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Come here to fight with food innovation | recruitment of volunteers for Food Expo

7 years
322 wonderful speeches
More than 1900 participating enterprises
7439 product decision makers attended the meeting
13183 overseas innovative products
In 2022, the food innovation Expo (formerly the food fbic Global Food Innovation Conference) arrived as scheduled
Volunteer Recruitment officially started
Here, eat global innovative food with beauty, material and delicious
Here, listen to the sharing of industry pioneers with height and depth
Here, immersive experience of consumption scenes and 0-distance experience of the power of thinking
As long as you have the ability and ideas, there will be your stage ~~~~~
Are you ready to join?
2021 foodailyfbic site event
Previous oodafbic guests & brand lineup
Volunteer welfare
1. Listen to the sharing of the top of the industry pyramid
At the foodaily innovation Expo, all the industry leaders who “keep their word”: leading enterprises, experts and scholars at home and abroad, and capital leaders come to the scene to share, so that you can complete a high-quality “extracurricular elective course”;
2. Visit the food innovation exhibition integrating “true beauty” and “hard power”
Feel the nearly 3000 innovative products from all over the world, and walk around the world without leaving home. You are the “trendsetter” at the forefront of new food consumption;
3. Cash subsidy
Volunteers participating in the whole process will receive a cash subsidy of 200 yuan / person / day (uniformly distributed at the end of the activity)
4. Volunteer certificate
Volunteers who participate in the whole process and complete the work tasks will receive high gold content volunteer certificates, outstanding partners will receive excellent volunteer certificates and mysterious gifts, and will have the opportunity to obtain offer opportunities from participating enterprises and foodaily;
5. Limited edition participation Kit
Volunteers participating in the whole process will receive a participation information package equivalent to the rights and interests of the participants;
6. Realize the freedom of snacks
People are iron and rice is steel. During the event, we will prepare various energy supply reserves for our partners. After the event, there will be a snack gift bag to carry home to help you realize the freedom of snacks and eat whatever you want;
7. Intimate logistics and security
During the meeting, the organizing committee will arrange accommodation and working meals for the volunteers and purchase commercial insurance. (the expenses during the interview and training shall be borne by yourself, and the round-trip transportation expenses are not reimbursed temporarily).
2021 oodafbic site photo
2021 oodafbic volunteer style
We hope you are
1. Over 18 years old, regardless of gender and nationality, as long as you have enthusiasm for the food industry, we welcome you;  
2. Have the most basic passion and vitality as a volunteer, be willing to contribute, and be proactive;
3. Obey the Organizing Committee
Come here to fight with food innovation | recruitment of volunteers for Food Expo

1、综合执行类(100名):①嘉宾接待 ②礼品发放 ③签到处服务(签到、核验、材料发放等) ④VIP嘉宾引导 ⑤展区支持 ⑥控台助理 ⑦计时助理 ⑧现场助理 ⑨机动支持

2、客户服务类(25名):①客户服务 ②商务介绍

3、礼仪类(15名): 礼仪


4、用户运营类(5名):①用户管理 ②社群运营


5、媒体采编类(15名):①记者编辑 ②新媒体传播











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