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Coca Cola launched the summer peak season, and cooperated with Tencent video to break the dimension of variety

In the continuous high temperature weather, cool drinks ushered in a consumption boom. In the summer peak season, marketing has become another magic weapon for giants to “break the situation” in addition to products and channels.

Recently, xiaoshidai paid attention to the outdoor game reality show “log on to yuanyuzhou” produced by Tencent video and reached a cooperation with Coca Cola. As the advertiser of the program, Coca Cola has successfully reaped the rising brand exposure and consumption transformation in the summer consumption season by means of key plot implantation, drinking scene promotion, ultra-high frequency exposure, etc. As the producer of the program, Tencent video has therefore innovated a new form of brand marketing and explored more possibilities for brand cooperation.

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Breaking the circle of immersive variety

Different from the current mainstream documentary variety shows, log in to round fish island has a different way in the selection of theme. It chooses science fiction like drama as the theme, creating a game world with deep integration of virtual and reality, and creating an immersive film viewing experience for the audience.

Qiu Yue, senior director of Tianxiang studio group of Tencent’s online video program content department, said in an interview earlier that “the program is inspired by the beginning. The team has captured an infinite stream novel that is very popular with young people. With an elevated story background and interactive content, the rules of the game can be completely different from the reality, and the creative space of variety arts will also be expanded.”

Take the “login” scene of the first episode of “login to yuanyuzhou” as an example, the program team adopted the well-known bus element in “beginning”. Subsequently, the audience followed the players into the “round fish island” that took away the concept of time, and triggered the collision and combination of character relationships with game games. The new experience subverted the traditional variety perception.

It is worth mentioning that the game game is another innovative attempt of “login to round fish island” in addition to the novel theme of the program. Game game is a landing game that can not only meet the needs of reasoning users, but also stimulate the interests of Pan entertainment audiences. It reactivates the long-standing wisdom fighting content in the variety market.

At the beginning of the first issue, the narrator of the program took “game” as the motif, and put forward the observation point that game permeates every stage of life such as primary school, high school, workplace and dating. Here, the content value of “yuanyuzhou” to the general public is ready to be revealed: “yuanyuzhou” is committed to turning those sudden life games into happy games. Through “rehearsal”, it helps the audience prepare for the game in advance.

Take the first issue of the “exciting maoffer” game as an example. As he Simin, an economist at the end of the film, said, it is a practical example of cooperative game theory in economics. Six people find cat bowls, and each person has 5000 yuan of fish balls, which can be used to invest in “personal cards” to earn floating profits, that is, the sooner the people find cat bowls, the higher the profits. As a result, six players launched an alliance game for the “three elements of the game” of participants, optional strategies and benefits.

The audience of this program is mostly the younger generation after 90 and 00. Behind the presentation of the game game, the program team also hopes to convey the grand outlook on life and values to the younger generation through a relaxed and humorous plot, so as to achieve a positive introduction to them

According to the second quarter report of Coca Cola in 2022, in the second quarter, the company’s value share in the non-alcoholic ready to drink beverage market in the Asia Pacific region increased, mainly due to the increase in the market share of China, Japan and Australia. Follow up with the success and increase the market of non-alcoholic ready to drink drinks represented by carbonated drinks. It is believed that the high-quality cooperation form with high flow of variety shows will also bring great exposure and conversion possibility to Coca Cola.

As for the Chinese market, Coca Cola also stressed earlier that “we focus on core products and star SKUs, and further shift resources to e-commerce and o2o to adapt to the trend of consumers shifting to home consumption during this period.” Therefore, as far as Coca Cola is concerned, the cooperation significance of “log in to round fish island” also lies in the traffic connection of the whole platform and the realization of the drainage and transformation of the online platform.

CCTV Market Research (CTR), in conjunction with the advertising School of Communication University of China and the National Advertising Research Institute, reported on the marketing trend survey of Chinese advertisers in 2022. According to the report, in the era of Internet stock game, more than 60% of advertisers agree that “the effect of the highest advertising flow and high cost will promote the return of brand value”. Instead of focusing on effect advertising, which leads to the temporary and incomplete mentality of users, quality efficiency coordination and focusing on the long-term construction of brands are the ways to reduce risks and determine benefits.

Obviously, from the cooperation between Coca Cola and log on to yuanyuzhou. This is the right choice made by the brand at the right time. From the results, based on the effective balance between the demand of the program for the audience and the cooperative brand, the cooperation does indeed empower the brand and play a role in helping the long-term construction of the brand image.

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Coca Cola launched the summer peak season, and cooperated with Tencent video to break the dimension of variety




对于中国市场,可口可乐此前也强调,“我们聚焦于核心产品和明星 SKU,同时进一步把资源转向电商和 O2O,以适应期间消费者向居家消费转移的趋势。”因此,于可口可乐而言,《登录圆鱼洲》的合作意义还在于全平台的流量打通,实现线上平台的引流和转化达成。


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