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Today, oatly announced a preventive recall of a product, and the company’s interpretation came

Today, oatly, the leader of oatmeal beverage industry, issued an announcement that it will conduct a preventive recall of a product – “oatly oat drink Deluxe 330ml” to the Chinese market from now on. This preventive recall was initiated by the company. It said that the measures only covered some production batches and did not involve other products on sale of oatly in the market.

As for the decision made by oatly, the company said that it was related to a production partner in the United States when accepting the inquiry of snack agent.

It is reported that Lyons Magnus, an American food and beverage manufacturer, made an announcement in the US market earlier. It was worried that its products might have potential microbial pollution, and announced that it would voluntarily recall its products of many brands in the local market. The list includes many products of brands such as glucerna and organic Valley, and also includes four products sold by oatly in the US market.

According to today’s announcement, oatly has terminated all business with Lyons Magnus to solve the problems that may affect the quality from the source.

Looking up the list released by the US FDA earlier, the products recalled by Lyons Magnus factory mainly involve four products sold by oatly in the US market.

While emphasizing that the relevant batches of products have not been sold to the Chinese market,

Oatly also pointed out that among its products sold in the Chinese market, Lyons Magnus produced only one product, oat drink Deluxe 330ml, and this product was not included in the recall list issued by the United States.


According to what xiaoshidai learned from the company today, the oat drink Deluxe 330ml produced by Lyons Magnus accounts for about 0.5% of the total sales volume of oatly in the Chinese market. As for the common 250ml and 1L products in China, which are imported from Europe and produced by Asian factories, the company said that its “quality strictly complies with the requirements of national and industrial standards, and is not affected by this recall”.

A person in charge of oatly said today that oatly had sent the product to a nationally recognized laboratory for inspection at the first time, and confirmed that the quality of the product met the national and industrial standards. “However, based on concerns about consumer health, the company decided to take preventive measures and actively recall the oat drink Deluxe 330ml sold in the Chinese market.”.

As the head brand of plant-based drinks, oatly has gained quite high popularity in the Chinese market, especially among young consumers. Since entering the Chinese market in 2018, oatly has maintained strong growth in the face of catching up with the local emerging oat milk brands.

Xiaoshidai has previously introduced that in the “618” of this year, oatly’s Omni channel sales exceeded 53 million, with a year-on-year increase of more than 150%. On tmall, and other online shopping platforms, oatly is under the classification of plant protein drinks

Today, oatly announced a preventive recall of a product, and the company’s interpretation came


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