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Herion’s vitamin and mineral brand Shancun continues to develop the Chinese children’s nutrition supplement market

Not long ago, xiaoshidai chatted with he Yajun, general manager of China Nutrition and health products business department of Heliang (formerly GSK consumer health products). Recently, its vitamin and mineral supplement brand Shancun has made new moves in the children’s nutrition supplement market. The official announcement of the children’s brand Shancun xiaojiawei and the “super popular IP for children” Wangwang team’s great achievements “opened strategic cooperation. Both sides will work together to accompany children and create a happy childhood.

He Yajun said before: “in the future, our two major brands (nutrition and health business) – Caltech and Shancun will take the needs of Chinese consumers as the starting point and accelerate the research and development of new products on the basis of scientific reliability.” She said that according to the needs of different segments such as young people and silver haired people, the two major brands will continue to carry out targeted new product development.

When asked about the categories to focus on next, he Yajun said that he would consider from two aspects: on the one hand, whether the enterprise’s own capabilities and advantages are suitable; On the other hand, we should look at the attractiveness of the market and the market potential of this category, including scale, growth, growth space and profit margin.

Shancun brand expresses: “The category of children’s nutrition is a category with high potential and high growth, but with low penetration rate at present. Nutrition in childhood is critical to lifelong health. As a brand of a multinational consumer health product company, Shancun has launched products for children aged 4-10 since 2012. It believes that it has the responsibility to assume the pioneer role of this category and further popularize the importance of children’s nutrition to consumers through accurate and interesting marketing methods 。”

Next, let’s take a look.


At present, society is increasingly concerned about children. In the past 30 years, more and more parents have gradually begun to pay attention to the nutritional status of children. The scientific research report 2021 on dietary guidelines for Chinese residents compiled by the Chinese Nutrition Society shows that the growth retardation rate and low weight rate of children under 5 years old in China have been declining, and the nutritional status related to energy and protein has been improved.

Nevertheless, the eleventh monitoring report on nutrition and health of Chinese residents * 2 points out that children’s intake of vitamins A, C, B1, B2, iron, zinc and other nutrients is still far below the recommended intake.  

Population aged 2-17 in China

Proportion of micronutrient intake less than ear

Ear refers to the average requirement, which is generally slightly lower than RNI (recommended intake). It is often used to judge the possibility of insufficient intake of a certain nutrient

Moreover, the development rate of children aged 4-10 years is at a high level, and more nutrients are needed to meet the needs of children’s lymphatic system, physical and intellectual development and neural development.

Especially for the lymphatic system closely related to immunity, the development of the lymphatic system in children aged 4-10 years is at a vigorous stage, and it will reach its peak in life in about childhood. At the same time, the nervous system develops and enters the “sprint period”, * 3

With the continuous acceleration of the pace of life, parents are under the dual pressure of work and family, and it is difficult to take care of children in all aspects. Parents lack energy and children’s core 4

The latest “dietary guidelines for Chinese residents 2022” compiled by the Chinese Nutrition Society has refined eight balanced dietary guidelines, suggesting that Chinese people understand food and choose fresh food with high nutrient density. The “Rainbow nutrition principle” is also a positive response to this proposal.

Shancun has always been a firm advocate of the “Rainbow nutrition principle”. Shancun advocates the principle of multi-dimensional nutrition combination: every day, the body needs colorful, diverse and balanced food, which is not only used to supplement energy and macro nutrients, but also to supplement vitamins and minerals that the body cannot produce / synthesize.

(this picture only promotes the concept of rainbow nutrition)

To understand the “Rainbow nutrition principle”, we can look at it from three specific levels.


First, food diversification, that is, each person is recommended to eat at least 12 kinds of food every day and at least 25 kinds of food every week; Secondly, the dietary types should be balanced, that is, on the basis of diversity, we should meet the requirements of five categories of food, including grains and potatoes, vegetables and fruits, poultry, fish, eggs and milk, soybean nuts and fats; Finally, population adaptation, that is, according to the characteristics of the nutritional needs of children, adolescence, young adults, adults and the elderly in different stages of life, even men and women of the same age have subtle differences, especially micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, which need to be supplemented according to local conditions.

Xiaojiawei’s products echo the principle of population adaptability in childhood. This marketing campaign of Shancun brand for xiaojiawei is the beginning of rainbow nutrition theme activities. Shancun said: “the principle of popularizing science for the general public is the brand’s next long-term planning vision.”

At present, shanexistance China has formed a broad product line covering multiple age groups, covering products designed by children from the age of 4 to the middle-aged and elderly, and adults regardless of gender. Shancun expressed the hope that men and women of all ages and adults can find suitable vitamin and mineral supplement products in Shancun.

With the increasing enthusiasm of Chinese consumers for healthy meals, the nutrition and health food brands represented by Shancun under herion may also usher in an accelerated development period.

善存品牌表示:“ 善存一直秉持着希望能通过自身产品力赋予消费者更好拥抱享受人生的能力,善存小佳维品牌也希望借此次跨界合作向4-10岁儿童及家长们传达鼓励小朋友拥抱多彩花样童年、勇于探索体验的精神,而在成长过程中,优秀的免疫力无疑是护航小朋友必不可少的一点。”

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Pm-cn-cnt-22-01308, valid until August 31, 2024

Snack generation

Herion’s vitamin and mineral brand Shancun continues to develop the Chinese children’s nutrition supplement market




贺亚军之前也告诉小食代,根据IQVIA 2021年的数据,在中国市场,善存是多元维生素品类全渠道总销量第一品牌。



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