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Text: Xie Wuji


Summer is the peak period for urban people to lose weight. The concepts of light food and fitness meals have long been popular in cities.
In the circle of friends, there are always some urban office workers who will show their light meals. They have a high appearance and look healthy. But the copywriter at the bottom always has a slight sadness – “eat grass again today”.
This kind of middle-class Versailles has been questioned recently. Recently, an urban beauty from Shanghai wrote that it costs 150 yuan to eat a light food salad in Shanghai, and the picture is really shabby. However, there are only four pieces of salmon, and there are “green belts” under them.
How expensive is it to eat light food salad in Shanghai/ Microblog screenshot
This roast has also been resonated by many urban white-collar workers in Shanghai. There are not a few salads with a price of about 100 yuan on the take out platform. There are also salads with a price of 25 yuan / 100g, which is equivalent to 125 yuan per kilogram. It seems that it is not easy for white-collar workers to show off a delicious and fat reducing meal.
It’s expensive and bad to eat. There are more terrible things. Recently, on station B, a video of secretly interviewing the fitness food with the largest sales volume of takeout became popular. The insider Inspection Bureau secretly visited the back kitchen of this takeout restaurant and found that the environment was dirty and messy——
The table top is littered with peels that have not been cleaned in time, the ground is littered with discarded vegetable leaves, the chicken breast is still placed under the sewage pool, and the boiled eggs are still near the sewer. The picture is full of moldy and rotten broccoli, seemingly stale tomatoes, and rotten pasta… If you haven’t had lunch, it’s recommended not to watch the video. Every frame may break your psychological defense.
The back kitchen of this online popular light food delivery shop breaks through your psychological defense every minute/ Station B
If it weren’t for the secret interview, you would probably be attracted by the take out page of this online popular light food restaurant. The pictures are good in appearance and have sold more than ten thousand a month.
Under the video, many netizens claimed that they had the right to speak. Once he ate fitness meals for one or two months in order to lose weight. Finally, he was admitted to the hospital directly because of food poisoning and gastroenteritis. One of the netizens hit the nail on the head and joked: “fitness is to exercise muscles, and fitness meals are to exercise the stomach.”
These days, the middle-class white-collar workers are very difficult. They have no choice but to choose expensive and tasteless options, and they have to withstand the challenges of the stomach and intestines. From the popularity of the online red light food to the current, the voices of doubt are rising one after another. What has it experienced?
More and more light food takeout has been exposed to food safety problems/ Microblog screenshot
Net red light food, who says it can reduce weight?
When we talk about online red light food, we subconsciously associate it with such words as “fat reduction”, “grass eating” and “low calorie”. Most of the light food in the market are “high appearance and low calorie”, but it is difficult for people to have an appetite if they really eat well.
For the inertia logic of light food, it has long been known that health is equal to bad food
Take another look at the starchy staple food. Purple rice, brown rice and buckwheat noodles appear more frequently. In fact, these calories are not necessarily lower than ordinary rice. Such trendy food materials as quinoa, chickpea and red kidney beans are good-looking but not cost-effective.
A light meal can have a lot of red kidney beans/ unsplash
The last point is of course the sauce, which is the most easily overlooked “heat bearing”.
Most of the sauces used for light food takeout are high in fat, sugar and calories. It has been tested that the heat of 30 grams of ordinary salad dressing bags is about 190 kcal. Two small bags are equivalent to catching up with the heat of a bowl of rice. But how can we not use soy sauce to flavor raw vegetables that are hard to swallow?
Light soy sauce is the heat.
The light food restaurant is also full of heat traps.
When you see the colorful menu, you will find the mixed flavors of different fruits, “low calorie roasted chicken breast avocado quinoa”, “low calorie 0-fat apple juice”, etc. these light food names sound very beautiful, but the truth has long been hidden: fruit juice can not replace fresh fruit. After being squeezed into juice, the sugar rises faster and sells more expensive.
Moreover, light meals are mainly raw and cold food, which is a challenge for people with weak digestive ability.
But even if the hygiene standard of low bacteria is acceptable, when you eat a light meal, you can’t help but suffer from this meal. You will have to eat a better meal to compensate for it. If you go through this cycle, can you still lose weight? I can’t believe you.
Will Chinese light food be the future trend?
From the popularity of online celebrity petty bourgeoisie to the question of IQ tax due to acclimatization, the decline of light food has something to do with the middle class in every city.
Tracing back to the concept of “light food”, its origin has the meaning of middle-class petty bourgeoisie. In the 17th century, the afternoon tea of Britain’s upper class society was introduced to France. Later, it was simplified. All kinds of bread were made into sandwich like food, accompanied by black tea and coffee.
This kind of snack food trend is also the rudiment of light food. Later, it was spread to all parts of the world and combined with local food habits to form light food doctrine, which itself means “simple and light food”.
Light meals originated in Europe. Salads and sandwiches are common forms.
In addition, with the emergence of organic food, vegetarian restaurants and other food trends, light food can even become a healthy diet that advocates nutrition regulation and yearns for harmony between human and nature.
The popularity of the light food doctrine in China is inseparable from the pursuit of the urban middle class, especially the fitness groups.
Light food is not only a kind of diet, but also represents a healthy and organic life concept. This new life concept is different from the traditional Chinese diet, and is more popular with middle-class white-collar workers in cities.
Every fitness guru can’t escape the light meals that are sweeping in/ Video screenshot
According to Chinese Nutrition
Shaye light food, which specializes in Western-style light food, has introduced improved light food categories such as coarse grain rice, light food porridge and burrito. This summer, a number of catering brands specializing in Chinese light food, such as paddy rice flavor and light grain house, have emerged. Buckwheat noodles, hot vegetables, black pepper beef, apricot abalone mushrooms, fried oil wheat vegetables, and coarse grain shrimp have become their signature dishes.
In fact, the trend of Chinese light food began to rise as early as last summer. Shaxian snacks have also led the trend of fat reducing meals on social platforms. Northeast light food represents “dipping pickles”, which has also caused the popularity of netizens.
Northeast dip pickles, the top stream of Chinese light food/ youtube
The most obvious difference of this kind of Chinese light food is that it adds traditional Chinese cooking methods such as stir frying, blanching, and steaming. This will be more friendly to the intestines and stomachs of most Chinese people, and it will also be more national in taste. The dishes are no longer single, breaking the inertial barrier that light food is equal to “not enough to eat”.
The concept of “Chinese light food” was introduced into the light food track, which just filled the demand gap of Western light food represented by salad.
As an imported product, even though light food has been in the domestic consumer market for nearly ten years, it is still unaccustomed to the “Chinese stomach” which likes frying, stir frying and other cooking methods.
Who would be willing to be a “grass eater” if it were not for the necessity?
Will Chinese light food become the future trend of light food in China? This problem may have to wait and see.
This popular trend is followed by the thinking of “light food”. Perhaps it is more important. Since our Chinese cooking has long had our thinking of low calorie, low salt, low sugar, but high nutrition and balanced and diversified collocation, why do we have to eat lettuce and chicken breast?
At the beginning of the article, there was an extremely ironic remark on the introduction column of the store with 9999 + takeout sales: “a store selling health and creativity”. Now “health” has become a cheap label that can be copied and pasted, which is really sad.
The significance of reducing fat and eating light meals is to advocate a light and happy lifestyle through a healthy and reasonable diet. Why should we eat grass to make our hearts suffer?
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