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Qiaqiao sunflower seed series products raised prices, the new president of Coca Cola’s largest operating department, several new directors of McDonald’s, the new commitment of Nestle’s milk powder, Yibao bubble soda water, and JD’s profit in the last quarter jumped more than five times

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Three employees of Wen Heyou were sentenced for corruption of millions, and some people sold crayfish to repay debts

According to today’s news of pengpai news, the judgment from China judicial documents network shows that three employees of wenheyou Food Technology Co., Ltd., including Liao, who was the legal representative of wenheyou food company at that time, were sentenced by the court for committing the crime of embezzlement and bribery of non-state workers. The amount involved in the case exceeded one million yuan, and the kickbacks came from four companies. When signing and performing the purchase contract, the three employees of Wen Heyou asked for property from four supplier companies by accepting kickbacks. In addition to the millions of kickbacks received by the legal representative at that time, Zhou, the head of the logistics department, also sold the company’s millions of yuan of crayfish to repay debts. (surging)


For the rumour of acquisition, the reporter asked the daily excellent fresh for confirmation, but the company has not responded yet. (Securities Times · e company)

Qiaqia sunflower seed series product price increase

Today, qiaqiao food announced that due to the increase in product strength brought by the upgrading of the company’s sunflower seed series products, as well as the accompanying increase in the cost of raw materials, packaging and auxiliary materials, energy and other reasons, the factory price of its sunflower seed series products was adjusted, and the overall price increase was about 8%。 The new price policy has been implemented since August 21, 2022. (company announcement)

Yonghui Cai fresh food is alleged to be listed in Hong Kong

According to Bloomberg’s news today, Yonghui Caishi fresh food, a one-stop food solution service provider in which Tencent holds equity, intends to go public in Hong Kong as soon as the second quarter of next year, with a target valuation of US $1.5 billion. In addition, Bloomberg also said that Yonghui Caishi fresh plans to conduct a round of financing of US $200 million before listing. Shareholders of the company also include Sequoia Capital, Hillhouse capital and Yonghui supermarket. (Bloomberg)

COFCO jiajiakang had a net loss of 462 million yuan in the first half of the year

Today, COFCO jiajiakang announced its interim results. During the period, the operating income reached 5.345 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 28.8%. The main reason is that the average sales price of live pigs in the breeding business decreased significantly year-on-year. In addition, the import business strictly controlled the market fluctuation risk and actively reduced the volume. The loss attributable to the owners of the company was 462 million yuan, an increase of 8.6% year on year

COFCO packaging earned 7.3% more in the first half of the year

COFCO packaging announced today that the company realized a revenue of 5.227 billion yuan in the first half of the year, an increase of 11.7% year-on-year; The profit attributable to equity holders of the company was 267 million yuan, up 7.3% year on year. (company announcement)

Southern black sesame earned 42.8% less in the first half of the year

Yesterday, southern black sesame announced that the company realized an operating income of 1.295 billion yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year decrease of 26.61%; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 6.7758 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 42.8% (company announcement)

Huang’s group cross-border layout of photovoltaic industry

昨日晚间,主营牛奶业务的皇氏集团发布公告称,该公司与安徽省阜阳经济技术开发区管理委员会签署了《战略合作框架协议》,就拟在阜阳经开区管委会管理区域内投资建设万头奶牛牧场、乳制品深加工厂项目及年产20GW Topcon高效太阳能电池项达成合作共识。皇氏集团介绍称,项目拟选址于阜阳经开区管委会管理区域内,拟分两期建设,项目总投资约100亿元。(财联社)

16 infant milk powder product formula registration approval (decision) information to be received


JUNLEBAO helps mother and baby channel develop market

Bright net

Wuhan Baosteel packaging passed Yili’s first supplier qualification certification

Baosteel Packaging News, a few days ago, Wuhan Baosteel packaging passed through Inner Mongolia

Greeco launches plant drink in China

Today, the snack generation noticed that the 200 ml almond kernel nut drink and the 1 l coffee master almond kernel drink launched by greeco on the official wechat mall were all imported products. Wherein,

Yibao launches feel

Today, Yibao announced the launch of soda water, which has two flavors: fresh original flavor and fresh lime. (issued by the company)

Coca Cola appoints president of North America business and head of global ventures to be determined

Today, Coca Cola announced that Jennifer Mann will become the president of the North American operations department, effective from January 2023. Mann will replace Alfredo
Rivera, who will leave office on December 31. Mann, 49, currently serves as senior vice president of the company and President of global ventures. Her team is responsible for global acquisitions and brand expansion, including the acquisition of Costa coffee and the investment in monster beverages. The new head of global ventures will be appointed later. Zhan kunjie, CEO of Coca Cola, said today that her background in US and global operations makes her very suitable for leading the company’s largest operation Department. (issued by the company)

Coca Cola’s sugar supply in the Philippines has reached a “critical point”

