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Why is it so urgent for the local milk tea to make the tea into Jinling?

This big play is somewhat “mysterious”.

Text: Emma Zhang

Source: food daily (ID: food)

This August, Nanjing is very busy.
Tea Yan Yuese came all the way from Changsha, her hometown, to Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, and then went on the hot search because of the “fried beef price of 200 yuan per cup”.
At the same time, t comma, which is known as the local tea brand in Nanjing, was like a great enemy. It directly opened the fire to the maximum and “opened fire” on the tea face.
Source: Sina Weibo
They not only use black characters on a red background to “pull banners” to shout about tea Yan’s pleasure, but also use some illogical sentences to accuse their own brands of being scolded for tea Yan’s pleasure, and even ask what tea Yan really depends on with slightly absurd remarks of “protecting (Nanjing) soil”… All kinds of remarks and actions let the outside world observe that they really “want to compete with tea Yan”.
But up to now, chayan Yuese has not made any response to Kouma. This business war is more like a one-man play carefully planned by T comma. When two domestic tea brands met in Nanjing, what was the response of consumers to the “quick eye” t comma? What exactly is the origin of this local tea? In the food industry, what is the normal situation of competition in the same category?

Chayan settled in Nanjing for a week,
Local tea “can’t sit still”
On August 18, two chayan Yuese stores located in Nanjing Jingfeng center and Xinjiekou opened at the same time. On the same day, chayan rushed into the hot search. The hot search lists were bombarded by such entries as “chayan Yuese was sold out five minutes before the store opened”, “chayan Yuese cattle bought a cup for 200 yuan” and “chayan Yuese was closed for half an hour after the store opened”, which caused widespread public opinion.
A week has passed, and the tea is still hot. There is a long line outside the store. Faced with the hot scene of consumers snapping up tea, some people have long been unable to sit still.
Since August, t comma, which is known as the local tea beverage in Nanjing, has carried out a series of “gunpowder” operations for the tea color. Consumers have also seen such actions as uniting with Yangzi Evening News to solicit articles nationwide, comparing the “100 billion tea drinking battle” with tea Yan Yuese, exchanging tea Yan Yuese empty cups for their own drinks for free, and shouting that tea Yan Yuese should guard Nanjing with the “viral document” on the display screen of the store.
Source: Sina Weibo
In t comma’s own words, “consumers will ultimately benefit from business competition”. However, such a fighting attitude can really infect local consumers in Nanjing. Will they pay for such T comma? In fact, the situation is not very optimistic. On the major social platforms after August 20, the posts related to t comma are mostly negative.
Source: xiaohongshu up main collection
Among them, many local netizens said that t comma could not be used as a local tea brand in Nanjing to force the flow of tea Yan Yuese’s opening. On the contrary, such enigmatic operation really makes many Nanjing Netizens feel embarrassed and humiliated, and will also make consumers
After chayan Yuese announced that it had settled in Jinling, shisan tea not only had an official interaction with chayan Yuese on the social platform in the early morning, but also joked that the internal staff wanted to “not queue up to drink chayan”. Moreover, on the day when chayan Yuese settled in, it issued a statement again, emphasizing that shisan tea did not use “Nanjing chayan Yuese” for marketing, and humbly admitted that “we took advantage of chayan, and many people also gave us the first opportunity for Nanjing chayan”. Finally, shisan tea also thanked chayan, It said that “thanks for the excellent tea face, we don’t have any conflict when we drink three teas. This is not a single choice.”. Such a polite and polite attitude has been praised by netizens, “the pattern has been opened” and “generous recognition of the excellence of competitive products will not be disqualified”
In contrast, t comma’s attitude is much more radical than that of picking up three teas, and it is indeed normal for local consumers to question and resent it. In the eyes of this generation of netizens, t comma’s big action against tea beauty is regarded as “the first shot of crazy marketing”.
Who is t comma of “savage attack”?
Compared with other well-known tea brands in China, t comma can only be regarded as a “baby” at best.
In September 2021, a company named Nanjing comma Brand Management Co., Ltd. was established. In November of the same year, it obtained a financing of 100 million yuan from angel round. In the same month, the first store of T comma in Nanjing Xinjiekou was officially opened. According to the enterprise investigation information, t comma belongs to Nanjing comma Brand Management Co., Ltd., and the legal representative is Li Nuojin; The financing of 100 million yuan came from Zhejiang daixingqiao Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., which naturally became the major shareholder of Nanjing comma.
It has to be admitted that the ability to raise 100 million yuan in the angel round is enough to attract the attention of the gradually cooling new tea market. However, what is more surprising to the industry is that in just half a year, t comma received another 50 million euros in the second round of financing. This time, the investor is ruwishda from Italy, which is mainly engaged in leather goods, clothing, red wine and other businesses. After two rounds of Lightspeed financing, t comma, which was born in Nanjing, raised about 440 million yuan, with an estimated value of 5 billion yuan. Its strength cannot be underestimated.
Image source: tianyancha
Ever since t comma came out, it has expressed “love” for the beauty of tea.
The founder once introduced himself that the idea of entrepreneurship came from a trip to Changsha. At that time, he was deeply interested in “tea beauty and beauty” and “wenheyou”. After returning to Nanjing, he began to plan to “build a tea brand headquarters in Nanjing and open 400 stores within three years”. As a result, t comma also officially assigned itself the label of “local tea”, and rapidly expanded in Nanjing Xinjiekou.
Source: t comma official website
From the end of last year to this year, the “intensive” store opening mode of T comma has attracted the attention of almost all consumers passing through Xinjiekou to this fresh fruit tea shop with the “comma” logo. According to media statistics, as of May this year, t comma
From the famous competition between Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, to the battle between Burger King and McDonald’s, and to the many years of fighting between Mengniu Yili in China, they can all be called legends in the industry.

