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Behind the opening of the world’s first Naixue life

is a new type of tea, which has a long way to go.

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On August 31, after three months of transformation, the original “Naixue dream factory” officially completed its identity transformation and reappeared as “Naixue life”.
According to Naixue’s tea slogan – Naixue’s first immersive experience space in the world, as the name implies, Naixue’s tea is a concept collection store focusing on lifestyle. Behind it is the innovation of the enterprise’s own development strategy, and also another change in the fierce competition of the new tea drinking circuit.
Then, how will the new tea drinking track, which is divided by different groups, tell the new story of the second half?
Naixue lives,
For the first time, he dabbled in reading space, simple meals and other fields
On November 15, 2019, Naixue’s new tea brand “Naixue dream factory” opened in Shenzhen coastal city. It is said that it has been open for 3 days, the store’s revenue is nearly one million, and the queuing time is more than 4 hours. In addition, the sales and public praise in the later period were good. However, in May this year, the store suddenly announced that it was closed for adjustment and upgrading. At that time, Naixue’s tea said that the store needed to undergo 2 to 3 months of transformation and upgrading, and would reappear in the future with a new image and experience.
On August 31, Naixue life officially appeared. Since we want to explore lifestyles, our business is naturally not just tea and dessert. Compared with the tea, coffee, baking, steak, retail, bar and doll machine businesses of “Naixue factory”, Naixue life updates and adds experience in bookstores, flower art, simple meals and other lifestyles.
It is reported that Naixue life, located on the second floor of Shenzhen coastal city shopping center, collects 6 categories of products, including 15 brands, of which 10 are first-time brands. It has more than 500 delicious foods and more than 300 seats.
The first Naixue tea in China, covering duck excrement fragrance single cluster, milanxiang single cluster, orange peel white tea and other products.
Aoka, a comprehensive coffee brand originated from Shanghai, opened its first offline store in Naixue life.
“The most beautiful bookstore” Fang Suozhen opened the first Fang Suozhen selection store in China and the first store in Shenzhen.
In terms of products, many are the exclusive products of Naixue life, such as bubble drinks, tea lattes, etc.
Obviously, the fully upgraded Naixue life will continue the previous “super experimental field” function of Naixue dream factory, and provide consumers with a new generation of artistic and cultural life experience integrating baking tea, reading space, flower art and simple meals after iterating into a brand-new lifestyle experience shop.
We believe that exploring a new experience of life style, focusing on consumption scenarios such as reading, handcraft and slightly drunk, can effectively make up for the shortcomings of short consumption time in tea stores, and tap the functions of life networking, business networking, entertainment and leisure, which is conducive to creating more possibilities for brands.  
New tea is opening up new ideas
“We don’t define life, we explore life”. In fact, just like Naixue’s life of S
2、 “Mutual penetration” of the market. Previously, the new tea competition points were relatively “distinct”. With the price as the boundary, tea like tea and Naixue’s tea occupied the high-end market. Tea color, books also burn fairy grass, a little bit and so on dominated the middle end market, while the price friendly miyue ice city was also mixing with the sinking market.
Now, the tea of Xi tea and Naixue has reduced prices one after another, and has entered the “10 Yuan era”; miyue ice city has also entered the first and second tier markets with its brand-new image stores; tea has gone out of Changsha and opened up new territories in Wuhan, Nanjing and other provincial capitals… New tea drinkers have been impatient to share the cake in other people’s market areas.
Therefore, in the industry with relatively low threshold, new tea brands need to constantly explore new ideas and find new growth curves in order to develop better. Naixue’s life is a good proof of this.
Sun Yulong, a member of the senior advisory group of, said that at present, new tea has entered the highly homogeneous stage of the red sea fight. It is difficult to form long-term customer minds and preferences by relying solely on differentiated marketing strategies such as product and marketing visual marketing, online celebrity marketing, and product concept marketing. To stand out, we must break away from the differentiated quagmire of tea itself, Brand operation with unique customer value positioning is realized through insight into customer scenarios and lifestyles. Enterprises that need strong brand assets will eventually survive on this track.
It is not easy to survive better. On the one hand, it is the growing market scale. In addition to the new tea brands themselves, other industries are also crossing the border to try to take a share. On the other hand, under the influence of the normalization of the epidemic, people are paying more and more attention to health. Milk tea, a high sugar beverage, will not be paid by young people. According to data, more than 70% of young people said that they would not be easily attracted by the new products launched by milk tea shops, and 20.27% would not be attracted by the new products at all. Therefore, many brands have also launched fruit tea and sugar free drinks with lower “sugar content”.
Correspondingly, under the business development of “tea + X”, it is not easy for new tea brands to snatch food from other industries. Take the bottled beverage business launched by Xicha and Naixue’s tea as an example. Brands such as Nongfu mountain spring, Yuanqi forest and Master Kang, which have been deeply cultivated for many years, are relatively mature in channel, supply chain and brand marketing. It is not easy for new tea drinks to compete across borders.
In terms of sales channels, Xicha’s bottled beverage business has mainstream online platforms such as tmall, and pinduoduo online, while offline, in addition to covering its own stores, there are more than 30000 sales outlets such as family, 7-11, HEMA Xiansheng and dingdong.
In contrast to traditional FMCG brands, 36 krypton previously reported that Nongfu mountain spring, a traditional bottled beverage giant, had laid 1 million offline terminals only one month after its bubble water products were launched. FMCG giants, which pay attention to offline distribution channels, already have a relatively complete distribution channel system. Compared with them, there are still many new tea brands that have just entered the industry
Behind the opening of the world’s first Naixue life



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