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From high speed to high quality, has the future growth of food brands found the right way?

2022, after experiencing anxiety and uncertainty, the food industry will move towards a truly deterministic era.

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2022 from prosperity to dull, the food industry has a new beginning.
In today’s food market, on the one hand, mature brands and emerging brands collide with each other, and the competition between international brands and domestic brands accelerates; On the other hand, the homogenization competition is serious. How to continuously update the products and quickly break out of the circle has become the pain point of the brand; Moreover, the forgetting cycle of consumers for food brands is becoming shorter and shorter. How to retain users and expand new channels is also a direct challenge for brands.
If 2022 is regarded as the second half of the competition in the food industry, then gaining momentum and looking for deterministic growth will become synonymous with the second half. At this critical node, how does each food brand iterate its own capability model to find the growth lifeline? What is the deterministic growth of the food industry in the future?
On the evening of August 24, in the first new food ‘power’ special session: certainty! Decoding the new growth of food brand management jointly created by the future new food ‘power’ food industry special series of alimama’s “towards the future operation” and the “daily appointment” column of foodaily’s daily food, Wang Xiaoling, CEO of foodaily’s daily food, and Liu Ming, general manager of the national food and health industry of alimama’s key customer marketing center, Zhan Junwen, general manager of Tyson’s China marketing department Yu Jian, general manager of Greater China region of Kaidu consumer index, and Liu Xu, vice president of China Light Industry Enterprise Investment and Development Association, discussed the next category and marketing growth point in the food field.
They believe that “the brand voice is not just a ‘one hammer deal’, it is a long-term ‘slow work, fine work’ project, which requires both short-term brand emergence and long-term professional strength and endurance.” Specifically, the future deterministic growth of food brands needs three aspects:
1. Accurate insight into industry trends, continuous innovation and explosion, effective product innovation, and create brand incremental space;
2. Long term operation of users, accumulation of user assets and maximization of value are the greatest certainty of brand growth;
3. From products to users, content, scenes, channels, etc., the brand needs to establish a comprehensive business capacity, and promote revenue through stable storage, so as to ensure the long-term growth of the brand.
Incremental “determination”: effective product innovation
Continuous product innovation and the strategy of “making explosive products” have become the general trend. However, innovation and explosive products can not be made behind closed doors, nor can they blindly follow hot spots. The subjective product play will make it more difficult for brands. The guests believed that the key to innovation and explosion lies in two points: 1. Accurate insight into industry trends; 2. Grasp the user’s needs and emotional interests.
Innovation & the premise of explosive products: insight into the new trend of industry and consumer demand
Ali Mama key customer marketing center national food and
Zhan Junwen, general manager of Tyson’s China marketing department, pointed out from the aspects of consumers, consumer demand and products that the basic needs of consumers are delicious, convenient, healthy and nutritious. For example, under the epidemic situation, consumers have higher and higher requirements for food health. And with the deepening and subdivision of health needs, functional nutrition addition has also attracted more and more attention. There is also the emotional demand of consumers, that is, their appearance.
In addition, the epidemic has forced consumers to change their dining scene, from dining out to cooking at home. For example, Tyson has a wide range of categories. One is food materials, and the other is food, including prefabricated dishes and snacks. It not only meets the needs of consumers and changes in storage space, but also has more choices of table food.
Effective innovation & explosive products: grasping the emotional interests of consumers
In the current consumer centered consumption era, the introduction of any product concept should be determined based on the brand’s deep understanding of the target consumer group. What are the product interests that consumers really care about and what are the core demands will become the most critical purchase decision-making factors in the future.
Yu Jian, general manager of the Greater China region of Kaidu consumer index, believes that today’s consumers will take more initiative to search, query and research, and will no longer passively accept the “education” of the brand. Therefore, the communication language of the brand should be more “empathetic” and enable consumers to actively communicate. In addition, today’s consumers are more and more disgusted with daddy’s marketing. They hope that the brand can leave enough space for consumers to discover and be willing to “plant grass.”.
For enterprises, what they do is long-term business, and they need to constantly innovate. Among them, creating heroic products is a process of continuous polishing and refinement, which is inseparable from the in-depth insight into consumers and use scenarios, and from the establishment of consumers’ awareness of brands and even categories through explosive products. They also need to constantly improve products and enhance experience through micro invasive innovation, Simply relying on marketing or traffic to chase hot spots will never form a real explosive. The building of brand power and product power is long-term, and there is no shortcut.
