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Internal friction in the spirit of Haidilao




A few days ago, Haidilao issued a profit warning, and the revenue in the first half of the year decreased by no more than 17%, mainly due to the epidemic and the “woodpecker program” implemented at the end of last year.

The core content of the woodpecker plan is to close the shop.

Since last November, we planned to close 300 stores.

Then, as soon as it is found that the performance of any store is not very good, it will be closed.

From the perspective of business and the position of investors, I think it is quite right.

Many stores should not have been opened.

In order to increase the performance and maintain the employee incentive plan, too many inefficient stores were built.

Hotpot is not a convenience store. It doesn’t need to be so close.

In addition, as the head of the catering industry, he knows that he does not want to be a leader, but he must know that he has excellent decision-making power.

But as a diner and a member of the Black Sea, I am actually worried about the reduction of Haidilao stores around me.

Because I have regarded Haidilao as a psychological clinic with remarkable therapeutic effect.

Have you noticed that more and more people choose to go to Haidilao for their birthday.

As long as it’s in the peak period, you can meet someone for birthday every time you go, and everyone is happy to send a circle of friends.

Chaffy dish is the most social catering category, which can meet the needs of all people. There is no need to tangle about what to order. Turn the plate on the table so that everyone can order their own food. There is no need to ask you what you have to avoid.

Save time.

Men, women, old and young, southerners and northerners can accept it.

This is one of them.

Second, to celebrate a birthday is to be lively and have an atmosphere.

That’s why people invented parties. They wanted to make a lot of noise.

But it can’t move too much.

East Asians are still too introverted, especially in the presence of elders.

Someone has to drive the atmosphere.

This leaves an opportunity for bottom fishing.

Haidilao focuses on service, and [customer satisfaction with service] is the KPI of every clerk.

Only when the service is good and the performance is high can the clerk take the apprentice.

Only when there are more apprentices will they have the opportunity to be the manager of the new store.

Only when you become a store manager can you have a chance to enter the management and make a lot of money.

Driven by this kind of fame and fortune, the shop assistants became fried dough twist.

PK between stores and fighting between groups.

The [birthday] project is the easiest to provide customers with service feelings and leave a deep impression on customers.

Therefore, this link has become the Shura field for the undersea fishing waiters.

This store created a new pattern, and the store next door immediately copied it, improved it, and then upgraded it.

Dogs can’t work better than their colleagues. They are first-class.

Back home, it’s all worse than hanging.

The new house I just bought has just been renovated, but the neighbor upstairs also demolished the load-bearing wall.

On the way to complain about the property, you were shocked by the neighbor’s golden hair without chains.

Shit, why is the whole world doing the right thing?

I can only hide in cyberspace to avoid real troubles.

Originally, I was very happy to brush black silk, but suddenly I came across a story about a beautiful woman’s debt collection. I immediately remembered that my college roommate still owed me 80000 yuan.

My mood immediately fell to the bottom of the sea.

The more you brush, the more annoying you are. You drown in the ocean of overloaded information.

There is nowhere to escape and nowhere to hide.

The bathroom in the house and the garage in the community are not good.

Until you meet Haidilao.

Although we only have one birthday a year, there will be others.

At the moment when the birthday song rings, you temporarily forget the scolding of the boss in the afternoon, the tossing of the pot by your colleagues, and the vexatious behavior of your spouse.

In this short few minutes, all the joys and sorrows of human civilization have nothing to do with you, and all the magnificent grand narratives have lost their charm.

Your hands involuntarily follow the beat, and the corners of your mouth become an arc.

When humans are dancing and dancing, they will stimulate the brain to secrete dopamine.

Smiles are really contagious.

You can even sing along.

Most importantly, at this time, no one will think you are strange and no one will think you are different.

You are happy for those who are celebrating their birthday.

On this day, he was very happy.

You’re happy, too.

Although the state is like a brush.

But it’s really happy.

I’m really sad. I just want to be a happy ghost.

So I always appear in different Haidilao shops and say that I have a birthday.

For those five minutes, eat this meal.

Haidilao is like a psychological consulting room, which cures your unhappiness.

Although there is also a “consultation fee”, it only charges you a few hundred yuan.

I will also “give away” a lot of meat, vegetables, fish slices and fennel fried dough sticks.

I can rob you, but I still want to give you so much.

I think so.

I sing louder.

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