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Repurchase and transformation, order and increment, private domain entering 2.0 era

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See reality Beijing private forum will officially meet you next Wednesday (September 7)! At present, the sharing theme and 48 key points of 18 guests in the four major sessions of the conference have been determined; The four major links and 18 themes of the see reality Hangzhou private domain conference to be held on September 20 have also been determined; It is expected that about 2 guests will continue to participate in the next two conferences.
Before that, we have made clear the combination mode of benchmarking cases + optimization point dismantling (brand / industry upstream and downstream partners), which will run through the two conferences. Different from the previous preview, the update of this session is to further optimize and streamline the logic of the whole conference after the confirmation of new guests and new themes.
The guests, topics and sharing logic lines of the performance improvement camps held simultaneously with the two conferences have been determined in advance. Each performance improvement camp follows a certain main line of the brand’s actual operation in the private domain, and carries out long-term offline closed door sharing.
Moreover, the general assembly part of both meetings will be open free of charge. After verification and confirmation, registered users can come to the scene for free to communicate face to face with guests. Fees for efficiency camps and small venues will remain unchanged. You can lock a limited number of places by scanning the code in the text or at the end of the text.
Now, I will synchronize these progress of the conference with you.
4 major links, 18 themes and 48 highlights
Beijing congress · September 7
The Beijing private domain conference focuses on the “re purchase and transformation” that brand enterprises are most concerned about in the private domain 2.0 stage. It focuses on four major links: high-quality private domain growth, strong transformation private domain operation, offline retail private domain advancement, and reusable private domain efficiency improvement solutions. Each link will be launched with one benchmark case as the core. At the same time, multiple brands or upstream and downstream platforms / enterprises in the industry will talk through this link together.
Among these combinations, the four benchmarking cases are: bubble mart, Yili, Zhou Dasheng, and an Internet insurance company. The brands and upstream and downstream platforms / enterprises in the industry are: Tencent smart retail, qunmai, JD Yanxi, fast-moving clothing, love design, flow pool Research Institute, zero one digital technology, Hexing group (Yoshinoya), youzan, ruilaibang, Jinshan document, Hexun fashion, laiku technology, and see reality technology. At present, a total of 9 brands and 9 upstream and downstream platforms / enterprises in the industry participated in the whole conference.
Link 1: high quality private domain growth
Interpretation of private domain trends: new private domain to improve efficiency; store private domain to improve efficiency
Guest: Su Longfei, general manager of Tencent smart retail vertical industry ecology
Topic: Interpretation of private domain trends
Theme: growth and leap behind private domain 2.0
1. Every track of retail and local life has entered the private domain traffic bonus period. Wechat apps have directly driven the improvement of Gmv and become a key topic for many retail enterprises in the past two years;
2. By continuously operating consumers in the private domain, amplifying the value of private domain traffic, improving ROI, developing new business models and data capabilities, and improving profit margins have become the only kill techniques for business growth;
3. With the continuous upgrading of the overall playing method of the private domain, Tencent smart retail
1. These neglected drainage actions increased the annual flow by more than 50%;
2. Store arrival rate + activity rate + additional purchase rate, which reverses the operation service process from the three data;
3. The old pull new member filtering system cooperated with the marketing combination, and the performance increased by more than 20%;
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Guest: Wang Hao, private domain consultant of Lianchuang Ruixing coffee of flow pool Research Institute
Topic: private domain transformation model
Theme: counter trend growth under the epidemic: the reusable model of private domain transformation of Ruixing coffee
1. Update and interpretation of Ruixing’s three core data indicators: stock indicators, incremental indicators and transformation indicators;
2. Four actions to build a private domain quickly and efficiently: clear positioning, improve the architecture, build a contact system, and iterate the private domain SOP;
3. Three kinds of thinking required for self building private domain: Test thinking, data thinking and user thinking;
Link 3: offline retail private domain advancement
Shopping guide upgrade to improve the effect of offline private domain actual combat small program multiplication theory
Guest: Zhou Dasheng, director of CRM center Xu Chenchen
Topic: upgrading and improving the effectiveness of shopping guide
Theme: Zhou Dasheng’s private domain 2.0: simplify the complex to improve the executive power, and the return rate of shopping guides and invitations is 30%
1. Accurate invitation to reach, with a 90% arrival rate;
2. Paid drainage mode, the participation rate increased by 150%;
3. Deeply cultivate high net worth customers, and increase customer unit price by 80%;
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Guest: Pu Huihui, new retail general manager and head of growth Department of Hexing group (Yoshinoya)
Topic: offline private domain practice
Theme: new retail increased to 10% in 6 months: Yoshinoya’s practice of building a private domain for offline catering
1. For the first time, the strategy and play of Yoshinoya’s private domain 1.0-3.0 were revealed;
2. The store manager (small b) became the first growth flywheel of the private domain;
3. Do a good job in frequency raising strategies and playing methods, and boost both online and offline revenue;
4. Why is it a paying member? The second growth curve of private domain is the starting point;
Guest: youzan senior industry expert Xing Yun
Topic: small program multiplication theory
Theme: private domain multiplication methodology of small program explosion
1. Efficient access to the field, affecting the change of retail pattern of merchants;
2. The careful design of contacts has created a high-speed circulation system in the private domain;
3. Growth rules from Eastern selection to tens of millions of private domain operations;
Link 4: Reusable private domain improvement scheme
Gold conversion node: offline private domain conversion to activate paying users
High customer single private domain opening high customer single promotion repurchase private domain trend forecast
Guest: Pu Ning, former private domain principal of an Internet insurance company
Topic: Gold conversion node
Subject: insurance industry private domain SOP: verified gold user conversion flow chart
1. Short term transformation is not the only purpose, but long-term transformation strategy based on retention;
2. Do step-by-step penetration around product features, and create a strategy that covers multiple needs of users;
3. Group strategy based on user characteristics to realize multi-faceted marketing operation for thousands of people;
Guest: Ruilai Gang CEO Lao Rui
Topic: offline private domain transformation
In the afternoon, Wu Xi, the person in charge of private domain growth of Jinshan document, started the topic and pointed out the second strong transformation related SOP for refined private domain operation. Jian Feng, CEO of ZEROONE digital technology, and Wang Hao, the private domain consultant of Lianchuang Ruixing coffee of the flow pool Research Institute were combined together.
