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Young people’s consumption is rotten, and the brand still wants to upgrade consumption

The thickness of the
purse determines the height of the consumption concept.
Another friend’s company went bankrupt.
When I heard this news, I found out the bags of rice noodles in chicken soup that were stored at home – the booty of the instant killing in the live broadcast room watched by tens of thousands of people.
Unfortunately, the rice noodles have expired, just like the glory of its own company.
Two years ago, their company was also a new consumer brand standing on the tuyere. Relying on the characteristics of “a bowl of rice noodles and half a chicken”, it dominated the fast food sales list of many e-commerce platforms. The ROI of the live broadcast room easily reached 3. It was also taken by Tiktok as a b-end PR case——
Although the logic of investing 1 yuan to earn 3 yuan was proved to be a loss in the end, this superficial achievement has been enough to become the brand of others described by Tiktok when it attracts other brands to spend money.
At that time, the prince and the princess may have thought that they had lived happily ever since.
In the past two years, their company has entered a mysterious and exciting situation——
Financing – money burning promotion – continued financing – continued money burning promotion.
After a fierce cycle, the young founder, who was full of spirit, finally became a frustrated bankrupt boss.
Along with him, there are Wang satin, who used to be the most popular marketer and whose revenue has dropped by 70%, the ramen, which once sold a billion yuan and is now broken by the chain of funds, the bubble mart, which was once hot and whose market value has dropped by 80%, Wen Heyou and cha yanyuese, who once lined up for a long time and are now laid off, the perfect diaries and orange blossoms that once swept the whole network and are now rejected by the whole network
In the past two years, those new consumer brands that have passed through the screen have gone through similar roads, seen similar landscapes, and had similar highlight moments. Now they are either dead or still struggling.
On the new consumption track, no matter how wonderful the story, no matter how beautiful the promotion data, as long as there is no bottom salary of financing, it will become a pot of ashes.
A few days ago, a well-known investor also publicly shouted on Weibo, saying, “I don’t understand why so many investment institutions suddenly lose confidence in the new consumption field and stop investing.”.
Tut, why do you lose confidence? Don’t you investors understand?
Behind the bluff
The game of beating drums and passing flowers
Last summer, there was a story in the venture capital circle that sounded like a joke:
A donkey meat braised restaurant in Hebei, which has been open for more than 20 years, has been targeted by capital. At the same time, four or five capital companies found their bosses and rushed to give them money, hoping to help them “become bigger and stronger”.
This makes the boss feel afraid, and he can’t understand or understand what these swarming capitals want to do?
Of course, they want to take you as CEO and take you to the peak of your life. They will help you, a small and shabby shop, comply with the trend of “new consumerism” and sell donkey meat for 10 yuan
This is a figure that you, as a passer-by, can’t figure out by looking at the unit price of passengers and the flow of people and doing a multiplication problem in primary school.
What is the concept of “one store, one hundred million”?
Starbucks, which has been established for more than 50 years, now has 35000 stores worldwide, with a total market value of US $97.3 billion and a single store valuation of US $2.78 million.
Although we don’t know whether the products sold in other people’s stores are “ceiling level”, the capital quality of this people is “ceiling level”.
What kind of products can support such a store and brand valuation?
The adjectives of “x Hermes”, “XX ceiling”, “light of XX national products” and “new XX” have long been popular among different categories, brands and products. After you sing, I will come on stage. Everyone will take turns to sit in C.
The stereotyped adjectives, the stereotyped expansion mode, and the stereotyped “do marketing with your heart and do products with your feet” are followed by the stereotyped fall.
In August 2021, the new consumption gradually died down, starting from the collective collapse of China concept stocks and the breaking of new consumption companies.
Cvsource investment data shows that from January to June 2021, the financing volume of the whole consumption track was 595, and the transaction amount was 126.905 billion yuan. From June to December 2021, the number of financing of the consumption track was 483, and the transaction amount decreased to 76.670 billion yuan, nearly halving.
