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Who is creating “crazy Thursday” of KFC

is a hot spot of flowing water, and it’s an iron Thursday.
When “crazy Thursday” is mentioned, many people will naturally think of “open KFC and buy some finger sucking chicken”.
From the perspective of marketing, “crazy Thursday” is not a good slogan. It is not targeted, clear-cut, accurate, nor brand endorsement. It is more like a half sentence “nonsense”.
However, KFC has successfully reshaped a memorial day with the help of this slogan and turned it into the exclusive brand.
“Crazy Thursday” refers to the regular activities of KFC every Thursday and the regular discounts every Thursday. The most representative is KFC’s finger sucking original chicken and golden crispy chicken, which only cost 9.9 yuan, down 4-5 yuan. While the chicken wings of more than 60 usually need only 29.9 during the event, which is very obvious.
As a simple promotional activity of KFC four years ago, no one expected that “crazy Thursday” would become popular again four years later under the background of fierce competition among fast food brands, frequent patterns of various preferential activities and doubts about fast food, and with the help of consumers’ active participation, it would become a phenomenal brand anniversary, At the same time, the consumer Carnival day of “all things can have Thursday” and “all things can have chicken nuggets with money” appeared.
People will not eat KFC forever, but there will always be people going to KFC on Thursday.
The popular “crazy Thursday”
“Through the Norwegian forest, let me walk into your dream. The sunset falls on my armor. The prince does not necessarily ride a white horse. It’s 12 o’clock at noon. You don’t have to be cold, and I don’t want to make the last entanglement. Finally, who will buy KFC on crazy Thursday?”
Or literary lyricism, or dog blood love, suspense reasoning, an attractive beginning, no matter how real and affectionate the middle. afford much food for thought. The final painting style must be “today is KFC crazy Thursday, who invited me to eat?”
Now, open xiaohongshu, Tiktok, Weibo, official account, Douban, Zhihu… Where there are hot and gossip news, you will find the existence of “crazy Thursday”.
But in fact, the history of “crazy Thursday” has been many years.
In 2018, KFC launched its first “crazy Thursday” special event. The advertising slogan was “crazy Thursday, XX 9.9 yuan”. Most of the main products were chicken nuggets, French fries, hamburgers, etc. with a price of 9.9 yuan.
At the same time, KFC also invited Lu Han, Wang Yuan and other stars to shoot advertisements, and put a large number of advertisements online and offline. However, the results were not satisfactory. After seeing the bombardment of advertisements, consumers had a great rejection of the magic brainwashing songs, which not only cost a lot, but also did not gain popularity.
However, during this period, Kentucky Fried Chicken did not completely give up the “crazy Thursday” activity, but with the help of some hot stars
In addition, the search index of “crazy Thursday” in Baidu index fluctuates regularly. There is no doubt that on Thursday, consumers’ habits of discussion, search and inquiry have been formed. After KFC launched the “crazy Thursday” marketing action, both the restaurant’s revenue and the popularity of public opinion have been significantly improved.
As the biggest winner, KFC’s marketing has never been known as a conspiracy, but has been fermented into a well-known “conspiracy”.
And KFC, which has won a lot, won more than just making money.
First of all, it won consumers’ recognition.
On Thursday, I will only go to KFC, because there are discounts, and because of this inertia, in the long-term self-education, it has imperceptibly solidified the purchase path of consumers. This kind of cognition will only be strengthened and formed a virtuous circle in the absence of huge “unexpected” situations.
Second, it won free publicity.
The active and active interaction of users reduces the cost of publicity. When users use various social platforms, they will spread their own content to various media platforms in various forms. This kind of UGC mode has driven KFC’s consumer resonance and value creation on Thursday, and the social relations in the consumer’s private domain are the most effective and lowest cost publicity means.
Finally, he won the psychological code.
Making consumers “want to eat” may be the shortcut to increase the sales volume of the product in a short time, but making consumers always impulsive and want to eat is the development strategy for long-term retention of the product. “Crazy Thursday” is not so much a simple slogan as a “secret code” that interacts with consumers’ psychology. You and I all know the meaning behind it. This meaning is naturally formed and can not be taken away by other brands.
Double 11, double 12, 618… Simple digital symbols have become a carnival festival for brands, consumers and platform parties in the consumer society. Behind this festival is the performance of marketing success, and also the performance of higher requirements put forward by consumers in the planning of brand publicity activities after the consumption transformation.
Can “crazy Thursday” be reproduced?
If “crazy Thursday” is a marketing event, the method is simple and rough, and the discount is in place, and the possibility of being imitated is very high. In fact, it is the same.
Dexter and Burger King set up “weekly membership day”, Pizza Hut’s “scream Wednesday”, Wallace’s “half price day on Wednesday and Thursday”… It is also a day of the week, and it is labeled with preferential and value-added labels to attract consumers to participate. But only KFC is really successful and remembered by consumers.
“Crazy Thursday” is no longer a simple marketing activity, but a “product” developed with the brand. This product is created by consumers and KFC at the same time.
Coincidentally, many of the new tea drinks that have come out with the “half price of the second cup” take advantage of the number of products and take a preferential route
Who is creating “crazy Thursday” of KFC
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