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Lu Zhengyao entered the coffee circuit again, Starbucks announced a change of command… | hot news of the week

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1. Panpan entered the field of prefabricated dishes and put on shelves new chef prepared dishes
2. Coca Cola sunshine sugar free lemon black tea was launched on tmall, and the original tea was more fragrant
3. Mengniu Shangxin pure milk powder, ingredients list only contains raw milk
4. Dr. cheese launched light cloud light cream, focusing on the dining scene
5. Ferrero launched the first high-end black smart series, unlocking three taste buds at once
6. Haomaiduo launched a super daily nut gift box, adding balanced nutrition to 4 grains
7. Dali promotes new ready to eat hamburgers, one minute get free to make hamburgers
8. Unifies the new Yaha coconut latte and cuts into the travel scene
9. Lu Zhengyao launched a new brand, Cotti coffee, and started his own business three times after leaving Ruixing
10. Starbucks appoints Laxman Narasimhan as the new CEO, who was once the head of Lijie
11. Blue bottle coffee enters tmall
12. Aiming at tea retail business, Naixue develops tea as a separate store
13. Unilever plans to invest 1.6 billion yuan to build a comprehensive production base in Guangzhou, becoming China’s largest investment project in recent years
14. Kissbaby, a chain bakery community store, received tens of millions of b-round financing and was founded by Wallace for the second time


Recently, Panpan launched chef’s Prefabricated food products to enter the cross-border market. The new product is positioned as a Kwai dish. After multiple processes such as direct collection from the origin, cooking and frying, it is free of cutting, cleaning and cooking. It only needs to boil and heat the cooking bag for 6-10 minutes, or remove the packaging bag and heat it in the microwave oven for 3-5 minutes. It can be eaten with the main food. It offers three choices: Nanyang style curry chicken, classic style fish flavored shredded meat and Sichuan style spicy chicken. The price of tmall flagship store is 2 bags / 29.9 yuan.
Picture source: official flagship store of Panpan food


On September 1, Coca Cola sunshine sugar free lemon black tea was launched on tmall. The new product uses Yunnan Dayezhong black tea with lemon juice. The original tea is fragrant, rich in taste, and does not contain sucrose. It is added with erythritol, which is light sweet and light burden. The current price is 500ml * 12 bottles / 60 yuan.
Sunshine was first a beverage brand in Hong Kong. It was listed in the 1980s and now belongs to Coca Cola company.
Picture source: Swire Coca Cola beverage store


On September 1, the flagship store of Mengniu tmall milk powder launched a pure milk powder. The ingredients are 100% raw milk, which restores the pure taste of grassland fresh milk. The new product adopts MSD multi-stage drying process to reduce the heating temperature of milk powder and retain the nutritional value; And the milk powder particles are uniform in size, more soluble and helpful for absorption. In addition, it does not contain essence and sucrose. Every 100g contains 25g of high-quality protein and 1000mg of native high calcium. It is now sold at 300g / bag / 49.9 yuan.
Picture source: Mengniu milk powder flagship store


On August 31, the new light cloud light cream of Dr. cheese’s food series was launched. It is made of fresh milk and does not add vegetable oil
It is reported that Lu Zhengyao will launch coffee brand Cotti coffee for his third venture. According to the brand manual, Kudi coffee (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Tianjin, with a registered capital of US $100 million. The core management team comes from large new economy enterprises such as Ruixing coffee, Shenzhou car rental and Shenzhou special car. The word “Cotti” comes from Biscotti, an Italian characteristic biscuit, which is often used as an accompaniment to coffee. Cotti is an extension and extension of the concept of coffee. Cotti coffee (Kudi coffee) is not just a coffee shop, but a brand-new pan coffee lifestyle. In the future, in addition to coffee, Cotti coffee’s products also include baking, simple meals, drinks and so on.
According to Tianyan, the trademark of Cotti coffee has been registered by Tongjian Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The trademark was applied for on August 22, and the registration scope includes: Catering and accommodation, clothing, shoes and hats, convenient food, etc.


Image source: screenshot of Cotti coffee brand manual
On September 2, Starbucks announced the appointment of Laxman Narasimhan as the next CEO. The appointment took effect on October 1, 2022, and Narasimhan is expected to officially take up the post of CEO of Starbucks from April 1, 2023.


Before that, Laxman Narasimhan worked in the food and beverage industry for many years when he worked at L & G. Howard, the founder of Starbucks, said that Narasimhan has a good performance in partner centered methodology, building capacity in mature and emerging markets and promoting growth, so he has unique advantages in reshaping and leading Starbucks forward.
Image source: Starbucks stories & News


On September 1, blue bottle coffee officially announced the official flagship store of tmall. At present, it has launched a variety of products, such as sanfei variant coffee beans, Hayes Valley coffee beans, legendary rhythm coffee beans, and a series of brewing appliances, umbrellas, meal mats, mask clips and other peripheral products, opening up a new sales path. From the current sales volume, consumers prefer coffee bean products, stainless steel traveling cups and metal badges.
Image source: bluebottle coffee official flagship store


On August 31, Naixue life was officially unveiled in Nanshan coastal city, Shenzhen. Naixue tea still occupies an important position and will be introduced into supermarkets or business offices as a separate store in the future. It is also an important tea retail segment of Naixue’s tea while displaying tea culture. The relevant person in charge said that at present, relevant planning and construction are in progress, and a store has been constructed in the Shenzhen Science and technology park. Aiming at the tea retail sector and starting an upstream business may open another imagination space for Naixue.
Photo source: Southern Metropolis Daily

9、陆正耀推出新品牌Cotti Coffee库迪咖啡,离开瑞幸后三次创业

On August 29, Unilever’s planned investment of 1.6 billion yuan in Guangzhou’s all category production base was laid
Lu Zhengyao entered the coffee circuit again, Starbucks announced a change of command… | hot news of the week
根据天眼查显示,Cotti Coffee的商标已经被舌尖科技(北京)有限公司注册。该商标于8月22日申请,注册范围包括:餐饮住宿、服装鞋帽、方便食品等。
图片来源:Cotti  Coffee(库迪咖啡)品牌手册截图

10、星巴克任命Laxman Narasimhan为新任首席执行官,曾为利洁时掌门人

9月2日,星巴克宣布任命Laxman Narasimhan为下一任首席执行官。该任命自2022年10月1日生效,Narasimhan预计在2023年4月1日起正式出任星巴克首席执行官。
此前,Laxman Narasimhan任职于利洁时,并在食品饮料领域从业多年。星巴克创始人霍华德称,Narasimhan在以合作伙伴为中心的方法论、在成熟和新兴市场建立能力、推动增长方面有着良好表现,因此在重塑和领导星巴克前进方面具有独特优势。
图片来源:starbucks stories&news


9月1日,Blue Bottle Coffee蓝瓶咖啡官宣天猫官方旗舰店正式启幕,目前已上线三非变奏咖啡豆、 海耶斯谷咖啡豆、传奇律动咖啡豆等多款产品,及一系列冲泡器具和雨伞、餐垫、口罩夹等周边产品,打通新的销售路径。从目前的销量看,消费者更倾向于咖啡豆产品及不锈钢随行杯、金属徽章。














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