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23 rounds of 1.3 billion yuan, food financing dropped significantly in August, and new retail “flourished”

In August of a6011, the financing of food and beverage track continued to suffer a cold spell, with the number and amount falling significantly.

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Source: foodily daily food (ID: foodily)

According to the incomplete statistics of foodaily’s daily food, there were 23 investment and financing events in the food and beverage industry in August 2022, with a total amount of only 1.263 billion yuan (at the end of the article, all the investment and financing data of the food and beverage track in August are obtained)
Among them, three financing undisclosed amounts were Shandong Junjun cheese, Zetian Benjia and yuefengtang.
Compared with July 31, it was 1.62 billion yuan (12 undisclosed amounts), and the number of financing decreased by 8 in August, 25.81% lower than the previous month; The amount of financing decreased by 357 million yuan, 22.04% month on month, and the number and amount of financing declined significantly.
Source: foodaily daily food mapping
Another important trend is that in the financing rounds, the proportion of angel rounds / seed rounds is still far higher than that of round a. the same is true in the first half of the year, with a slight change in July. And this time, the proportion of early-stage project financing, including round a, exceeded 74%, and there were few late stage projects.

Financing amount of new retail and Baijiu is far ahead

From the perspective of segmented tracks, new retail ranked first in terms of both amount and quantity, with 5 rounds of financing, with an amount of 499 million.
Taojiu Xia, a new retail service brand of alcohol, won hundreds of millions of yuan of financing from Zhongzhou, and its angel round in the first half of the year just got 20 million yuan of financing.
The other new retail channels “Anhui black rice”, “discount cow”, “Xin’an optimization” and “daily Youxian convenience purchase” are all financing at the level of 10 million yuan, and the unmanned retail solution provider “Anhui black rice” has raised 80 million yuan through angel round financing.
In fact, since the second half of last year, new retail channels have been booming. Whether it is collection stores, discount chain stores or temporary discount stores, e-commerce or unmanned retail, all innovative retail channels have been favored by capital.
Among the food related channels, stores that specialize in one category, such as taojiuxia, milk direct supply intelligent retail brand “Xin’an preferred”, and functional health product sellers (stores) that raised funds in the first half of the year, “Buluo” have attracted more capital attention in the past six months.
In terms of the amount of financing, the next is the three rounds of financing of the beverage track, including liquor. Among them, Guotai liquor, the leading sauce wine brand, raised hundreds of millions of yuan in round D; Another new and cutting-edge art sauce wine brand “Pang Gongxi” has completed ten million Angel round financing.
Source: Sohu Finance
Capital’s attention to Baijiu is hidden in the low alcohol liquor (including beer, cocktails, etc.) under the new consumption wave. For example, Guanyun Baijiu, Guangliang liquor industry and sijiufang were also financing last year, but low alcohol liquor is still the main one.
However, in the first half of this year, the number of Baijiu financing increased, such as the refinancing of shiqimen, qingwulanjing Maotai flavor Baijiu, Xishi, jinzijiu and so on; Last month, “Maotai flavor white”
Shenzhen dynamic balanced health technology of “slow sugar home” focuses on the silver economy and the big health track. The brand provides low GI food and health services for blood sugar health followers, and is committed to building a digital nutrition and health platform for silver haired youth. Its first product is low GI slow sugar toast.
Source: slow sugar home
Sime seimei, which has been financing for two consecutive rounds, aims at the “new middle-aged” people aged 40-60 who pay attention to their overall health and family health, such as the product Sime Quanying, which has already been launched ® One Pro contains 61 kinds of nutrients. It is reported that it can delay aging as a whole and protect the three major functional systems (brain, intestines and stomach, bone and muscle) of the “new middle-aged” population.
Source: future consumption of 36 krypton
“Targeted food” is not age-specific, but mainly aimed at people with high uric acid to meet the needs of more segments of the population. However, according to the brand introduction, the brand “yidianjun” incubated by it is mostly people under 45 years old.
Source: yidianjun official website
From this point of view, although nutritional supplement is changing from professional health products to ordinary foods, since “functionality” is highlighted, only more professional is the direction pursued by the brand. Both mass consumers and specific users have put forward more professional and detailed expectations and demands, and put forward higher R & D requirements for the brand.
The following is the investment and financing data of the food and beverage track in August:


Source: foodaily daily food mapping
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23 rounds of 1.3 billion yuan, food financing dropped significantly in August, and new retail “flourished”
「慢糖家」的深圳动态均衡健康科技,聚焦银发经济和大健康赛道,该品牌则为血糖健康关注者提供低 GI 食品和健康服务,致力于打造银发青年的数字营养健康平台,其首款产品为低 GI 慢糖吐司。
连续融资两轮的「森美SEIMEI」瞄准的是,注重自身全面健康和家庭健康的40-60岁“新中年”人群,如已经面市的产品森美全盈®ONE Pro包含61种营养物质,据悉,可整体延缓衰老,能对“新中年”人群的三大机能系统(指脑、肠胃、骨骼与肌肉)起到保护作用。





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