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The young man returned to the stir fry shop

stir fry has entered a fine era.
In recent years, the offline layout of traditional snack brands such as three squirrels has been cold. However, in the market segment of speculation, a number of new offline celebrities have emerged——
Xueji fried milk dates and citrus yogurt slices were once sold out, and the expensive unit price could not stop the enthusiasm of consumers. There was also a wave of homemade Xueji fried snacks on the Internet;
Qiwang peanuts, Huanxi peanuts and other vertical sub brands of fried products have gradually taken the lead in the shops of major supermarkets and commercial complexes in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and there are an endless stream of customers who try and weigh.
Although the online retail performance of these brands is far less than that of offline brands, and their voice in the capital market is not large, they have opened hundreds of stores nationwide, and have successfully made young consumers leave a lot of good comments on xiaohongshu and popular reviews
All signs show that consumers are returning to the embrace of offline fried goods stores, and offline fried goods stores are also welcoming consumers with a new look.
Taste in memory
Many consumers in the first and second tier cities may still remember the fried goods shops, such as sunflower seeds fried in open machines, open chestnuts mixed with black quartz sand in large iron pots, various melon seeds in bamboo baskets and gunny bags, orange sweet potato crisps in large transparent plastic bags
At that time, most of the fried food shops were open. Some of the decoration was so simple that only a sunshade was set up. All kinds of fried food products were neatly placed in the center. The air nearby was filled with a sweet and greasy smell of nuts and sugar.
The last line of defense to break through is to try. As long as you want to taste it when you pass by, you can grab a handful. The boss seems sure that he will buy it after eating. After tasting the taste, he shouted: “boss, give me a Jin!”! A few minutes later, a red vest bag filled with melon seeds or peanuts was carried in my hand.
Although this kind of fried food is not compatible with cleanliness and hygiene, and there is no brand at all, it is delicious to eat.
However, they eventually disappeared in the process of urban development. For a long time, prepackaged fried goods, nuts and various snacks have become the first choice when people buy, while the fried goods have retreated to small shops in some supermarkets or mobile roadside stalls.
Fortunately, they have not completely disappeared, and the “survivors” have started the road of branding.
First of all, a series of brand rejuvenation operations have been carried out – a unified brand visual design is essential.
Qiwang peanut store on the left and Huanxi peanut store on the right
Interestingly, almost all of these offline fried goods stores are mainly in red. The main reason is that in the past, most people would eat fried goods during the new year, which is a festive day. Therefore, red can trigger people’s association with fried goods.
In addition to the unity of visual presentation, the brands are also the same
At the same time, these new fried brands will fry products on the spot in the shop, and quality control naturally becomes a key point that cannot be ignored.
A consumer told the new retail business review that she once bought two packages of peanuts through takeout. One package of peanuts was clearly full, while the other package of peanuts took up half of the weight: “it should be the clerk who filled the last few peanuts. That’s why there is such an obvious difference. They should fry another one for me.” Naturally, she gave the store a medium or poor rating on the delivery platform.
Another big problem is how to combine product innovation with young people’s preferences.
The more delicious fried food is eaten, the more fragrant it becomes, and people can’t stop eating it. However, no matter how to publicize the low oil and low sugar production technology of these high fat and high calorie products, it will be difficult to get involved with low calorie and health. This is not friendly to young people who advocate health.
In Xiaohong book, among the notes about these fried goods stores, the most frequent comment is “don’t get close, you will get fat”.
Various research data also prove that many young people who have learned to read the ingredient list will choose food and drink that sounds and looks healthier.
In addition to the core product problem, the development of online and offline Omni channels is also a barrier that all new consumer brands can not pass through, and the fried goods stores are no exception, and they still have a long way to go.
Xueji fried goods and Qiwang peanuts have official stores online. According to the data, the monthly sales volume of these two popular products is still far from that of three squirrels and other snack brands that have been deeply engaged in online for many years. The smaller Huanxi peanuts have not opened Taobao and stores, but are only sold on wechat apps.
Although such comparison is not fair to Qiwang peanut and Xueji fried products, after all, the three squirrels are already famous online. However, at the time when the epidemic situation is still emerging from time to time, how to lay out online and do omni-channel operation is an important issue that needs careful consideration of emerging fried products brands.
Fortunately, offline is still the main battlefield for leisure snacks.
Tuyuan Hongxing capital Bureau
The biggest advantage of offline is to be closer to consumers. In most cases, buying fried products belongs to impulse shopping. Offline stores are undoubtedly the best place to satisfy impulse shopping. In addition, the fragrance wafted from the store during on-site frying and the temptation of tasting are the advantages that online channels can not compare.
Although the vacuum packaging and fresh locking technology have been very developed, it is still the consensus of most consumers that “the store is fresher”. In particular, the customer service of Qiwang peanut, a fried goods store, told the new retail business review that “the peanuts sold online are also freshly fried in their own factory within one or two days”, but it is definitely not comparable to the fried peanuts that are just out of the pot and still hot in the store. In addition, the sealing bags and paper bags used by offline stores are also relatively low in packaging cost.
Of course, there are many problems to be solved offline, the most important of which is the problem of scale.
And where consumers can’t see, the brand of large single product strategy also has certain advantages in supply chain management, and only needs to grasp the source quality of its core products; While the whole category means to cover more and more comprehensive food origin, to manage the quality of different food ingredients by grade, and to have high requirements on the supply chain.
Through the development trend of the speculation retail industry, looking at the whole retail industry in China, the process of differentiation and refinement is still continuing.
A senior investor told the new retail business review that the strategy of segmenting categories and creating large items may be one of the most feasible business models at present. The era of large platforms and full categories is coming to an end.
This also means that it is not easy to make money – the market competition is increasingly fierce. Brands must show their unique skills, do what they are best at, satisfy consumers with devil details and unique products, and occupy consumers’ minds.
Otherwise, consumers who like the new and hate the old will soon forget you.
Author: Qian Luoying; Source: new retail business review (ID: xinlingshou1001), reprinted with authorization. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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The young man returned to the stir fry shop




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