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Pre baked? Baking new national trend? Explore more new possibilities in the baking industry

9.19-22, see you as scheduled.
The 24th China International Baking Exhibition (bakery China), sponsored by China baking food and sugar industry association and Beijing Bakery Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., will be held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from September 19 to 22, 2022. More than 300000 baking colleagues from around the world will gather together to gather confidence and determination of the industry for continuous improvement.
Up to now, pre registered visitors of the exhibition
More than 20000 people!!!
Code identification: free booking and 50 yuan admission fee
The grand meeting is on schedule. I invite you to meet me in Shanghai on September 19-22
The grand meeting is on schedule and wonderful. The offline highlights come from the participation of everyone in the industry and baking enthusiasts! Thanks to every firm choice, after 24 years of accumulation and sedimentation, China International Baking Exhibition is a treasure exhibition full of vitality ~ ~ today’s 9 highlights surprise spoiler, online and offline all channels and platforms work together to promote the healthy and high-quality development of the industry!
Full industry chain supply chain exhibition
“One stop shopping” for 20 + segmented products
Today, when the global supply chain is facing great challenges, how to stabilize the supply chain is a major issue that enterprises need to study. Especially in the face of today’s rapidly changing Chinese consumer market, one-stop packaging solutions will be the most direct and effective solution to meet these challenges and market demands. Under the torrent of global economic integration, baking enterprises are also actively integrating into the world market. Based on the dual cycle pattern at home and abroad, overseas brands come in and local brands go out.
Since 2016, China International Baking Exhibition has developed into the largest baking professional exhibition in the world, with an area of more than 200000 square meters to comprehensively display relevant products in all links of the whole industrial chain. In 2022, China International Baking Exhibition will be moved to Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. On the basis of the three categories of raw and auxiliary materials exhibition area, equipment exhibition area and packaging exhibition area, it will be subdivided into more than 20 theme exhibition areas according to the product categories and service functions. It will build a “one-stop” business and trade exchange service platform for the industry, purchase visible products, experience useful technologies, and meet friends from the same industry.
“Complete and new” has always been one of the unique labels of China International Baking Exhibition. This exhibition will also continue to select the most innovative and market potential excellent products from more than 100 declared products in three categories including raw materials, equipment and packaging through the selection activity of “innovative products of China International Baking Exhibition 2022”, so as to encourage people in the industry to continuously innovate and develop safe and healthy products and technologies, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the baking industry with the power of innovation.
International professional trade show
Empowered and open Chinese market and industry (
Since the reform and opening up, we have witnessed the opening up of China’s market. China’s huge market has not only benefited
As a baking event attended by more than 300000 people, China International Baking Exhibition has always paid attention to and led the industry hot spots. This exhibition innovates and plans several immersive experience areas, focusing on the current hot spots in the industry such as home baking, prefabricated baking, healthy baking and leisure baking, creating immersive experience scenes such as family, camping, fitness and stores, and enriching and improving the experience and value of industry colleagues in the exhibition through the way of bringing in situations, multi sensory encirclement and interactive narration.
Knowledge sharing exhibition,
Join hands with bakery China think tank to create industry wisdom sharing
For many years, bakery China has been committed to promoting industrial wisdom exchange and thought collision through offline and online conferences and forums. Knowledge sharing brand activities such as China baking industry summit, China baking industry development forum, and China baking industry city talk have successively cooperated with hundreds of founders of industry and cross industry backbone chain enterprises, backbone production enterprises, excellent innovative brands, excellent baking craftsmen, excellent cross-border catering brands, and leading Internet platforms Senior executives and masters have conducted interactive exchanges on chain and franchise, baking + coffee and tea, baking + Internet, home baking, technical personnel training, new retail, baking new national tide, intelligent manufacturing, IP empowerment, investment and financing, e-commerce, explosive marketing, entrepreneurship, wedding and hand-held gifts. These brand activities not only accumulated knowledge and energy for the long-term innovation and development of the industry, but also formed a baker China think tank to sort out small trends in the industry’s major trends, find key variables, tap development opportunities, and jointly promote the high-quality innovation and development of the industry.
During this exhibition, bakery China will join hands with more than 40 organizations and industry colleagues to organize the 10th bakery China Forum, focusing on hot topics such as supply chain innovation, central factory, new national trend, private housing, bakery +, e-commerce, etc., to sort out the development context of the industry in a three-dimensional and multi-dimensional manner and gain insight into the trends and prospects. At the same time, it will also launch big data and industry reports in multiple industry segments, Help the industry emancipate the mind and move forward!

