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Uni president Luo Zhi first talked about succession, Danone and Mengniu yogurt entered the history of joint venture, Ruixing redeemed the only overseas bond, Juewei subsidiary withdrew from Hefu Laomian, Fonterra reduced milk price forecast, and China and the United States signed an audit cooperation agreement

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Luo Zhixian, chairman of uni President Group, talks about succession planning

A few days ago, in response to the issue of succession from the outside world, Luo Zhixian, chairman of uni President Group, said that uni President Group has a very sound and perfect personnel system. In the future, it will continue to introduce experienced human resources in the industry to join the team, with the goal of becoming one of the companies that young people most yearn for. (Financial cloud)

Sell all the interests of yogurt joint venture to Mengniu

After the completion of the low-temperature business, the low-temperature business joint venture company has become wholly owned by Inner Mongolia Mengniu. Earlier, Danone had announced that it would dissolve some of the last relationships with Mengniu to reduce its leverage ratio, including buying back Domex, withdrawing Yashili and the yogurt joint venture of both sides. (company announcement)

Ruixing fully redeemed us $109.9 million notes due in 2027

Ruixing coffee today announced the full redemption of 9.00% of US $109.9 million Series B senior guaranteed notes due in 2027, which is also the only overseas debt securities of the company. This redemption marks an important step in further optimizing the capital structure of Ruixing. (company announcement)

In October, paddy was accused of considering listing in Hong Kong next year

Today, according to the “insider” quoted by IFR, the grain brand enterprise October paddy is considering listing in Hong Kong next year, raising about US $200 million to US $300 million. At present, it is cooperating with the financial advisory agency to make preliminary preparations. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Infant milk powder Market in China

At the recording site of a column, Leng Youbin, chairman of China Feihe, said that at present, Feihe infant milk powder has a market share of about 20% in China, which is the first brand of this category of milk powder in China. (CNR)


According to the industrial and commercial system, recently, the investor of Jiangsu Hefu Catering Management Co., Ltd. changed. Shanghai juepan Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and Shanghai hejiamei enterprise consulting management partnership (limited partnership) became the new shareholders; Shenzhen Wangju Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Qianhai xilejia Investment Co., Ltd. withdrew. Wherein,

Yum! China Southern Jiangsu Supply Chain Operation Center settled in Zhangjiagang

Yesterday, yum! China Southern Jiangsu supply chain operation center project officially settled in Zhangjiagang. In response to the national Yangtze River Delta integrated development strategy, yum! China will build a national flagship supply chain operation center project in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone. (today’s Zhangjiagang)

Godivan’s high priced “Mid Autumn Festival cakes” are very similar to moon cakes

On the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, Gedi fan launched a number of Mid Autumn Festival Limited gift boxes and equivalent coupons with the theme of “non Vatican collection moon appreciation on the cloud” on its official website and offline stores. The market prices ranged from 339 yuan to 1699 yuan. When the reporter asked the staff of Beijing Blue Harbor store of godivan, a staff member told the reporter: “we do not allow it to be called moon cake, but it is indeed a food similar to moon cake.” (China consumer daily)

Baifu holding faying police

Baifu holdings announced today that it is expected to record a net loss of about 90 million yuan to 110 million yuan attributable to the equity holders of the company in the first half of the year, mainly due to the impact of the epidemic, some restaurants have ceased business or suspended restaurant services for a period of time, but still generate certain fixed operating expenses, such as rent


Nestle launches vegetarian version of Qiqiao


Qiqiao V uses rice formula instead of milk, with a development time of two years. (Bloomberg)

After tax profit of Bega cheese plummeted in fiscal year

Bega cheese announced yesterday that due to the epidemic, rising costs and disruptions in the supply chain, the after tax profit of the fiscal year plummeted by 69% to a $24.2 million; The company’s revenue increased by 45.2% to a $3.01 billion; EBITDA decreased by 18.8% to a $149.9 million. (Aohua Finance Online)

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Meituan’s operating loss narrowed to 490 million yuan in the second quarter

Meituan released its second quarter financial report today. The company’s revenue in that quarter reached 50.9 billion yuan, an increase of 16.4% over the previous year; The operating loss was 490 million yuan, which was significantly narrowed year-on-year and month on month; After adjustment, the net profit was 2.1 billion yuan, which turned losses into profits year-on-year and month on month. In the second quarter, the number of immediate delivery orders of meituan increased to 4.1 billion, and the quarterly revenue of the core local commercial sector, including catering takeout and meituan flash purchase business, increased to 36.8 billion yuan. In the quarter, the per capita transaction frequency of meituan platform users increased by 16.2% year-on-year to 38.1 transactions. By the end of the second quarter, the number of active merchants on meituan platform had increased to 9.2 million, a record high. (company announcement)

Oriental selection independent app has been launched

Yesterday, the independent app selected by Dongfang was launched, with a total download of nearly 200000. It is reported that the live delivery business may be done alone. New Oriental online has no response to this matter at present. According to the public data, at present, there are about 1000 kinds of products sold in the app mall selected by Dongfang. The product categories include self operated products, fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and aquatic products, books and entertainment, etc., which are basically the same as those in the Tiktok live broadcast room selected by Dongfang. In terms of price, the price of app is basically the same as that of Tiktok mall. (China Securities News)

Ning Gaoning resigns

This morning, Sinochem held a meeting of middle-level and above managers. At the meeting, it was announced that Li Fanrong was appointed chairman and Secretary of the Party group of Sinochem and removed from his post as general manager of Sinochem; Ning Gaoning was removed from the posts of chairman and Party group secretary of Sinochem. (Interface)

The Ministry of industry and information technology reported 47 apps and SDKs that infringe on users’ rights and interests

Today, wechat published an app notice on infringement of users’ rights and interests on its official account, saying that up to now, there are 47 apps (SDKs) that have not been rectified as required, and we hereby give a notice. (information and communication administration of the Ministry of industry and information technology)

China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the US regulatory authorities signed an audit supervision cooperation agreement

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Uni president Luo Zhi first talked about succession, Danone and Mengniu yogurt entered the history of joint venture, Ruixing redeemed the only overseas bond, Juewei subsidiary withdrew from Hefu Laomian, Fonterra reduced milk price forecast, and China and the United States signed an audit cooperation agreement

Bega Cheese昨日发布公告称,由于疫情、成本上升和供应链受干扰,财年税后利润骤降69%至2420万澳元;公司营收增长45.2%至30.1亿澳元;息税折旧及摊销前利润(EBITDA)下降18.8%至1.499亿澳元。(澳华财经在线)













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