In the first half of the year, all the models that were sought after were not established in the second half of the year. All the flattered stories in the first half of the year were not believed in the second half of the year.
At the end of 2021, the attitude of the investment circle changed 180 degrees, threatening that “99% of new consumption will die within three years and half will die next year”.
Companies that make new consumption have become monsters that are afraid to avoid.
Investors who make new consumption leap from the top of the pyramid to the bottom of the contempt chain.
Even the consumers targeted by the new consumption have developed the self-discipline consciousness of “seeing but not buying”.
According to it orange data, in the first quarter of 2022, the total financing amount of the catering industry was less than 10% of that of last year; The number of financing projects and the amount of financing of the food and beverage track are less than 10% of that of last year.
By July 2022, some investors said that the consumption investment in the first half of the year had dropped by 70% year on year. Some investors say that those who still look at consumption now despise the bottom of the chain. Some investors said that I’m a consumer investor and haven’t opened a business in the last half year.
I saw him rise and fall.
In the promotion of to C, one of the adjectives that new consumer goods particularly like to use is “XX does not lose its shares”.
I don’t know if you feel lost after buying these products, but the last wave of investors who took over the offer must have cried.
The young people are all spending money
According to the market analysis and Consumer Research Report of China’s interim food industry in 2020, at present, 47.8% of China’s interim food consumers are aged 26-35, and more than seven of them are young people and more than six are middle-income groups.
This is not a consumption downgrade. This is a real consumption mess.
The reason for this is very simple. This generation of young people who have the highest hopes for new consumption can not only save money, but also find jobs.
According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the national urban survey unemployment rate in June 2022 was 5.5%, of which the survey unemployment rate of 16-24 years old was 19.3%.
This is the highest record since the index was released in January 2018, far exceeding the international 7% unemployment warning red line. Not to mention that 10.76 million college students graduated in July, which overlapped with 19.3% of the youth unemployment, and the youth employment situation became more severe.
Young people in such a situation really have no money to pay for the high premium new consumption.
According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, from January to may 2022, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 17168.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 1.5%. In May alone, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 3354.7 billion yuan, down 6.7% year on year. Excluding the three-year inflation factor, the current total retail sales of consumer goods is worse than that in 2019.
As a result, the new consumption that once became popular among the young people was also abandoned by the young people who had been beaten by the society.
After all, the thickness of the wallet determines the height of the consumption concept.
My own life’s outer packaging has been torn off. How can I pay for other people’s outer packaging.
Iron strike supply chain
Flowing network red brand
After this spring tide, the young people have awakened, the brand has fallen, and the capital has been injured. Is it true that no one has benefited from such a large-scale investment?
In 2007, a company selling fruit juice was established. At that time, there was no new tea.
In 2015, the company was listed on the new third board and raised nearly 300 million yuan. At that time, its major customers were Huiyuan Juice, Nongfu mountain spring and Coca Cola.
At that time, Naixue’s tea was established, and the order volume soared rapidly, becoming the company’s largest customer.
By 2022, this company called Tianye Co., Ltd. is still unknown, but it makes profits every year and goes public with brilliant achievements.
Naixue’s tea, which is widely known, has suffered losses for four years. As the “first share of new tea drinks”, its market value has evaporated by 20 billion in one year.
When new consumer brands are collectively trapped in losses, suppliers collectively make money.
When Xicha laid off staff, Naixue lost money, Lele tea closed its shop, and all the milk tea sellers flew up, all the suppliers who “sold water” to these milk tea shops were ready to go on the market with their proud reports.
Young people’s consumption is rotten, and the brand still wants to upgrade consumption



















这是自2018年1月该指标公布以来的最高纪录,远远超过了国际上7%的失业预警红线。更不要说7月后全国有 1076 万大学生毕业,与19.3%青年失业叠加,青年就业形势更加严峻。

























根据国家统计局的数据,2021年中国GDP同比增长8.1%,其中消费支出贡献了5.3%的增长值,贡献率达到 65.4%。




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