As an international enterprise with a long history of development, Tyson has systematic experience in product innovation and explosive product landing. Zhan Junwen, general manager of Tyson’s China marketing department, said that when Tyson opened the tmall Strategy Center, it would see more comprehensive existing racetracks, consumption and purchase conditions. First, it would look at the selection of products suitable for the racetrack, such as Luwei products. There are already brands making Luwei snacks. What are our advantages? What is differentiation? Ali’s mother singled out the consumer groups and found the special point of functionality in the differentiation of consumer demand. In addition, 70% of the bittern flavor is eaten by women. Tyson added functional ingredients such as collagen peptide and vitamin C for women, and introduced original flavor, dried Cranberry fruit, orange and other flavors. Next, we also selected three meat parts with the most collagen, namely pig ear, pig foot and chicken paw, and combined all parts, called collagen stewed meat.
We have solved the problem of selecting products, and then marketing
Whether it is a new product or a popular product, it is actually doing a “people” business, starting from the user’s thinking and starting from the user’s pain points and needs to innovate and promote new products; Marketing in the emotional interests of users is a long-term operation for people.
However, with the continuous diversification of digital media, the impact cycle of any kind of marketing on consumers is significantly shortened, and the investment of all media resources is too large. Therefore, for brands, the consumer mind is no longer a proposition of whether to occupy or not, but whether to continuously cultivate long-term brand mind.
The long-term refined operation is to cover all scenarios from consumption to purchase channels, marketing and so on. Zhan Junwen, general manager of Tyson China marketing department, said that for example, the food scenario just mentioned is the migration from restaurants to family kitchens. In the future, Tyson’s products will more consider improving the convenience and experience of cooking, such as introducing fresh products that are easier to cook. From the sales and marketing scenarios, they are basically doing global marketing. In the past, Tyson’s products were mainly fresh, so it was more important to buy them offline. However, under the bottleneck of offline supermarkets, e-commerce and o2o continued to grow at a high speed, such as tmall banrida, taoxianda, hungry, and HEMA, which can quickly distribute the goods to consumers. The channel logic of o2o is comprehensive, that is, the operation is offline, but the marketing is online. At present, the ROI of o2o is the best for fresh food materials. Because of the cold chain, the e-commerce platform can’t make pure fresh products. It can make frozen products and normal temperature stewed products. Therefore, Tyson products have made a leap.
At the same time, Tyson started to do AIPL in Ali mother last year, and deeplink this year. The focus is on crowd operation. Ali mother’s crowd label is more refined, and the click rate, conversion rate, and purchase rate of each time can be settled. You can see what kind of play method is used and what kind of content material is most effective. For Tyson, it is also accelerating the digital transformation of layout and global marketing, increasing the investment of e-commerce, improving the channel efficiency and accelerating the response speed to consumer demand.
Yu Jian, general manager of Greater China of Kaidu consumer index, also mentioned the o2o format. He pointed out that nearly two-thirds of Chinese consumers have used o2o to buy things to varying degrees. In addition, food and beverage are highly consistent with o2o in terms of purchasing and consumption characteristics. Previously, the 2022 Chinese shoppers report released by Kantar and Bain mentioned a word “near-field consumption trend”, such as instant retailing, which will play a more important role in the growth of food and beverage in the future. The key lies in how we can enable consumers to use o2o more frequently, and then through category complementation Channels are mutually connected to create more growth opportunities.
Liu Ming, general manager of the national food and health industry of Ali mother’s key customer marketing center, proposed that Ali mother proposed “deep chain operation” last year(
Based on this, deeplink has made changes at three levels: first, it has changed the data base, from the perspective of short-term Gmv and ROI
Yu Jian, general manager of Greater China region of Kaidu consumer index, believes that it is the brand’s choice at different stages to make full-scale penetration or penetration of specific groups. For example, if you choose to be a brand targeted at a specific small group of people, or choose to be a popular brand that penetrates all groups of people, the end result of growth may be the brand that serves different groups online and offline. On the other hand, if the brand wants to enter the development track from 10 to 100, it will inevitably go offline, so that consumers can really see and buy it every day. Otherwise, it will be difficult to become bigger and stronger.
Liu Xu, vice president of China Light Industry Enterprise Investment and Development Association, said that from the perspective of the industry, the core of real brand long-term management is not just reflected in a certain point, but the innovation of the whole link and the whole industry chain, and the team organization.
