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Zhong Xuegao’s coffee war

Zhong Xuegao, who frequently occupied the hot search on social platforms some time ago, is back. This time, Zhong Xuegao set his sights on the cafe.

A more fresh model and more cross-border cooperation. The coffee shop and Zhong Xuegao can obtain more traffic and sales through this cooperation.

At the same time, because it is Zhong Xuegao’s flash product, it has only been put on the shelves in various stores for a period of time. The coffee shop also hopes to attract more customers to come and spend.

It seems that under the current consumption tide, whether it is coffee or ice cream, it needs more extraordinary creativity to stand out in the wave of introversion.

Zhong Xuegao’s War (

This summer, Zhong Xuegao made a solid trip.

Countless consumers are nibbling on the ice cream of more than ten yuan each while brushing the video websites such as Tiktok and BiliBili to watch the main up baking ice cream or try various “ice cream assassins” and “ice cream guards”.

Although the market has been constantly criticized and questioned, Zhong Xuegao’s ice-cream road has remained high-profile since the ice-cream assassin.

Founded in 2018, it has been the first in tmall 618 ice cream category for three consecutive years since 2020. At present, Zhong Xuegao has completed three rounds of financing. It is estimated that the current valuation of Zhong Xuegao has reached 4 billion yuan.

Recently, Zhong Xuegao announced that he would conduct a “coffee + ice cream” flash event with more than 600 cafes in China to further expand his brand awareness.

Before that, the largest consumption scene of ice-cream cold drinks represented by Zhong Xuegao was convenience stores and supermarkets.

Under this consumption scenario, the people who will choose high-priced ice cream and the people who will choose low-temperature yogurt and fine coffee are the same group.

In other words, the reason why Zhong Xuegao broke the circle this time was that the non brand target group noticed the brand, which led to the occurrence of opinions. Subsequently, the number of viewers in Zhong Xuegao’s live broadcast room soared, but the sales volume decreased significantly month on month, and the audience who watched the live broadcast “roasted” them to stop broadcasting.

Under such circumstances, Zhong Xuegao still didn’t give up his high-end high price route and began to hold flash events with coffee shops, with a price of 45 yuan per piece.

The consumers matched by this price are still willing to pay for the high price, and there is a clear division of consumption concepts. It is not so much that Zhong Xuegao is grandstanding as that he has a clear positioning.

For example, in the milk tea market, there are high-priced tea drinks such as honey Snow Ice City, Xi tea and Naixue tea. It is particularly easy to become a unicorn by choosing your own positioning and supporting excellent marketing models.

Choosing the coffee market is more like an important attempt made by Zhong Xuegao to superimpose double buffs on the coffee market and the ice cream market as a hard to get resource.

Under the new consumption wave, the ice-cream track and the coffee track have already reached

In addition to making ice cream into coffee flavor, many coffee shops also spontaneously combine ice cream with coffee. At present, most boutique coffee shops will launch afgado (a kind of coffee drink that is almost sweet, placing Italian ice cream on the bottom of the cup and pouring a small cup of freshly brewed Italian espresso) in summer. The exquisite shops will also use iced glasses, so that the espresso will not melt the ice cream immediately after pouring in, so that consumers can taste the taste of bitter and sweet.

The recently popular fusion of ice cream and coffee also includes the “green bean latte”. The method is to combine the traditional green mood with the latte to form a unique taste, which is sought after by young people on various social media.

The operation of coffee and ice cream is the fusion and interweaving of the two categories, and is also the Carnival Limited in summer. It is a bold attempt by businesses and enterprises to promote coffee or ice cream, hoping to get better publicity and raise the popularity again.

Coffee crossover, is it a new culture or a gimmick

Since the cooperation of Zhong Xuegao, the cross-border peeling of coffee in recent years, we can see that coffee seems to have become one of the important representatives of “street culture”.

The popular film “love myth” in 2021 is based on the coffee city of Shanghai. Leaving aside the plot, we can see the street culture led by coffee in Shanghai and even the whole country from the daily life of the hero.

In the “net red” streets of Shanghai, when the weather is good, young people can be seen everywhere holding a cup of coffee sitting at the door of a shop or on the roadside.

This phenomenon is not only brought about by the refreshing characteristics of coffee, but also the “idleness” of workers who are tired of two points and one line.

All kinds of coffee invisibly provide a space for people to talk, think, or do nothing. These are what all kinds of coffee shops can provide to the contemporary young people. On this basis, the coffee street culture can be understood.

Of course, how do the same coffee shops compete for the vast market? Under the condition that the demand has been matched, cross-border cooperation has become the theme of coffee shop drainage.

At the end of July, Beijing opened its first post office coffee. Since then, coffee has also been linked with the post office after cooperating with various joint brands. People are not surprised at this, as if coffee should have permeated all fields of life.

Tongrentang, PetroChina, Li Ning, Huawei and the coffee industry seem to have become a “traffic password”, which is a popular fried chicken and sweet cake in the eyes of major brands and businesses.

According to statistics, the scale of China’s coffee market has reached 281.7 billion in 2021, and the number of consumers has exceeded 300 million.

China’s coffee market has always maintained a growth rate of 27.2%. It is expected that the scale of China’s coffee market will reach trillion level by 2025.

As the saying goes, confidence is more precious than gold. More than two years after the outbreak, consumers choose to reduce unnecessary

Zhong Xuegao’s coffee war























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