Digital Innovation Exhibition
Create bakery China global ecosystem (
For many years, bakery China has continuously focused on and promoted the digital development of the industry by organizing e-commerce conferences, new retail forums, private and global traffic operation training and other activities. In addition, bakery China itself has always kept pace with the times and actively promoted the digital construction of the platform. Currently, bakery China has been built
As an effective balance between the delicacy and efficiency of baking products, “pre baking” has become a well deserved industry hotspot. From the demand side, consumption upgrading, diversification of consumption scenarios and shelf life revolution promote the rapid development of prefabricated baking; From the supply side, prefabricated baking provides more possibilities for the standardization and large-scale production of baking products in different end scenarios. Prefabrication baking has become one of the segments with high-speed development and great potential in the industry. It has not only attracted many industrial chain enterprises and capital to join in depth, but also extended the application scenario from the traditional 2B field to the 2C field.
As early as 2019, China International Baking Exhibition specially set up an exclusive exhibition area for enterprises in the prefabrication baking industry chain. In May 2022, the first “prefabrication baking Festival” of the industry was held online, and the first 2C and 2b reports of the industry were launched jointly with tmall and CIB, to promote the healthy development of the “prefabrication baking” market segment and industry. In addition to domestic and foreign industrial chain brands such as Weiyi, aokun, Nanqiao, Gaobei, xingkesong, yiyaode, Enxi village, Xindi Jiahe, Huayu Shengxuan, vandemoortele and Ruize, the exhibition also attracted the supply chain plates of terminal store brands such as duole day and dada sugar to show the latest prefabricated baking products and technologies such as frozen dough and frozen cake. The exhibition area is more than 10000 square meters.
List of exhibitors of some prefabricated baking products released
More exhibitors of related categories
Please lock in September 19-22, Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center
The 24th China International Baking Exhibition
Get free admission tickets with identification code, save 50 yuan
Baking new national tide——
Let the culture pass on from generation to generation
Chinese culture has a long history and is inexhaustible. The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, with its 24 solar terms, the water of the Yellow River coming up from the sky and other folk traditions and poetry, has conveyed Chinese romance to the world. After the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, it has once again amazed the world. Taking the country as the tide is the only way for the development of contemporary Chinese brands. Telling the story of China well with the products of the times is not only the responsibility entrusted to us by the times, but also the foundation for enterprises to base themselves on the world. The national self-confidence and pride deeply rooted in the hearts of every Chinese people are calling for and longing for more national and local excellent enterprises, brands and products, which not only meet the needs of Chinese people for the products themselves, but also meet the emotional link and pursuit of Chinese people.
There are a large number of time-honored brands in the baking and sugar products industry, including “new” traditional brands that strive to open new flowers, and emerging “national tide” enterprises and brands that apply traditional baking culture, technology and marketing to the extreme. Baking new national tide is an industry practice that bakery China has been building with colleagues in the industry in recent years. There are national tide theme exhibition areas such as “Chinese pastry making field”, “24 solar terms”, “wedding party”, “bamboo culture” and other activities during the exhibition, “baking NEW National tide punch in Tour”, and special theme forums such as bakery China talk zongzi, moon cakes and new year’s gifts. During this exhibition, the organizer will still hold forums and other activities around the theme of “baking new national tide”
The sponsor of bakery China is China bakery food and sugar products industry association, which has 20 professional committees, including many special committees covering cakes, biscuits, puffed food, convenience food, frozen food, candy, preserved fruit, chocolate, jelly and gum based candy. Since this year, the above 10 categories of products will be integrated and displayed in the “high-end finished products and leisure food exhibition area”. Together with the “roasted coffee and leisure food market” held at the same time of the exhibition, the industry will show the vitality of “roasting +” cross-border integration.
New opportunities for development, meet “four leaf grass”
September 19-22, Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center
The 24th China International Baking Exhibition was moved to the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) is close to the Hongqiao transportation hub and is closely connected with Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, high-speed railway station and subway station. It effectively enables the convenient transportation conditions of bakery China Exhibition and facilitates more industrial people from economic circle cities such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Dawan district to participate in the exhibition.
24-year-old bakery China is grateful for having you all the way and for having you all the time! In 2022, bakery China will continue to adhere to its original intention and make unremitting efforts to promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the industry!
Code identification: free booking and 50 yuan admission fee
The grand meeting is on schedule. I invite you to meet me in Shanghai on September 19-22
Click [read the original text] to make a free appointment to visit the “24th China International Baking Exhibition” held at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 333 Songze Avenue) from September 19 to 22, 2022, and save 50 yuan for admission!
Source: bakerychina (ID: bakerychina), reprinted with authorization. Reprint authorization and media cooperation: Jennifer (wechat: 15151447934);
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Pre baked? Baking new national trend? Explore more new possibilities in the baking industry

