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Pure screening unlocks mild spicy yogurt, oatly launches oatmeal, I really want you to enter the prefabricated meal… | hot news of the week

foodily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week, and all companies that may change the industry are among them.
1. Mengniu Chunzhen pushes spicy peanut dried fish flavored glutinous yogurt, which is slightly spicy and unlocks the new field of yogurt
2. Oatly launched new wheat (cooked) oatmeal porridge, ready to eat, nutritious and full
3. Entering the new track, Yanghe shares released the cultural innovation blind box ice cream
4. Yangyuan’s six walnuts promote the growth of Yizhi, adding zinc gluconate to protect children’s growth
5. Lechun launched a jin of Greek yogurt, and a bag of 4 times concentrated yogurt
6. Southern black sesame push Zhiran beauty black sesame plant milk, control sugar and high protein to start a beautiful day
7. Baicao weishang new flavor fruit screening series, entering the high-end nut Market
8. I really want you to launch the “simple and smart kitchen” health food brand and layout the prefabricated food market
9. In 2022, the most valuable food and beverage list was released. Nestle ranked the first in the list and Haitian ranked the first in the top ten
10. Vinvin, the direct chain brand of new tea drinks, received tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing, aiming at business office consumers



On August 17, Mengniu’s Chunzhen launched a new taste of glutinous yogurt and spicy peanuts and dried fish, with innovative matching to unlock the surprise taste. On the basis of yogurt, the new product adds crispy and delicious Northeast large grain peanuts and imported dried fish. At the same time, it subtracts 31% white sugar and increases 35% protein. Each cup of greedy yogurt contains 7g protein, which is rich in taste and balanced in nutrition. At present, tmall Chunzhen flagship store can purchase in advance.
Photo source: Chun Zhen


Recently, oatly wechat mall launched a new oatmeal (cooked) porridge, which changed the form of Oatmeal Milk in the past and opened a new scene of oatmeal application in the form of instant porridge. The new product is 0 sucrose, 0 trans fatty acid, using siraitin, and 45% oatly mellow oatmeal syrup is added to each bag. There are three flavors: the original oatmeal uses oatmeal, barley and quinoa, and the heat of one bag is less than one apple; Red dates are added to the raw materials of red dates oatmeal, which is sweet but not greasy; Jasmine Poria cocos oatmeal is additionally added with Poria cocos, jasmine, flower fragrance and grain fragrance, with rich aroma. The new product is ready to eat in open bags, and can also be heated in water bath for 3-5 minutes. The price of mixed packaging of three flavors is 6 bags / 90 yuan.
Image source: otaly


On August 16, mengzhilan community wechat official xuanyanghe Co., Ltd. will soon launch new ice cream products, including “Blue Ocean treasure hunting” haizhilan cultural innovation blind box ice cream and “meet treasure” Shuanggou Shengfang cultural innovation blind box ice cream. The two types of ice cream have four flavors, namely mango flavor, chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor and algal blue flavor. In addition, one of the two flavors is the hidden version containing wine, and consumers will get a random taste when buying. Among them, the hidden version of haizhilan cultural innovation blind box ice cream is the algal blue wine flavor, containing 3% of haizhilan; The hidden version of Shuanggou Shengfang cultural innovation blind box ice cream is mango wine, containing 3% of Shuanggou Shengfang. The shape design also reflects the strong flavor of “Yanghe River”. The overall shape of “blue sea treasure hunting” is in the shape of water drops, highlighting the shape of the new version of “blue sea wine bottle” and “meet treasure”
Recently, I’d like you to lay out another branch of the great health industry, establish simple and smart kitchen health food Co., Ltd., launch the brand of “simple and smart kitchen” health food, and enter the market segment of convenient and fast food health lock. The brand covers a series of new products such as “my breakfast, my fans, my soup, and my fresh drink”. I’d like to introduce to the person in charge of your product research and development department that this series of products highlight high dietary fiber, high protein and high vitamin C, which can meet the demands of white-collar groups for healthy catering to the greatest extent.


Photo source: Dahe finance cube


Recently, brand finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consulting company, compiled and released the most valuable list of food and beverage in 2022. Nestle ranked first with a brand value of US $20.8 billion. In the top 10 of this food and beverage list, Haitian has become a “new star” brand with a significant increase in brand value, with a value of US $5.8 billion, ranking 8th in the list, up 4 places from last year. This is also the first time Haitian has entered the top 10 of the list.
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Top 10 most valuable food and beverage brands in the world
Image source: brand Finance


It is reported that vinvin, the direct chain brand of xincha drink, has completed the angel round financing of tens of millions of yuan, which is invested by individual investors. This round of funds will be used for product research and development, talent echelon construction, marketing channel expansion, and in-depth integration of resources to improve the efficiency of the integrated service platform.
Vinvin is a direct chain brand of new tea drinks. It was established in 2021, targeting the business office population as the target consumer group, and locating the location of the store in the lobby of each CBD office building. It mainly provides coffee, tangerine peel flavor fusion drinks, and new products such as steamed fruit vinegar drinks.
Photo source: vinvin


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Pure screening unlocks mild spicy yogurt, oatly launches oatmeal, I really want you to enter the prefabricated meal… | hot news of the week




近日,全球领先的品牌估值咨询公司Brand Finance整理发布了2022年食品饮料最具价值榜单,雀巢以208亿美元的品牌价值排名第一。在本次食品饮料榜单的Top 10中,海天(Haitian)成为实现品牌价值大幅增长的“新星”品牌,价值为58亿美元,位居榜单第8位,相比去年上升了4位。这也是海天第一次进入该榜单的前十名。
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