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The soul and raw materials of the baking industry come to an end? Orio can also perform like this | daily new product soup Vol.30

Focus on the flash products of the “daily new product soup” on the new platform, with a special deconstruction and presentation from the professional perspective of foodaily, and promote the acceleration of industrial innovation with the inspiration of one in ten thousand!

product features:

Classic Oreo collides with soft cake, and multiple layers of delicacies interweave to enjoy the experience
On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Oreo, after joint research by several baking masters and food scientists who have worked for more than 20 years, and continuously absorbing consumer opinions, Oreo finally presented its classic cocoa flavor and multiple rich flavors in the form of cheese cake. Dark chocolate wrapped Oreo crumbs bring a wonderful experience of mellow and crisp; Delicate mousse and creamy cheese, full-bodied milk fragrance lingering; The fluffy and moist sponge cake creates a dense aftertaste. It is slightly sweet and not greasy, and it is satisfying to have one bite of delicious food. Cold storage and freezing can unlock the double taste of fresh cake and ice cream. There are two kinds of products: light cheese cake and heavy cheese cake.
Photo source: Orio
In terms of raw materials, we select high-quality imported cheese from Europe, imported cream from New Zealand and imported cocoa powder. The formula is full of sincerity, the cheese content is not less than 26%, the cream content is not less than 18%, and the solid materials present a high taste and taste. In terms of technology, the quick freezing and fresh locking technology is adopted to facilitate the logistics storage and transportation and lock the fresh taste at the same time. At the same time, it is equipped with 100000 level clean workshops to ensure food safety and assured quality.
Independent small package, fun open box
Independent small package, convenient to enjoy anytime and anywhere. The heat of one cake is about equal to one apple, which can satisfy the hunger and lighten the burden. The exquisite box is matched with the classic Oreo blue to give consumers a stunning first impression. The opening method is fun and fun. By slowly pulling the box open, the brand belonging to the product will stand up slowly and enjoy the whole ceremony of the product. It is not only suitable for rewarding yourself, but also can be used as a food for party celebration.
Photo source: Orio

Recommended reasons for foodaily:

Biscuits incarnate into cheesecake, a new interpretation of classic pieces
According to the report on the development trend of baking industry in 2021 released by Zan x Weiyi, the market scale of China’s baking industry in 2020 will be 235.8 billion yuan, and it is expected that the growth rate will be maintained at about 7% in the next five years, including 97.3 billion yuan for the cake Market and 93.6 billion yuan for the pastry market, accounting for 81% of the baking market. Despite the rapid development, the entry threshold of the baking industry is not high, and the head enterprises have not yet formed a large-scale advantage. With large stock, fast growth and low market concentration, the baking market still has huge growth opportunities. As the overlord of the domestic biscuit market for many years, Yizi has continuously tapped the consumption potential of the baking market through category expansion. The launch of cheese cake marks that Yizi has officially entered the Chinese cake & Pastry market.
Photo source: Orio
From the highly interactive and innovative eating method of “twist, lick and bubble”, to the public’s spontaneous use of Oreo biscuits as DIY cakes and snacks or as tea ingredients CP, Oreo biscuits have become the soul raw materials in the baking industry. Many baking brands have launched a variety of products integrating “Oreo flavor”, becoming a unique brand in the baking market
The soul and raw materials of the baking industry come to an end? Orio can also perform like this | daily new product soup Vol.30








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