As a platform party, Alibaba brings together brand parties at different stages of development. Liu Ming, general manager of the national food and health industry of Alibaba mother’s key customer marketing center, said that taking new consumer brands as an example, Alibaba mother will divide the life cycle of new consumer brands into four stages: incubation period, growth period, explosion period and maturity period, and match the differentiated user growth and operation method models of the corresponding stages, The most critical business objectives based on people and goods yard are designed for each stage. To put it simply, according to the current situation of the brand, it is suggested that the customer should have what kind of product strategy and new layout and rhythm of new products at different time points in the next year, and what kind of new and continuous operation means for potential customers, new and old customers, so as to ensure the landing of each step and further achieve the goal.
The head Fast Retailing brand is very solid in the basic construction of the basic business elements of the enterprise. Therefore, their transformation lies in: first, in-depth cooperation with a more digital and intelligent platform in terms of consumption trend insight; Secondly, in terms of consumer communication, all departments should be jointly responsible for the growth of consumer assets; Finally, all online and offline fields should be digitized, especially the offline core business scenarios, to achieve a comprehensive digital intelligence transformation.
As for the food industry, mother Ali has also summarized a set of industry characteristic business methodology and solutions, which are basically conducted from the perspectives of people, goods and market:
Focus on people’s long-term operation: drive new customer growth
1. Activate three-dimensional crowd pull. On the one hand, mother Ali will wake up new and old members of the brand through public and private domain operations, and can also intercept users of similar competitive products; On the other hand, mother Ali will cooperate with the Dharma panel team, the use research team and the tmall industry to help the brand tap more opportunities across categories, scenarios and circles, so as to realize the two-way growth of Gmv and AAC’s annual active population; Finally, the brand should pay attention to the coordination between daily innovation and big promotion, and reduce the comprehensive innovation cost from the whole year cycle.
2. The return flight plan activates brand private domain assets. The brand can upload its own crowd, such as outdoor advertising exposure crowd, cross platform transaction crowd, etc. Ali mother and Dharma disk can help the brand to provide a global digital asset insight system, identify the crowd tags, such as category penetration and relationship with competitive products, and help customers explore the blue sea inside and outside the station
2. The serialization and linkage of the content field and the consumption field helps improve the efficiency of brand marketing. Food enterprises are good at planting grass on various media platforms. However, they should not be separated from the strong transformation ability of taonei consumer market. Instead, they should achieve better quality and efficiency linkage through the serialization and investment ability of Alibaba mother’s global media. In terms of population, Ali Mama has already realized the ability to match different commodity operation strategies based on different target groups and close relationship with brands, and to serialize and release creative materials in different media channels in real time. Help the brand fully realize the resonance between daily water storage and big promotion, realize the annual flat storage and promote the harvest, and reap the deterministic growth.
Safest certainty:
Short term explosive force + long-term barrier
Finally, throughout the discussion, the guests generally believed that more and more brands in the food industry would compete with each other, but this is not a bad thing. Only in this way can we provide rich and upgraded supplies for consumers and drive the food industry to continuously upgrade.
So in the future competition, what is the most important thing for the brand to do?
Ali’s mother Liu Ming believes that a brand must constantly improve and consolidate its own commodity power, people power, and ultimate brand power. In particular, the commodity power that can withstand long-term tests is the core competitive barrier of the brand, and also the first element of the enterprise’s foundation.
Zhan Junwen of Tyson believes that international enterprises like Tyson must be divided into changes and changes. What remains unchanged is to adhere to brand positioning and communicate with target customers at a time when the industry is becoming more and more popular; What has changed is that the marketing methods must change with the times, and must overcome the requirements of longer processes and strictness. It is necessary to keep an eye on the new trends of consumers at any time and place, catch up with the dividend boom before the ebb tide, continue to create differentiation, and not be copied or eliminated by competitors.
Yu Jian of Kaidu said that some Changhong brands in the Chinese market still maintain vitality. They constantly improve their product strength, brand strength, channel strength and organizational strength, and maintain the brand’s original intention of being good. It can show explosive power at critical times, but it must have both endurance so as to run the full marathon.
Liu Xu of China Light investment said that he hoped that Chinese food brands could enhance their international competitiveness, break through scientific research, and set a threshold for product technology.
To sum up, the current is the critical moment for food brands to make breakthroughs. Brands should constantly strengthen their core strength, not be confused by the numbers, adhere to professionalism and strength, create short-term explosive points in future operations, and maintain long-term strategic endurance, so as to go further.
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