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No more lattes? We talked with McAfee about the “new trump card” behind it

McAfee, which has been running for two years, is showing a “new trump card”.

Today, McDonald’s professional handmade coffee brand McCaf é officially launched the “milk iron series” and completely removed the latte from the shelves. As latte is the standard product of almost all coffee shops, this topical news immediately attracted the attention of the outside world once it was released.

“In fact, this can be said to be an expansion of the category of milk coffee, and it can also be seen as the fact that maccoffee is creating its own exclusive large-scale product.” In this regard, Xu Yingting, general manager of McDonald’s China wheat coffee business, said that the new product development “was developed after more than 100 days and 13 rounds of tests, regardless of the cost of coffee bean blending and formula development”.

In the latest communication with the snack generation, she also reiterated that McAfee is still confident of achieving the expansion target as scheduled under the epidemic situation.

Exclusive “big item”

With the help of the “new trump card”, maccoffee will further seize the consumers’ minds in the milk coffee preferred by the Chinese market. Generally speaking, milk coffee refers to coffee drinks made with milk and coffee liquid, such as latte, cappuccino and mocha.

“Milk coffee has always been the main sales force of wheat coffee.” Xu Yingting told the snack generation.

As China’s coffee market becomes more mature, milk coffee also needs iteration.

According to the insight of wheat coffee, commercial milk coffee shows a trend of “fragrant, sweet and mellow”. First of all, the selection of beans and the baking process are more sweet, the extraction framework is more fragrant and sweet, and the dairy products are more mellow. In addition, consumers pay more attention to the quality of milk, and the choice of taste customization is more diversified. Thick milk, coconut milk and oat milk are popular.

“Milk iron series” is designed based on these ideas.

It is reported that this series is made of M10 + mixed beans. This bean is exclusively customized for wheat coffee, with citrus, caramel, black chocolate and other flavors, and has won the gold medal certification of the IIAC international coffee tasting competition, which is known as the “Oscar of coffee”. In addition to upgrading the coffee beans, the “milk iron series” has also changed the original latte extraction method and milk coffee ratio. It uses a larger amount of powder to extract the coffee essence in the front and middle sections, so that the coffee concentration is higher. In addition, the milk content is increased by about 30%, thus bringing out the flavor of “more milk and stronger” than the latte.

In order to better meet the needs of diversified tastes, the “milk iron series” provides four matching options, including milk, oat milk, thick coconut milk and thick cow milk.

“Maccoffee milk iron is specially developed for the taste preference and drinking needs of Chinese consumers. We named the new product ‘milk iron’ to highlight its strong flavor and show the confidence of maccoffee to create an exclusive star product.” Xu Yingting said.

It is reported that the “milk iron series” will be sold in nearly 2500 wheat coffee stores nationwide for a long time, and the price of a single cup can be below 20 yuan in combination with multiple discounts.

Three trends (

With the support of McDonald’s stores all over the country, the unique business model of maccoffee shows resilience.

First, maccoffee operates in the mode of “store in store”, that is, a relatively independent “manual coffee bar” counter is set up in the existing McDonald’s restaurant, and professional coffee making equipment and baristas are introduced.

Xu Yingting told the snack food agency that this eliminates the need for McAfee to find a store and bear the rent independently, and

“Now the coffee market in the third tier cities is very mature, and the distance from the first tier cities and the second tier cities is not as big as that in the previous few years. Moreover, many consumer brands are also going down. Next year is definitely a good time.” She said.

It is worth noting that maccoffee will adhere to the “store in store” model. “Many people wonder whether we will open a restaurant independently. The answer is that we will still stay with McDonald’s.” She pointed out to the snack generation, “it’s not difficult to open a shop. It’s difficult to make a profit. The existing model of maccoffee has high economic efficiency and can also meet the growing demand for takeout orders.”

Picture from network

As for increasing the number of cups in the same store, Xu Yingting said that maccoffee will return to its product strength and increase the re purchase rate with large items. Therefore, compared with the limited edition which is popular for a short time, maccoffee pays more attention to creating the core product of evergreen.

She said that limited products are indeed popular with young people, but they may not be able to continue to bring dividends to the brand or sales volume. In particular, the expansion of the store scale has higher requirements on food safety, supply chain, production and production standards, and the business efficiency of frequently launching limited products is not high.

“10-20 new products a month are not the direction of maccoffee.” Xu Yingting said, “in the end, we pay attention to the re purchase rate of coffee. What can help us develop habits must be the good basic coffee.”

She believes that the menu strategy of McAfee is “simple but classic”, and the “milk iron series” is also based on this idea. “But I will still keep the frequency of updating, maybe once a quarter, and then make new products better.”.

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No more lattes? We talked with McAfee about the “new trump card” behind it

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