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Tea takeout is about to change, and the big platform of 600 million users and millions of merchants will do great things




On Aug. 19, eyaime and Tiktok jointly announced the cooperation.

The former has millions of merchants, mature operation system and all-weather real-time distribution capability; The latter has 600 million daily active users and strong grass planting content generation ability.

Due to the delivery of the last 100 meters, the two were successfully married.

According to the logic that Coca Cola and Mengniu established a joint venture company and named it “keniule”, netizens chose a new name for the joint venture of “hungry” and “Tiktok”. Even came up with the slogan: “if you’re hungry, shake it!”!

What will the 600 million daily delivery platform bring to the tea industry? How should you develop it?

See, point and reach

The concept of “heartwarming takeout” will soon be launched

In July of last year, Tiktok’s take out business “heart take out” began its internal test. Five months later, the internal test of the project was suspended and the small programs were removed from the shelf.

After that, Tiktok did not directly launch the take out function, but made a curve comeback in the form of “group purchase and distribution”.

It is understood that the packing fee and distribution fee of this type of “group purchase distribution” have been included in the total price, and the delivery of takeout is completed by dada, flash delivery, SF or self delivery. Tiktok gives its own distribution team. If the distance is more than 10km, the customer may have to pay some additional fees.

Tiktok Xinxin takeout

This kind of “take out” is more suitable for home and party scenes such as stewed meat, crayfish and barbecue. It is not friendly to the afternoon, dessert and tea.

It’s reasonable that Tiktok’s take out business, which can’t help merchants solve the “last 100 meters delivery”, has not done much before. Some people have summarized this phenomenon as “no delivery at all”.

As early as the launch of “heart take out”, some people helped Tiktok to make suggestions. If she wants to eat this big cake, she needs to build her own distribution team and cooperate with others. If you want to open the situation quickly, meituan and hungry are the first choices.

This time, there are three key words in the cooperation between Tiktok and eyaime: namely, see, point and reach.

Hungry, rider

The two sides said that they would work together to explore new scenarios for upgrading local life services, and deeply connect merchants and consumers through high-quality content, rich goods and efficient logistics and distribution.

According to the cooperation, based on the open platform of Tiktok, with small programs as the carrier, and through rich product scenarios and technical capabilities with Tiktok, emy will help millions of businesses to provide local life services from content planting, online ordering to real-time delivery for 600 million Tiktok daily users.

The “heart warming takeout” that is packaged and delivered will soon become a reality from a concept.

Flow of Tiktok pipe

Hungry? No matter the service, but the merchants are also worried

A good thing is a good thing. But we also need to pour a ladle of cold water first.

In the past, we used to do takeout. After opening the store, we need to upload the product map and description. In the future, we need to do it according to the rules of the takeout platform

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Tea takeout is about to change, and the big platform of 600 million users and millions of merchants will do great things




















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