Bloomberg pointed out today that the shortage of refined sugar in the Philippines has affected local soft drink manufacturers, and the demand of enterprises including Coca Cola has reached a “critical point”,

Fonterra appoints acting CFO

Fonterra today announced the appointment of Chris Rowe as acting CFO to replace the outgoing current CFO Marc rivers. The appointment is effective from 1 October 2022. Chris Rowe has been working for Fonterra since 1988 and is currently the group’s chief financial officer. (company announcement)

Changes in several directors of McDonald’s board of directors

Yesterday, McDonald’s announced that Sheila A. Penrose would withdraw from the board of directors on September 30, and nominated Anthony Capuano, CEO of Marriott International, Jennifer Taubert, global chairman of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical department, and Amy weaver, President and chief financial officer of salesforce, a customer relationship management technology enterprise, to join the board of directors from October 1. (issued by the company)

Nestle promises not to promote stage 1 milk powder globally from next year

Tetra Pak releases latest Sustainable Development Report

Today, Tetra Pak released its latest annual sustainable development report. According to the report, in 2021, the company will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions related to its operation by 36%. Last year, the company sold 17.6 billion plant-based packaging and 10.8 billion plant-based bottle caps, and invested 40 million euros to promote the collection and recycling of cartons. (issued by the company)

Carrefour, France, promises that the price of 100 kinds of daily necessities will not be adjusted temporarily

Carrefour, a French retailer, said yesterday that its


Pinduoduo is said to launch the international e-commerce platform next month

According to a person familiar with the situation, pinduoduo plans to launch a cross-border e-commerce platform next month, with the initial market in the United States. The person said that pinduoduo has introduced the project to its merchants, but the details have not yet been finalized. Pinduoduo did not respond to requests for comment. (Reuters)

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昨日,雀巢发布了其关于母乳替代品负责任营销政策的年度合规报告。该公司称认识到其影响力在内外都存在挑战,因此仍致力于持续改进营销实践。这包括单方面承诺不在全球所有国家推广6个月以下婴儿配方奶粉,承诺将于 2023 年 1 月 1 日生效。(公司发布)

Qiaqiao sunflower seed series products raised prices, the new president of Coca Cola’s largest operating department, several new directors of McDonald’s, the new commitment of Nestle’s milk powder, Yibao bubble soda water, and JD’s profit in the last quarter jumped more than five times

今天, 利乐发表其最新年度可持续发展报告。报告显示,2021 年,该公司将与其运营相关的温室气体排放量减少36%、去年全年售出 176 亿个植物基包装和 108 亿个植物基瓶盖、投资4000万欧元用于推进纸箱收集和回收。(公司发布)




路透社昨日援引知情人士称,私募股权公司 CVC Capital Partners 正就出售其在印度尼西亚休闲食品生产商 GarudaFood Putra Putri Jaya 中的20%股份进行谈判,股份价值约 2.7 亿美元。消息人士称,谈判仍处于初期阶段,成交价可能达3亿美元。对此,CVC拒绝置评,GarudaFood 没有回应置评请求。(路透社)




外媒昨日消息,汉堡王推出了其在美国市场的首款植物鸡肉三明治,新品由其与Impossible Foods合作上市(VegNews)




昨日,农业农村部官网公布了针对推动建立大包奶粉收储机制、增加开放奶牛进口国 、鼓励上游养殖业绿色低碳发展的建议答复。当中指出,尽管当前国内生鲜乳供需存在季节性、区域性不平衡问题,但整体上处于供不应求状态,国家建立奶粉储备机制的必要性和时机尚需深入研究。针对关于增加开放奶牛进口国的建议,下一步,农业农村部将配合海关总署,在保障生物安全的前提下,积极与有关国家就进口种牛事宜进行磋商,促进高质量牛冷冻精液和胚胎进口;进一步提高种牛进口审批效率,加快优质畜禽遗传资源引进,支持奶业高质量发展。 (农业农村部)

海关总署:不要购买食用美国Lyons Magnus公司相关批次的饮料产品

海关总署网站昨日消息,美国食品生产企业Lyons Magnus宣布,因产品可能受到肉毒杆菌和阪崎克罗诺杆菌污染,自愿召回部分饮料产品,涉及22个品牌及88种产品。经海关核查,暂未发现召回范围内的产品通过一般贸易方式出口到我国。8月19日,欧力(上海)饮料有限公司在其微信公众号发布召回公告,宣布主动采取预防性召回措施,召回由Lyons Magnus生产的330ml OATLY原味醇香燕麦奶。其召回产品的批次与Lyons Magnus公布的召回产品批次不同,不在Lyons Magnus召回产品的清单上。海关总署提醒消费者:不要购买上述品牌相关批次饮料;立即停止食用已通过任何方式(包括海淘、赠予)获得的相关批次饮料。(海关总署)










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