Take Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola for example. On the eve of Halloween in 2013, there was a classic spoof marketing.
At that time, Pepsi launched a social media activity to create topics to attract people’s attention to the brand, and joked with Coca Cola: “we wish you a horrible Halloween!” The picture of this advertisement is a Pepsi can in a red cloak, and the cloak is the logo of the Coca Cola brand. Once the idea was launched, it was hotly debated. Even now, it still has some black humor of “unveiling the mask of truth”.
Source: Google
Subsequently, this advertisement went viral on social media. Within a week, it was shared 24.185 million times on social media, and more than 65 million people participated in the interaction, achieving the desired effect of Pepsi.
Although the Coca Cola official did not respond to this, the restless Coca Cola fans turned a Halloween prank into a “heroic idea” overnight. The phrase “everyone wants to be a hero” suggests that consumers wear Coca Cola’s red cloak to become a hero. Finally, this grand Halloween marketing ended in a win-win situation for both brands.
Look at the domestic dairy giants Yili and Mengniu. They often compete with each other in “fairy fights”. The earliest founder of Mengniu left Yili to start a business, that is, under the banner of “learning from Yili”, to become the second dairy in Inner Mongolia. Although there is some suspicion of rubbing against the brand today, the advertising content is still modest and gentle. However, what is funny is that it is said that the billboards of Mengniu were smashed overnight once they were put into operation, but this did not affect the famous scenes of the two male competitors competing for hegemony in the later period.
Even today, the marketing strategy of “combining two swords” is very common. Between 2019 and 2020, Xicha and chayan Yuese have unexpectedly cooperated for many times, using the two animation IPS of “Axi” and “chayan” to create a classic CP in the domestic and overseas tea industry. In the later stage, they have issued a co branded gift box, which is full of creativity and greatly increases the exposure of both brands. Under the official Weibo at that time, many tea lovers had CP interaction, and tea lovers held hands to enjoy the beauty of tea, which also became a classic marketing case.
In fact, it is not surprising that in a world where consumers are increasingly tired of split and mean information, people may prefer friendly and positive marketing images.
American scholars have also sampled nearly 4000 consumers and conducted 11 experiments to deeply study consumers’ attitudes towards brand competition. The results show that when a brand praises its competitors, consumers have a more positive attitude towards the brand – and the change of this attitude can be directly reflected in the willingness of consumers to buy the products of the brand.
This consumer report finally concluded that when a brand praises its competitors,
Why is it so urgent for the local milk tea to make the tea into Jinling?
目前来看,虽然T COMMA想要成为“南京版茶颜悦色”的野心令人敬佩,但这两家茶饮品牌在知名度和曝光度的确不在一个量级,前者不免有些碰瓷嫌疑。


T COMMA针对茶颜悦色的炮火猛攻,再结合自身的降价优势,或许能够短时间获得大量曝光度打通获客渠道。然而所谓的商业竞争,最终还是以产品和品质才能取胜。更何况,在国内本就以和为贵的文化氛围下,品牌尚未打造出真正实力的情况下,唱独角戏“开战”未免会显得贻笑大方。









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