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What about [private domain] that everyone says?




What about the “brand private domain” which was very popular two years ago?  
Supplementary questions:
Observation from city-state residents: for brands in the field of consumer goods, private domain is to build a group, issue coupons and discount information. It seems that there are no actions that can really have a relationship with consumers. The private domain of the service industry seems to be better, because there are specific people that consumers know to connect. For example, some Tony teachers do not guide consumption, charge cards, and build groups. They are like ordinary friends in your circle of friends, and give some advice when you have related problems.
Qian replied:
I Private domain is a form of communication in the era of media dusting
Private domain, in essence, is a direct contact between the brand and the user, and more often it is a direct one-to-one contact rather than a one-to-many influence.
before the Internet, the private domain is a real traditional private domain, a pure private domain. That is, you and the merchants in your street do not travel far and have no network. They only do business in your street. The relationship between you is private. At that time, private domain was divided according to geographical location, and “domain” was a concept of physical space.
in the past, the information between us seemed to be separated by mountains. If you want to tell people on another mountain what is happening on this mountain, you need a big speaker to help us. This big speaker is the media, but today, as we media and various tools that enable us to use our media are more and more, there are many ways to help us directly connect people from the two mountains. The role of
media has gradually disappeared. With the rise of the concepts of live streaming and private domain traffic, more and more brand parties are also taking on the responsibilities of multimedia in the past.
in this era of media dusting, the “domain” we mentioned has transcended the physical space and been segmented by various ways. For example, if we are in the same group, it has formed a so-called private domain. Or some people say that we are also in a circle of friends, which is also called private domain. A 6031 a few years ago, the concept of private domain became popular because “private domain” has become a form of communication in the era of media dusting.
actually aims at some communication changes in the context of the Internet as a communication tool and Internet we media. The essence of private domain is to establish a direct relationship. In the past, the relationship of fighting cattle across the mountain was directly one-to-one or one to many. Why is this private domain so chaotic? I see many people calling private domain, but I don’t know where the application is. What’s the effect? It was wechat merchants who first proposed the concept of private domain in
and promoted the concept of private domain. In fact, wechat is completely a form of transaction in the private domain mode. Why are they called wechat? Where is Wei? In the scale of its own personal media, Weiwei takes itself as a medium and takes itself as a channel to conduct transactions. I don’t hire others. I only rely on my own media and channels, through friends and other channels
Third, the core of the private domain is to improve the relationship quality
. Finally, let’s summarize. I think it’s not important how to look at popular words and keywords. Today it is called private domain, and tomorrow it will change its name. It is not what we really care about. What is important is that we care about the essence of this matter. The essence of private domain is that people turn themselves into an important media in the era of media dusting, and their core user groups can establish their own constant community through direct connection to achieve their control over channels.
in my brand golden triangle, I said that there is a free sales channel. In fact, everyone is trying to control their own free sales channels.
now, the major platforms have invented tools and various media forms. They support the anchor of the live broadcast room, support the brand IP, etc. on the platform, and prove to all channels that I am a platform. You should come here to actively build your private channels. In fact, we are still in the same public domain. As a media form to connect its own users, this dust phenomenon will continue to exist and continue to intensify, and eventually realize the words of Andy Warhol that everyone will have 15 minutes to become famous in the future.
the biggest difference between today’s private domain and the physical private domain in the past is that the physical private domain is basically closed. If this private domain is open, its flow rate will be very fast. Today I can powder this, tomorrow I can powder that, today I can listen to you, tomorrow I can listen to him. This private domain does not have compulsion, nor does it have closure. At this time, the private domain does not have any unique advantages. In the final analysis, the private domain is to eliminate the media and connect directly with consumers through platforms and tools. This kind of connection is a way to build its own free sales channels. Unlike the past physical space, the key is not the occupation of “domain”, but the construction of mental and user relations. We do not have the concept of “relationship operation” in our communication with customers, especially at the C-end. Most of them still stay in the logic of publicity, rather than the logic of building relationships.
you should establish the relationship between you and the user group, improve the quality of the relationship, and pay attention to the operation of the relationship with the user. We should believe that there is always a relationship in the world, and this relationship will become an important wealth of enterprises.
Author: Li Qian; Source: Li Qian said the brand (ID: liaotian78), and the reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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What about [private domain] that everyone says?

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