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Can the American market be the salvation of Starbucks?

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Since the first quarter of fiscal year 2022, the same store sales of Starbucks in China have shown a downward trend. According to the recently released financial report data, the store sales in China have decreased by 44%.
Affected by this data, the sales of Starbucks stores in the international market including China fell by 18%, in contrast, the sales of Starbucks stores in the North American market increased by 9%.
For a long time, the Sino American market across the ocean has always been the largest basic market of Starbucks. As of the third quarter of 2022, 5761 stores in China and 15650 stores in the United States constitute nearly 61% of Starbucks’ global portfolio.
Frankly speaking, as an enlightening educator of China’s coffee market, Starbucks was once praised as a God, and was once caught up in public opinion waves such as food safety and expulsion of others. In addition, the competition in China’s coffee market is fierce, and rising stars are clinging to the market of fine coffee and special drinks. If Starbucks is not stable enough in China, can the American market be its salvation?
The coffee market cannot be without China
In 1983, when Howard Schultz was walking in the streets of Milan, Italy, he was attracted by the fragrance of espresso and the brilliant smile of the shop assistants. New York businessmen were suddenly hit. It turns out that coffee is not only refreshing, but also a social drink with a romantic color.
When he returned to the United States from Italy, a coffee revolution was vigorously launched in Seattle. At that time, Schultz did not realize that the future of this huge coffee Empire might establish its most important overseas market on the other side of the ocean.
At the end of the 20th century, Starbucks opened its first store in Beijing international trade with the promise of “meeting 1999”. At that time, the salary of white-collar workers was only about 1000 yuan, and the price of a single cup of coffee in Starbucks was about 20 yuan.
In May 2000, at lipao square, Huaihai Road, Shanghai, Schultz, wearing a suit and a brooch, cut the ribbon for the first Starbucks store in Shanghai. At that time, he probably never thought that in 20 years, Shanghai would become the city with the largest number of Starbucks in the world.
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Starbucks bet on China and Shanghai. After 2021, Shanghai has become a global coffee
In addition to Ruixing, other players in the Chinese local market can not be underestimated. M stand, a coffee chain with scene experience and large space, opened its first store under the Wutong tree on Huashan Road in 2017. In just three and a half years, the number of stores has expanded to 100. According to the data on the official website official account, by the first half of 2022, m stand has covered 17 cities across the country, and the number of stores has reached more than 170.
Manner coffee, which also started in Shanghai, is a typical case of the rapid expansion of the small shop model. From the small store of 2 square meters in Nanyang Road to the whole country. In March this year, manner officially announced that it would open more than 200 stores in 10 cities in China, including second tier cities such as Wuhan, Nanning and Haikou. So far, manner has quickly infiltrated the second and third tier markets with Ruixing’s original playing methods. At present, the number of stores has reached nearly 500, and he has become a player worthy of the name only second to Ruixing and Starbucks.
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In addition, TIMS coffee, which recently announced that it would be listed in the United States, although it has only entered China for three years, it is also favored by capital. Sequoia China, Tencent, Zhongding capital and Descartes capital group are all its investors. According to the data of the narrow door restaurant, as of July 4 this year, the number of tims coffee stores in China has reached 450. Different from manner and M stand, Tim’s penetration rate in transit stations such as highway service stations and gas stations is far higher than that of other players.
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In addition, many players such as Nova coffee, algebrasian coffee, seesaw, Peets and% Arabica are active in the Chinese market. Among them, Nova coffee has entered the B + round of financing and seesaw has entered the a + + round. According to the data of relevant reports, since the development of the coffee industry entered the fast lane in 2019, the industry has obtained financing of nearly 74.332 billion yuan in three years.
Before that, Starbucks relied on the first mover advantage to establish a group of believers in the Chinese coffee market. Later, due to the relevant land rent concessions, Starbucks led the penetration in the third and fourth lines. However, the current fierce war in the whole market has gradually weakened these exclusive advantages.
Players such as manner, m stand and% Arabica can also more or less enjoy the preferential policies for the settlement of shopping centers or commercial complexes. Fast runners such as Ruixing have gradually gained a foothold in the sinking market in the growth rate of 19% in the number of coffee shops in third tier cities.
Is the US market still strong?
When Schultz returned to Starbucks three times, he might have realized that the Chinese market, which he was proud of, was no longer a stable city.
The question is, if the basic market of Starbucks in China is not stable enough, can the American market be the salvation of Starbucks?
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Can the American market be the salvation of Starbucks?



诸如Manner、M Stand、%Arabica这样的玩家,也能够或多或少享受到购物中心或者商业综合体的入驻优惠政策,而瑞幸这样的快跑者,在三线城市咖啡门店数量高达19%的增速中,也逐渐站稳了下沉市场的脚跟。




  • McDonald’s coffee and breakfast in wheat also have a high penetration in the United States. Bakeries and coffee shops such as Panera bread and Dunkin ‘are also able to complete the supply of coffee + meals.
  • Among the players who are famous for their coffee, it goes without saying that the coffee quality of grandmaster Peets naturally goes without saying. Blue bottle, the representative player in the third coffee wave, has also penetrated in key areas such as California and New York.
  • Philz coffee, a coffee chain house, also has nearly 100 outlets in key cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego in California, Washington, D.C., Virginia and Chicago.








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