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Feihe launched 4 new national standard milk powder to protect Chinese babies with precise nutrition

Today, at the expert seminar on the new national standard of milk powder and the new release conference of China Feihe, Feihe launched four new national standard products, including the new national standard products xingfeifan Zhuoyu and xingfeifan Zhuoshu, and the new national standard upgraded products xingfeifan and xingfeifan zhuorei.

It is reported that the new national standard products of Feihe not only meet the requirements of the new national standard, but also comprehensively apply the latest breast milk research results of Feihe in formula design, add a new generation of patented OPO, and the ratio of DHA to ara is closer to the mother’s gold standard of 1:1.7.  

Feihe launched four new national standard milk powder of xingfeifan series

Above the standard, precise nutrition is more suitable for Chinese babies

Studies have proved that reducing the intake of protein can reduce the risk of obesity in adulthood while keeping the protein quality unchanged. Therefore, the new national standard for milk powder has lowered the protein index of the second and third stage milk powder, which is more suitable for the growth and development of infants and is more conducive to the nutritional health of infants.

Based on the adjustment of the new national standard, Feihe and the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a follow-up study on non breast fed infants aged 6-11 months, and found that the appropriate amount of protein in the powder for infants aged 6-11 months was 10.8-12.0g/100g. According to this, Feihe lowered the protein content of the new national standard stage II milk powder, and set the milk base powder to 11.5g/100g and the sheep milk base powder to 12g / 100g to reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

DHA and Ara are two kinds of fatty acids in breast milk that are very important for the brain development of babies. The new national standard also specifies the minimum content of DHA in the first and second stage milk powder and sets the upper limit of DHA / Ara.

Through systematic review and research, the Feihe scientific research team found that the ratio of DHA and Ara in human milk in China is 1:1.7, which is significantly different from the ratio of 1:3.2 in the United States and 1:0.51 in Japan. Therefore, Feihe set the ratio of DHA / ara in the new national standard products of the whole line to 1:1.7, which is closer to the breast milk of China.

Cattle and sheep develop at the same time, star flying sail zhuoyao leads the new era of OPN formula

Xingfeifan zhuoyao is the first new national standard milk powder released by Feihe. It inherits the formula gene of “more suitable for Chinese babies” of xingfeifan. Relying on the breast milk research and formula research and development achievements of Feihe for many years, it activates the natural self-protection of babies with OPN maternal nutrition.

Star flying sail zhuoyao formula specially added OPN

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, more and more parents hope to help their babies build their own self-protection through early nutrition intake. The active protein OPN in xingfeifan Zhuoyu can directly reach the intestine, synchronously enhance multiple immune cells and improve infant immune regulation. Feihe research shows that the content of OPN in Chinese breast milk is higher than that in foreign countries.

However, only 1 g of active protein OPN can be extracted from 50000 g of milk. It is worth mentioning that xingfeifan zhuoyao specially added 2-fold active protein OPN, which has been clinically proven to effectively reduce the baby’s fever probability and help the baby resist external invasion. At the same time, xingfeifan zhuoyao fully uses A2 milk source from the ecological pasture at 47 degrees north latitude, which is more friendly to the human body and easier for the baby to absorb.

As the industry’s first new national standard sheep milk powder, xingfeifan Zhuoshu takes care of the baby’s delicate intestines with the top matching maternal nutrition group. Xingfeifan Zhuoshu raw material comes from feihezi

Feihe launched 4 new national standard milk powder to protect Chinese babies with precise nutrition







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