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After five days of abstinence, Ruixing, I’m faster than my wallet

15 yuan a cup of Ruixing saved the young people?


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“Has the coffee arrived? I can’t open my eyes.”

The early C of a worker is never only the dimension C on his face, but more importantly, the coffee of life extension.
Once upon a time, when we talked about coffee, we could not get around the foreign brands represented by Starbucks and Costa. However, in recent years, a brand has come down from the sky to seize the market in young people’s coffee cups:
In that year, the new comer Ruixing “scattered securities all over the sky” and made great progress. In 2019, it was listed on Nasdaq, with an issue price of US $17 / share and a market value of US $4.2 billion.
Just as the speculation of “star or ruiruirui will win in the end” was rampant, in 2020, Ruixing’s “financial fraud” storm hit, and the trading was suspended and delisted in June, ending at $1.38/share.
Two years later, Rui Hsing, who was once praised as bad, has a rising sense of existence
“Niu Hu Lu Ruixing” is going back to the palace for revenge?
If milk tea can’t cure it, I’ll give it to Ruixing
“Have a cup of ice American style. It’s bitter. It’s as bitter as my life.”
I do not know when, milk tea has been unable to grasp the pursuit of “health” and “sugar control”; Coffee has taken its place and appears more and more frequently in young people’s hands.
In pursuit of soberness and restraint, they have created an increasingly large coffee market. With the help of the good wind, we can send good luck to Qingyun:
On August 8, Ruixing released the second quarter financial report, with a total net income of about 3.299 billion yuan, an increase of 72.4% over the second quarter of 2021;
The average number of monthly trading customers in the second quarter was 20.7 million, an increase of 68.6% over the previous year
“The streets are full of auspicious luck” is not the illusion of young people.
Ruixing currently has 7195 stores, an increase of 9.3% over the first quarter, 1434 more than Starbucks, and has become the coffee brand with the largest number of stores in China.
Tuyuan CCTV network
Many people’s first reaction may be: is Ruixing not cold?
Two years ago, Ruixing heard the explosive news of “suspected financial fraud of 2.2 billion yuan”, which cooled the hearts of many employees:
“In the future, there will be no cheap coffee to drink.”
In January 2020, muddy water, a research institution in the United States, released an 89 page “short report”, which directly pointed to Ruixing’s financial fraud:
“There are falsification of financial and operational data, exaggeration of store order volume, net selling price of goods, etc.”
Tuyuan CCTV network
In April, Ruixing disclosed to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that “2.2 billion transaction volume was falsified”, saying that “the financial fraud of the company’s chief operating officer was discovered through self-examination, involving about 2
After all, after all, a cup of coffee with a price of 40 yuan is really difficult to become everyone’s “life-saving water”; In contrast, 15 yuan Ruixing is really suitable for “life renewal”.
“Fast and cheap” can always bring great attraction to a student party who has a hard life or an office worker who is anxious to go back to a meeting.
“When I moved to a company that didn’t reach Ruixing, I could only drink coffee at twice the price. My wallet and I collapsed.”
“Why do I drink 30 cups of ice American style? Isn’t Ruixing’s ice American style with more than ten pieces fragrant?”
Many of Ruixing’s stores are located in office buildings in the business district, ensuring the speed of distribution; Most of them are small shops, and some even have no seats.
By the end of March this year, about 48% of Ruixing’s self operated stores were located in office buildings, and about 12% were in universities / tuyuan CCTV
The store area is small, the rent is low, and the low operating cost can also be used to maintain the normal operation of the store.
However, under the current “prosperity”, Ruixing has also exposed some problems.
With the frequent emergence of new products, many products are also facing considerable controversy. Negative comments such as “your honey, your arsenic”, “lucky but hard to drink” and “diarrhea after drinking” often appear on social networks.
“It’s sweet and greasy. Ruixing lost money.”
“Isn’t Ruixing really made of laxative? Rui can’t go down.”
Tuyuan Weibo
At the same time, the rapid expansion of store scale and order growth also exposed some problems for Ruixing.
On a consumer complaint app, there were 4045 complaints about “Ruixing coffee”.
The contents of complaints include foreign matters such as insects in coffee, food hygiene and freshness.
There are also some problems in the operation, order ordering and after-sales process, such as failure to refund after a wrong order, failure to compensate for overtime, failure to issue an invoice, failure to use coupons and gift cards.
Among the various complaints, the most intolerable problem for consumers may be food safety.
After all, this is the bottom line of all catering companies.
The problems of “drinking insects” and “drinking foreign matters” reflected by customers may be the most powerful reminder to Ruixing.
Drinking bugs is really a critical hit / complaint app screenshot
After all, no matter how much people like coffee, they may also have some psychological shadows when drinking “unknown creatures”:
“If you drink this life-saving water, it may not save my life, but it will kill me.”
Young workers, do you think coffee is just needed?
Young people often hold a cup of coffee in their hands, which may be an increasingly common phenomenon in recent years. The coffee market in China has experienced different stages of development in the past few decades.
Since 1989, Nestle coffee has been the first to launch “1 + 2” instant coffee in China. It has been widely advertised to people
More and more students and office workers are willing to choose a cup of coffee that is “good and inexpensive” to cheer themselves up.
Perhaps Ruixing has made a good start.
But it still has a long way to go.
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After five days of abstinence, Ruixing, I’m faster than my wallet



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