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Can the new consumption “Xiang army” gather in Jinling to reproduce the myth of “net red” to “Changhong”?

going out does not mean that everything is OK.
Have you ever fought for a cup of milk tea?
Perhaps you have already known the hot degree of new consumer brands in your heart, and you have also seen the grand occasion of many new stores on the day of opening. However, if you queue up at the newly opened chayan Yuese store on the first floor of Nanjing ifcx, you can refresh your understanding of queuing and re experience people’s enthusiasm for a cup of milk tea.

Brand “horse racing and enclosure”,

The new consumption track has again made waves

On August 18, the first day of tea Yan Yuese’s opening, the business was suspended for about half an hour due to the heavy traffic. The # Nanjing tea Yan Yuese # entry entered the hot search, the police deployed the police force to maintain order, the queue started at 4:00 a.m., and the Yellow Cattle platoon 200 cups… These keywords may be able to restore some of the original hot spot on that day.
Queuing scene of Nanjing chayan Yuese store
On the opening day of Hutou Bureau’s Standard Chartered cake shop, the situation was not so bad, and the per capita queue was one hour. It is understood that wenheyou also plans to invest 500 million yuan in Nanjing to build a super wenheyou. A few days ago, Nanjing announced the pre approval publicity of the planning and design scheme of the existing building renovation project at No. 132 Changle Road. This building renovation project is exactly the wenheyou project in Nanjing. It is located in the historical urban area in the south of the old city of Nanjing, between the Confucius Temple and the east of the old gate. It covers a total area of about 1.32 hectares, including 6618.8 square meters of commercial land. The new trends of these new consumer brands have also caused the calm new consumer track in the past six months to rise again.
Wenheyou, chayan Yuese and Hutou Bureau Standard Chartered cake shop are all representative brands from the online popular city of Changsha. The developed cultural and entertainment industry and advanced consumption consciousness have made Changsha the soil for the development of new consumption forces. The online popular brands such as “three and a half meals”, “one lamp” and “Mo Mo dim sum bureau” have been produced in succession, and have added some new notes to Changsha’s external business card.
However, the repeated epidemics and the malaise of consumer culture have also affected the footsteps of tourists to Changsha to a certain extent. In the first half of 2021, the total tourism revenue of Hunan Province was 459.276 billion yuan, and the total number of tourists was nearly 393 million; In the first half of this year, Hunan province realized a tourism income of 257.209 billion yuan and received 171 million domestic and foreign tourists. Although the income of Hunan’s tourism industry has been higher than the national average this year, it has only recovered to 85% in 2019. The emergence of these force majeure factors has undoubtedly accelerated the pace of brand expansion.

2.0 expansion era,

New consumption brand of “opening up territory”

In order to survive and develop better, Changsha’s online red brand began to seek a larger market. Take chayan Yuese as an example. From the opening of the first store in 2013 to 2020, the development scope of chayan is mainly concentrated in Changsha. Years of intensive cultivation have deeply connected the brand culture with the local market, and made chayan Yuese become one of the benchmark brands in Changsha. At the end of 2020, the tea color Yuese began to gradually extend to the surrounding markets outside Changsha, the first outside the province
Nanjing consumption picture
As a new first tier city, Nanjing’s economy has developed rapidly and its consumption strength is obvious to all. However, it has not formed a head brand with a strong urban impression, such as tea Yan Yue Se and Mo Mo dim sum Bureau. Take Nanjing’s “duck” culture as an example. Although “no duck can leave Nanjing alive”, Nanjing people always think that the restaurant downstairs is the best to eat. Therefore, it is difficult for Nanjing to have a brand like “Quanjude”.
However, the lack of a head brand does not mean that the race track is not crowded. This time, the arrival of tea faces and pleasant colors has caused some disputes with the local tea brand t-comma, and also revived the originally calm race track. Ma Wuwang, shisan tea, Yake Yasi, coco and other tea brands have also displayed their own skills, or launched new products or differentiated marketing to cope with this impact.

As far as the whole market is concerned, “going out” is not a good thing. The compatibility of brand culture with local customs, whether the product supply chain is complete, and whether the store expansion is standard and sustainable are all issues that need to be considered by the expanded new consumer brands. Similarly, with Nanjing’s vigorous consumption power and open urban attitude, can new brands continue to embrace the market and recreate new consumption myths after the noise of opening?

Author: Yan Yan; Source: 36 krypton Jiangsu (ID: jiangsu36kr), reprinted with authorization. Reprint authorization and media cooperation: Jennifer (wechat: 15151447934);
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Can the new consumption “Xiang army” gather in Jinling to reproduce the myth of “net red” to “Changhong”?








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