Nearly 150 tons of Feiquan were found to have excessive nitrite and were not allowed to enter the country. Mengniu’s purchase of Danone yogurt joint venture was approved


据路透日前消息,沃尔玛很有可能推出一个社交媒体平台,让网络红人来协助该零售商和第三方卖家在线推广他们的商品和服务。根据美国商标局申请资料,沃尔玛已经为“Walmart Creator”和“Walmart Creator Collective”申请了商标。(路透)










据华尔街日报今天消息,去年,巴西的咖啡豆民要应对异常天气的影响,种植园先是经历了干旱,然后是霜冻。一些豆农表示,他们的高端阿拉比卡咖啡豆产量将不到好年份的一半。该国恶劣的天气将咖啡期货推高至 2021 年的多年高位。巴西对全球咖啡市场很重要,因为它是世界上最大的出口国。巴西的阿拉比卡咖啡生产周期为两年,在偶数年产量更大。与此同时,天气也损害了邻国哥伦比亚的咖啡产业,后者是另一个主要生产国。(华尔街日报)


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