In the Beijing field efficiency camp, five guests shared the key methodology and combination, as shown in the flow chart below. You can lock the number of on-site places by scanning the code!
4 major links and 18 themes
Hangzhou Congress · September 20
The private domain conference in Hangzhou focuses on the “orders and increments” that brand enterprises are also concerned about in the private domain 2.0 stage, focusing on how to improve the operation strategies and methods of user increments and order increments. Under this topic, it will focus on four major links, namely, “user golden operation cycle and refined operation”, “order conversion and repurchase improvement”, “high net worth user operation and stickiness improvement”, “new private domain play and new KPI setting”.
Under these four links, we invited platform parties: Tencent, JD, Netease, brand parties: Yinger fashion group, Wumart group, Aegean group, laiyifen, Yili Zhenxi, sanpangdan, Hangzhou Ruihui jewelry, and upstream and downstream service partners in the industry: baozun, ICC grow, Baiying technology, zhidingtang, yizhi intelligence, zero one digital science, 233, radish intelligence. They will jointly share their experiences and methods of play around the topic of “order and increment” at the conference.
SOP for first order conversion of private domain users and cultivation of strong user relationship
See the facts and improve the effectiveness · September 20
Centering on the core logic of “first order conversion of private domain users · SOP for strong relationship development of users”, the efficiency promotion camp will focus on the cases of new brands and different high-speed growth brands.
Unlike the Beijing field effect promotion camp, the private domain cases shared by the Hangzhou field effect promotion camp are targeted at [new brands and different high-speed growth brands]. The fields involved in these cases are also mostly in popular industries, such as health care products, chain retail stores, beauty brands, new catering brands, etc.
On behalf of the private trader of the new brand, the sharing guests are shuna, the former head of maverick Casey’s private domain, and Yifei, the head of fat juice Milan’s private domain. The case sharing guests representing high-speed growth brands are Gao Tongtong, 233vp Ian, CEO Jian Feng of ZEROONE digital technology, and CMO big sheep.
In the Hangzhou field efficiency improvement camp, six guests shared the key methodology and combination, as shown in the flow chart below. You can scan the code to grab the spot first!
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Repurchase and transformation, order and increment, private domain entering 2.0 era
2.触点的精心设计,成就私域高速循环体系 ;
3. 从东方甄选到千万级私域运营的增长法则 ;
黄金转化节点 线下私域转化 盘活付费用户
高客单私域起盘 高客单提升复购 私域趋势预测
嘉宾:某互联网保险公司前私域负责人 普宁
1. 不以短期转化为唯一目的,基于留存长周期转化策略;
2. 围绕产品特征做逐级渗透,打造覆盖用户多种需求的策略;
3. 基于用户特征的分组策略,实现千人多面营销运营;
1. 被忽视的这几步引流动作增加了全年50%以上流量;
2. 到店率+活跃率+加购率,三个数据倒推运营服务流程;
3. 老拉新会员过滤系统配合营销组合拳,业绩增长超20%;
嘉宾:金山文档私域增长负责人 吴熙
1. 新东方在线案例复盘:2个月付费用户从4万增至120万;
2. 30倍增长案例背后的SOP要点参考和详解;
3. 新环境下(疫情和私域2.0),金山文档私域场景下的探索与破局?
嘉宾:赫寻时尚CEO 、朗姿集团新零售(前)负责人 庞啸
2. 从中低频到中高频私域转变、玩法分析;
嘉宾:来酷科技会员业务总经理&来酷校园业务总经理 单兴华
嘉宾:见实CEO 徐志斌
主题: 全域玩法的关键:私域2.0新趋势
1. 从频次到关系,探求用户优质体验的本质;
3. 腾讯、阿里、字节大厂之间的流量纷争才刚刚开始;
在这四大环节下,我们邀请了平台方:腾讯、京东、网易,品牌方:影儿时尚集团、物美集团、爱琴海集团、来伊份、伊利甄稀、三胖蛋、杭州瑞辉珠宝,以及行业上下游服务商伙伴:宝尊、iCC Grow 、百应科技、知定堂、一知智能、零一数科、233、萝卜智能。他们将共同在大会上围绕“订单与增量”这一议题,分享各自的经验和打法。






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