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Feishilan read the “talent classic” in China and won the best workplace in Asia

Today, great place to work released the list of the best workplaces in Asia in 2022. For the second consecutive year, freesland China was certified as the “Best Workplace in Asia” and ranked 34th in the list of award-winning large enterprises. It is understood that the list was selected by the Institute of excellence in the workplace, a well-known human analysis and consulting company, based on the survey results of more than 4.7 million employees in Asia and the Middle East, and evaluated from five dimensions of “trust, innovation, values, leadership and tolerance”.

The above list shows that investing in talents is an effective way to achieve business success. “Companies that can create a fair working environment will make employees feel proud and perform better than their competitors.”.

So, how did fislan China successfully help the company to achieve performance growth against the trend despite the epidemic by creating a unique win-win workplace environment? Let’s take a look.

Create a win-win workplace

Michael C. bush, Global CEO of workplace excellence, said today that the companies listed in the best workplace in Asia always put the well-being of their employees in the first place. “At a time when the region is facing unprecedented challenges, these companies provide flexibility, support employees to overcome differences, and create a fair workplace.”.

According to the list, among the 200 award-winning enterprises in Asia, Fisher land ranks 34th in the list of large enterprises. In fact, more recently, FSL China has successively obtained the certification of “the best workplace in Greater China in 2020” and “the best workplace in Asia in 2021”.

“I’m glad to be awarded the ‘best workplace in Asia’ again this year. We will, as always, put people first, create an excellent work and growth environment, improve efficiency, and continue to win-win results!” Chen Ge, President of fislan China, said today. She also pointed out that, in the past three years, fishland China has continued to focus on the “PPV” culture (i.e., talent and culture, process and visibility), which is also the core of fishland’s “obtaining certain opportunities among various uncertainties, the internal driving force for development and growth, and talent is the most important among them”.

According to the data, under the pressure of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2022, freesland China still delivered a brilliant report card in the first half of the year: China’s performance grew steadily, and the net sales of Meisu Jiaer increased by double digits on a year-on-year basis.

In addition, over the past two years, FSL China has also embedded the “win-win spirit” into the daily work, business and projects of its employees, and constantly improved the employees’ spirit of ownership. Integrate the company’s internal resources and deepen external strategies and in-depth cooperation based on mission and results, so as to improve the final energy efficiency and output, and realize the common growth and win-win of employees, the enterprise as a whole and external partners.


Xu Yaodong, vice president of human resources of fislan China, said that every employee can give full play to his subjective initiative in fislan. The company respects and recognizes the nature of each employee and the value they bring to the company.

Nourish employees

In addition to creating a working environment with one mind and achieving the goal of making progress against the trend, fishland China also provides employees with nourishment and care from body to heart, hoping to improve the energy source of employees from different angles

It is understood that every year, fishland will evaluate the potential of employees from the four dimensions of work ability, career ambition, work relationship and learning and development. It will customize a series of training courses for the needs of different stages, different levels and different fields, and promote the continuous improvement of knowledge, skills and quality in combination with the continuous dialogue of employees’ performance and development throughout the year. In this process, the company can also select future leaders with real ideals, ambitions and high potential.

Fishland launches Diamond vs Leadership Program

According to different levels of talents, fishland has prepared a variety of talent development plans. For example, the Diamond vs leadership project focusing on high-quality internal talent reserves and the diamond s leadership project building a growth and development platform for employees with growth potential are provided for “Diamond talents”.

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Feishilan read the “talent classic” in China and won the best workplace in Asia





菲仕兰推出Diamond VS领导力项目

根据人才的不同级别,菲仕兰准备了丰富多样的人才发展计划。比如针对“钻石人才”提供聚焦高质量内部人才储备的Diamond VS领导力项目,和为具备成长潜力的员工搭建成长发展平台的Diamond S领导力项目等。


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