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Lu Zhengyao fought in the coffee market again. Can the new project Kudi be the second lucky?




Tech planet exclusively learned that Lu Zhengyao, 53, is planning a new entrepreneurial project to launch a new coffee brand, Cotti coffee.


This is Lu Zhengyao’s third venture after he left Ruixing coffee passively. In the past two years, this man of the moment in the capital market has started a business twice in the catering field he is not familiar with. He has registered a tongue tip technology company. First, he opened a noodle shop “Qu Xiaomian”. After three months of operation, the plan to open a shop for Qu Xiaomian was suspended on a large scale.


After that, he began to launch the prefabricated dish entrepreneurship project “Tongjian hero”. In just four months, the number of intention contracts signed by dealers and stores across the country has reached 6000. Similar to the fate of Qu Xiaomian, the tongued hero was quickly roast by the dealer that he could not make money by joining, and then the news of store closure came one after another.


After nearly two years in an unfamiliar field, Lu Zhengyao decided to return to his old business: selling coffee.


Tech planet obtained a copy of the Cotti coffee brand manual, which is shown as August 2022. In the “company profile”, it is written that: Kudi coffee (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tianjin, has a registered capital of 100 million US dollars. The core management team comes from large new economy enterprises such as Ruixing coffee, car rental in China and special car in China. Cotti originates from Biscotti, an Italian biscuit, and is often used as a food for coffee. Cotti is the extension and extension of the concept of coffee. From the very beginning, Cotti coffee was destined to be not just another coffee shop, but a brand-new pan coffee lifestyle. In the future, in addition to coffee, Cotti coffee’s products also include baking, simple meals, drinks and so on.

Source: screenshot of Cotti coffee brand manual.

In other words, Cotti coffee not only sells coffee, but also hopes to lead a new way of life. However, whether this brand-new consumption concept can be recognized by consumers remains to be verified by the market and time.


However, it is certain that after two unsuccessful attempts at entrepreneurship projects, the Tongjian technology team led by Lu Zhengyao urgently needs a victory.

What is Cotti coffee going to do

Like Rui Hsing coffee, Qu Xiaomian, and hero’s pre cooked dishes, Lu Zhengyao once again has an agent in front of the stage.


According to Tianyan, Kudi coffee (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was established in May this year and its legal representative is Wang Baiyin. Wang Baiyin and Lu Zhengyao are 5 years old, and their relationship can be traced back to the period when Lu Zhengyao once led baowo automobile and Shenzhou company.


In January 2019, Foton Motor announced that Changsheng Xingye (Xiamen) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Changsheng management”) would take over 67% of baowo motor’s equity, with a transfer price of about 3.973 billion yuan. According to Tianyan’s information, the legal representative of Changsheng management was Wang Baiyin. Later, in December 2020

Lu Zhengyao’s closest attempt to victory?

Lu Zhengyao is one of the players who are most familiar with the domestic coffee market.


Ruixing coffee, which he once led and founded, has become a strong impact on Starbucks in China. The just released second quarter financial report shows that the net income of Ruixing coffee and Starbucks’ revenue in the Chinese market are only less than 400 million yuan. In the second half of the year, Ruixing will surpass Starbucks in the near future.


An employee of Ruixing coffee told tech planet that Lu Zhengyao’s return made Ruixing coffee very nervous.


A former employee of Ruixing coffee said that the price of Ruixing coffee is no longer so “friendly”. A cup of iced American style already costs 12 yuan, while the lucky coffee under snow ice city only costs 4.9 yuan. He thinks lucky coffee is Ruixing’s biggest potential rival.


This is not difficult to understand. Compared with the “fun noodle” and “tongue hero prefabricated dishes” previously launched by tongue tip technology, coffee is a track that Lu Zhengyao is more familiar with. It’s also relatively simple not to look for the supply chain and SKU again. Opening a store is one of the best things that the Tongjian technology team is good at.


Many employees who have worked in China’s car rental, lucky coffee and tongue tip technology believe to tech planet that this time it is easier to start a business than the previous two times. This may be Lu Zhengyao’s closest victory.


However, there are more competitors in the coffee market today. According to the data of the narrow door restaurant, TIMS coffee has now opened 452 stores, and manner coffee has 437. They all have strong capital support. New tea brands with ready-made channel advantages have also begun to enter the coffee market, including Xi tea and Naixue tea.


Fortunately, the market is still growing rapidly. According to the report released by AI media consulting, the coffee industry is expected to maintain a growth rate of 27.2%, and the Chinese market size will reach 1 trillion yuan in 2025.


This time, Lu Zhengyao was very cautious. He did not make a big show as usual. At present, Cotti coffee has not opened recruitment in a big way. An employee familiar with the situation introduced to tech planet that the business is still exploring in a small scale, and the price of coffee has not been announced yet, so it is not ruled out that it will be open to join in the future.


For Cotti coffee, it’s not difficult to survive without accidents. The difficult thing is how to break through the competition pattern between Starbucks and lucky and become a new pole in the coffee field.

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Lu Zhengyao fought in the coffee market again. Can the new project Kudi be the second lucky?














不过,如今的咖啡市场竞争对手也在变多。根据窄门餐眼的数据,Tims Coffee现在已经开了452家门店,Manner Coffee有437家,他们背后都有强大的资本支持。拥有现成渠道优势的新茶饮品牌也开始入局咖啡,他们包括喜茶、奈雪的茶等。




这一次,陆正耀很谨慎,他并没有像往常一样大张旗鼓。目前,Cotti Coffee还没有大张旗鼓开放招聘。一位熟悉情况的员工向Tech星球介绍说,该业务还在小范围内探索,咖啡的价格也尚未公布,未来不排除开放加盟。


对于Cotti Coffee来说,如果不出意外,活下来并不难。难的是,如何突破星巴克和瑞幸两大巨头的竞争格局,成为咖啡领域的新一极。

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