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The whole industry chain and cultural IP… Sit firmly in the “melon seed boss”. What does the negotiation depend on?

started from melon seeds and built up its own iron wall. Qiaqia is going steadily.

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With the improvement of living standards and the awakening of health awareness, nuts gradually opened up the market pattern, showing a rapid growth trend. According to the 2021 tmall nut consumption report, the market size of fried nuts in 2021 is second only to that of cakes and snacks, and ranks second in snack consumption. Unlike the mainstream market of bakery food, candy, biscuits and other snack foods, the market share is occupied by international snack food giants. The concentration of nut fried food industry is not high. It is a blue ocean region where international giants have not yet formed a dominant position and has a large development space. The huge blue ocean market will inevitably attract many brands. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 300 brands on alone.
Melon seeds, as the most accessible nut category, occupy an important position in the trillion snack food market. In the fierce competition among many brands, Qiaqia has obvious advantages in the melon seed field. According to the research of Western securities, the penetration rate of qiqia melon seeds in some first and second tier mature markets is as high as 70%. It has established relatively complete sales channels and brand recognition, and is loved by most consumers.
In the trillion market, why can Qiaqia maintain its leading position and grow forward? What kind of brand image does Qia create by penetrating into the hearts of consumers? In the face of the rapidly changing market pattern, how should qiqia deal with it calmly? For more than 20 years of Changhong, the secret behind Qia is worth studying.
Adhere to the original intention of quality,
Multiple advantages to build industry barriers
Since its establishment, sunflower seed business has always been the core business of Qiaqia food and the key to its stable market. According to the financial report, in the first half of 2022, the performance and profit of Qiaqia food increased, and the revenue of sunflower seeds reached 1.844 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.29%, accounting for 68.86% of the total revenue. Although China’s melon seed industry chain is relatively mature, because the industry concentration is not high and the bulk melon seeds account for most of the market share, Qiaqia obviously has its own secret to be able to run a leading brand in this category.
Product is king, source control
For the food industry, the pursuit of product quality and quantity is always the “ideal country” that brands are constantly trying to approach. As a leading enterprise of snack food, Qiaqia has always been recognized as an “excellent student” in the market.
In order to ensure food safety, qiaqa has established nearly 1 million mu of sunflower planting bases in the world from the source. China alone covers many high-quality sunflower producing areas such as Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Gansu. Taking ChiFeng Sunflower Garden as an example, the superior regional specific natural environment and temperate semi-arid continental monsoon climate make the four seasons here distinct, the temperature difference between day and night is large and the frost free period. The soil contains abundant trace elements, providing a good environment for sunflower growth. A good seed source can create a higher quality
In the annual Qiaqia sunflower Festival, the brand will combine the objective environment and popular trends of the year to bring new and innovative experiences to consumers. Whether it is music festival, VR technology or antique national style elements, it can be combined with it. While displaying the products in all directions, it integrates fresh elements and understanding, normalizes the brand connotation and reaches the consumer group in a more interesting way.
This year, the brand specially created the “claim a sunflower” creative activity. Through the live broadcast of Sunflower Garden, consumers can intuitively feel the excellent environment and quality assurance of qiqia melon seeds from growth to maturity, so as to achieve the effect of deep interaction. In the small program, users can claim a sunflower growing in Qiaqia high-quality sunflower garden base for only one yuan, and deeply feel the positive power brought by sunflower sunflower growth and the brand connotation of Qiaqia happy sunshine.
Picture source: Qiaqia
In the current rapid development of the times, many people inevitably fall into the plight of spiritual internal friction, and can not help but miss the slow life in the past. Although one yuan can not buy a ticket to an ideal life at present, it can become the owner of the Sunflower Garden of “poetry and distance” and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ten thousand mu Sunflower Garden. In addition, the claiming user will receive a fresh sunflower workshop gift, which contains melon seed raw materials and spices, and can DIY by himself to feel the joy of harvest and the taste of sunshine, and also contains the seeds and nutrient soil that can be planted to plant a unique beauty.
Photo source: Qiaqia nut official Weibo
At the same time, in order to convey sunshine and happiness to more people, Qiaqia online took Weibo as the main communication position to carry out the # 818 Qiaqia sunflower festival to claim a sunflower # topic activity, which attracted the attention and forwarding of many brands, such as Zhou Heiya and white elephant, and many users, forming a good atmosphere of positive interaction in the comment area. Many participants were very interested in the novel experience brought by this activity and expressed that they would wait and reap surprises.
Photo source: Weibo
Photo source: Community
A good activity can not be separated from the support of offline communication. With the help of focus media, qiaqa also attracted more users to participate in the activity, broadened the age circle of the audience of this activity, and played a wider communication effect. The complementarity between the two not only increased the popularity of the “818 Qia sunflower Festival”, but also established a new attitude of Qia based on products, taking consumers as the core and being young in the hearts of consumers.
Looking at the overall market,
Constantly inject fresh vitality
As an “old” brand growing up with many consumers, Qiaqia has always accumulated strength in products, but it has never forgotten to follow the footsteps of young people and examine the changes of market pattern with a forward-looking perspective. In addition to creating the bright IP of “Qiaqia sunflower Festival”, Qiaqia constantly strives for product innovation, looks for new opportunities from trial and error and consumption upgrading, attracts young people’s attention through novel ways, and constantly injects fresh vitality into the brand.
Constantly pushing new tastes to meet the needs of consumers
Since entering the third consumption era, Chinese consumers have become more personalized and diversified
In fact, since 2019, qiqia has captured the trend of joint brand. From the launch of joint brand snack packs in cooperation with Netease’s game Terminator 2, to the cooperation with classic IP baokemeng, or the cooperation with Lele tea and Yuanqi forest to enter new fields, qiqia has been making new trials and penetrating into young people.
Image source: new entropy
Co branding is not only a simple way to create the effect of “1 + 1 > 2”, but also a good way for brands to break through the circle and cross the border. Good co branding will also help brands to usher in real breakthroughs.
Now, after years of exploration, Chinese brands have gradually formed their own road of rejuvenation, and it has become a tacit proposition for everyone to enter the young people. How to do, how to do, presumably each brand has its own rules to follow.
Based on melon seeds, qiaqa has established its own iron wall. Qiaqa adheres to the principle of “product is king” and abides by its original intention. In the pattern of “dragon fighting” in the nut industry, relying on the advantages of the whole industry chain, category positioning and technological innovation, qiaqa constantly strengthens its own moat and realizes brand extension. At the moment when the Z generation enters the market, Qiaqia still finds the right position, breaks through the encirclement in many ways, and opens up the imagination space for future development. Under the current situation, it is very valuable for us to negotiate with each other.
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The whole industry chain and cultural IP… Sit firmly in the “melon seed boss”. What does the negotiation depend on?


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