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Looking for certainty! Decode the new growth of food brand management – Ali mother’s daily live broadcast Preview

Growth is an eternal topic of the brand. Now, certainty is the strategic direction of brand growth.
In the past two years of consumption boom, taking the express train of capital and digital marketing, a large number of new brands have emerged in the food industry, and traditional brands are also growing. The new speed of products of many categories and brands is fast, and there are many innovative marketing methods.
However, in the beginning of 2022, many variables burst out in a concentrated manner, the uncertainty of the business environment was further aggravated, and in addition, the consumer decision-making paths became more diversified and the competition between users became more intense… All these are intensifying the anxiety of food brands seeking “deterministic” growth.
We can clearly perceive that the brand growth mode has begun to change. Taking 618 this year as an example, many brands told us, “I feel that consumers’ desire to buy this year is relatively low, and the traffic of e-commerce platforms should be reduced, so I don’t know whether the budget is effective or not.” However, it is also worried that “618 and double 11 promotion are often the time when the flow is the highest in the whole year, and if they do not do so, they will miss the good opportunity to increase powder and sales”.
At the same time, some media reported before 618 that the grass planting budget of many new consumer brands was decreasing, and some investment and distribution departments were directly cut down. In fact, from the double 11 of last year, the industry can clearly perceive that “the watershed of e-commerce promotion has emerged. Platforms and brands no longer sing high about the sales figures at the moment, but pay more attention to the growth of new users.”
In the past two years, the test is a brand’s recognition of digital marketing, the degree of use, or the speed of product innovation. However, it has been proved that the “single support” of marketing or products can not support the brand to continue to go.
For food brands, the speed of product innovation, the frequency of explosive products, and the brand loyalty of users are crucial to the stable and sustainable growth of the brand. So how can brands see new opportunities in the market changes? How to find your own growth lifeline? In the fierce competition in the future, what is the “sea fixing needle” of food brands?
At 19:00 p.m. on August 24 (Wednesday), the first new food ‘power’ special session: certainty! Decoding the new growth of food brand management jointly created by Ali’s mother and the “daily appointment” column of foodaily daily food will be broadcast live on foodaily daily food video.

In this live broadcast, Wang Xiaoling, CEO of foodaily daily food, will talk with Liu Ming, general manager of national food and health industry of Ali Mama’s key customer marketing center, Zhan Junwen, general manager of Tyson’s China marketing department, Yu Jian, general manager of Kaidu consumer index greater China, and Liu Xu, vice president of China Light Industry Investment and Development Association, to discuss the next category and marketing growth point in the food field and decode the brand’s new “food power” in the future.

Four key words of food business in the second half of 2022
As Ali’s mother, running week u in the future
In short, the super guest lineup is ready to go. The future business trend of the food industry and the practical experience of long-term brand growth… At 7:00 pm on August 24, this live broadcast feast related to the future deterministic growth of the food industry should not be missed!
In addition, foodaily’s daily appointment community is open. You are welcome to scan the code to enter the group for exchange and interaction, link resources, and receive the reports of the food industry
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Looking for certainty! Decode the new growth of food brand management – Ali mother’s daily live broadcast Preview







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