焙烤及糖制品行业中有较多数量的老字号,其中也不乏努力开新花的“新”传统品牌,以及将传统焙烤文化、工艺、营销等应用到极致的新兴“国潮”企业和品牌。焙烤新国潮是Bakery China近年来一直与行业同仁共建的行业实践,有展会期间的“中华制酥场”、“二十四节气”、“喜事会”、“竹文化”等国潮主题展区,“焙烤新国潮打卡之旅”等活动,还有Bakery China Talk 粽子、月饼、年礼等专场主题论坛。本届展会期间,主办方仍将围绕“焙烤新国潮”主题举办论坛等活动,并携手多家行业企业共建实践。
在新消费趋势下,不断变化的消费者需求和多样化的消费场景下,行业的边界越来越模糊。产品不仅能满足消费者对产品本质的需求,还要能“72变”满足消费者额外的需求,突破消费者的心理预期,制造惊喜。多年来,Bakery China一直在“焙烤+”上破圈延伸,并在焙烤+咖啡、焙烤+茶饮、焙烤+休闲食品、焙烤+互联网、焙烤+IP等方向上积极探索,努力为行业增量做贡献。
1. 2022第7届中国咖啡茶饮展

不管是焙烤+咖啡/饮品,还是咖啡/饮品+焙烤,吃喝是天生一对。据德勤数据显示,截至2020年末,全国共有10.8万家咖啡馆。据美团最新数据显示,截止2021年上半年中国烘焙门店数达39万家,是咖啡店的近5倍体量。所以,我们相信咖啡饮品的市场,不会局限在咖啡馆本身,拥有更广大受众范围以及数量更加庞大的烘焙门店将是一个更为广阔的市场。Bakery China展会同期的“中国咖啡茶饮展”将为焙烤+咖啡、饮品的践行者们提供碰撞的平台。多年来,该展区已吸引了王力、香记、圣唐、鲜活、佳禾、盾皇、欧帝、佳果源、惟溢、欧本、贵茶、莫林、大正、统御、德都、橙宝等来自咖啡饮品的产业链的优秀企业参与和共创。
2. 2022第6届中国高端食品和休闲零食展

Bakery China主办单位中国焙烤食品糖制品工业协会,下属20个专业委员会,其中有多个专委会覆盖了糕点、饼干、膨化食品、方便食品、冷冻食品、糖果、果脯蜜饯、巧克力、果冻、胶基糖果。自今年起,以上10类产品将在“高端成品和休闲食品展区“进行整合整理和专业细分展示,联袂展会同期举办的“烘焙咖啡与休闲食品市集”行业呈现“焙烤+”跨界融合的勃勃生机。
第24届中国国际焙烤展,移师国家会展中心(上海)。国家会展中心(上海)靠近虹桥交通枢纽,与上海虹桥机场、高铁站、地铁站紧密相连,为Bakery China展会的交通便利条件有效赋能,方便更多江浙沪、京津冀、大湾区等经济圈城市的行业人士到场参展参会。
24岁的Bakery China,感恩一路有您,感恩一直有您!2022年,Bakery China将继续稳守初心,为推动行业可持续与高质量发展不懈努力!




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