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Tai’er pickled cabbage coffee: is sour and refreshing coffee really a dark dish? Daily new product soup Vol.32

Focus on the shining products of the new platform “daily new product soup”, with a special deconstruction and presentation from the professional perspective of foodaily, and promote the acceleration of industry innovation with the inspiration of one in ten thousand!

product features:

Original pickled cabbage latte: pickled cabbage + pickled cabbage juice + coffee
Taier combines the classic “pickled cabbage” elements of the brand to launch pickled cabbage coffee. A container in the shape of a pickled vegetable jar is used to contain coffee. On this basis, a pickled vegetable liquid is added, and a piece of sour and refreshing Taier pickled vegetable is placed on the top with a toothpick. The classic items of Taier in the catering category are matched with popular drinks to form a strong contrast, bringing consumers an alternative and novel coffee experience.
Photo source: Taier pickled fish
Sauerkraut fish plate coffee: fish plate is used as ear hanger to create interesting interactive experience
At the same time, Taier also launched the ear hanging coffee with pickled cabbage fish dish, which mainly features the flavor of orange peel and adopts the packaging design of simulated pickled cabbage fish dish. The product uses Rose Summer coffee beans with strong mellow fragrance and dried tangerine peel with long aftertaste as raw materials. The brewing taste is prominent, including the sour taste of citrus and the plumpness of berry juice. The inner package of coffee is filtered with a corn fiber filter screen, with uniform filtering speed and no peculiar smell, and more sufficient extraction.
When making coffee, just place the fish tray at the mouth of the cup, open the transparent cover in the middle of the fish tray, inject 150ml of hot water in three times, and leave it for a while to enjoy.
Photo source: Taier pickled fish

Recommended reasons for foodaily:

Take coffee as the medium to refresh classic items and accurately grasp the curiosity of young people
With generation Z becoming the main group in the consumer market, more and more brands are trying to integrate into the young consumer group in a younger and newer way. Among them, strong alcohol with unique taste can also be used as a coffee category of “energy drinks”, which is loved by young people and gradually becomes a popular track with great development potential in the domestic beverage market.
Data show that the market size of China’s coffee industry in 2021 reached 113 billion yuan, an increase of 26.9 billion yuan over 2020, a year-on-year increase of 31.24%, and will continue to grow in the future.
With an insight into the hot coffee market, Tai’er’s brain has opened up. In combination with the interesting expression of cross-border joint names, it adopts the classic raw material – pickled cabbage, and introduces the “same style” creative peripheral of pickled cabbage fish, bringing consumers a different product experience with novel fish dish packaging.
Picture source: Weibo @ Taier pickled fish
It is understood that in addition to launching new pickled cabbage coffee products in the store, Taier also opened a real coffee shop in the offline Taobao creation Festival, and set up a giant green shorts in the shop, combining “coffee” with “shorts”, conveying the relaxed connotation of enjoying coffee without formal clothes and shoes and in a casual state. In Taobao creation Festival, a platform for dialogue and interaction with young people, through the output of product creativity, Taier conveyed the sour product content and interesting brand attitude to more young people.
Photo source: Taier pickled fish

Basic product information:

Country of origin: China
Company & Brand: Taier
Category: beverage / coffee and coffee beverage
Applicable to: general public
Ingredient list:
Sauerkraut fish dish coffee solid drink: coffee powder, tangerine peel.
Storage conditions: negative
Tai’er pickled cabbage coffee: is sour and refreshing coffee really a dark dish? Daily new product soup Vol.32





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