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Wall Street’s response to the appointment of a new CEO of Starbucks was lackluster. Nongfu spring invested 1.25 billion yuan to build a base in Huangshan, Nestl é opened a flagship tmall store in Shengming garden, blue bottle coffee opened, and Ziyan food’s IPO was approved

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Nongfu spring Huangshan spent 1.25 billion yuan to build a production base

Yesterday afternoon, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Huangshan Municipal government and Nongfu mountain spring was held. Nongfu spring will take Huangshan City as an important target market and an important investment area, build a natural drinking water production base in Huangshan, with an investment of about 1.25 billion yuan, and carry out discussions and cooperation in Huangshan tea and other agricultural products. Previously, Yuanqi forest also reached a strategic cooperation with Huangshan Municipal Government in May. A month later, Yuanqi forest mineral water plant project officially settled in Huangshan. (, xiaoshidai)

Sam’s club membership fee in China will not rise for the time being

Recently, the Sam’s Club under Wal Mart, the world’s largest retailer, said that the annual membership fee of Sam’s club would be increased from $45 to $50. In response, the relevant person in charge of Wal Mart in China said that Sam’s club in China has no plan to increase the membership fee. (surging)

Fonterra Beijing Application Center

Yesterday, Fonterra Group officially unveiled the newly upgraded Fonterra Beijing application center. This upgrade is one of the largest investments of Fonterra’s catering service business in North China in recent years. It is expected to meet the needs of further development of Fonterra’s business in North China in the next five years. At present, Fonterra has opened four application centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, and has completed the upgrading of Beijing and Guangzhou. The upgrading of Shanghai Application Center is expected to be completed in the second half of this year. (issued by the company)

Fosun system gives up the control of Jinhui wine and the original actual controller takes over

Yu Garden Co., Ltd. announced yesterday that the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Hainan Yuzhu Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. planned to sell 13% of the shares of Jinhui wine at 29.38 yuan per share, with a total transaction price of 1.937 billion yuan. Gansu Yate Investment Group Co., Ltd., the receiving party, is the original controlling shareholder of Jinhui wine. (Securities Times)

Ziyan food IPO approved

A few days ago, the CSRC approved the IPO of three enterprises, among which Ziyan food was approved to issue no more than 42 million new shares. Ziyan food’s main products are husband and wife lung slices, Baiwei chicken, rattan pepper chicken, etc., which will become the third halogen product enterprise listed on A-share market after Huangshanghuang and Juewei food. (Beijing business daily)

Hongjiu fruit is under subscribed

Yesterday, Hongjiu fruit, a fresh fruit group invested by Alibaba, announced the results of its IPO. Each share was priced at HK $40, the lower limit of the IPO price, and the net capital raised was about HK $497 million. The public offer shares in Hong Kong were under subscribed, only about 60%; The international sale was 0.96 times oversold by a small amount. The shares will be listed for trading next Monday. (letter)

Abbott was fined 200000 yuan, saying it would strengthen the review of live broadcast content

Recently, the market supervision and Administration Bureau of China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone issued a decision on administrative punishment against Abbott. The decision shows that Abbott launched a live broadcast activity in the live studio of its JD platform online store “Abbott JD self operated official flagship store” on July 21, 2021. When the anchor introduced “4 segments of Abbott Jingzhi organic children’s formula milk powder” and “3 segments of Abbott Jingzhi pure children’s formula milk powder”

Nestle Purina invests in expanding Mexico factory

A few days ago, Nestle Purina said that it would invest 99 million US dollars to expand its factory in Silao, Mexico. At the same time, the company will also purchase 39 hectares of land for future expansion. (Mexico Now)

CFO of Arla foods worries about milk production

Yesterday, the chief financial officer of Arla foods said: “what I am most worried about is the inflationary environment and the turbulence of the energy situation in Europe. This uncertainty is high on my list.” At the same time, he also said that as far as the dairy industry is concerned, the decline in milk production is also a concern. (JustFood)

Gatorade will launch


A few days ago, Gatorade announced that it would launch fast twitch, a caffeinated energy drink with a taste similar to that of traditional Gatorade, in February next year. This product does not contain sugar or carbonic acid, and a 12 Ounce Bottle (about 350 ml) of this product contains 200 mg of caffeine. Due to its high content, fast twitch will target consumers aged 18 or above. (CNBC)

South Korean instant noodle brand Nongxin announces price increase

Yesterday, South Korean instant noodle brand Nongxin announced that from September 15, the ex factory prices of instant noodles and major snack products will be increased by 11.3% and 5.7% on average. As for the reasons for this price increase, Nongxin explained that this year’s international disputes and inflation led to a sharp rise in the price of raw materials. In the second quarter of this year, the supply price of Korean domestic cooperative enterprises also rose, and the production cost rose. (Global Times)

Russian McDonald’s buyer accused or acquired Finnish packaging company

Recently, Alexander govor, a Siberian businessman who bought McDonald’s restaurants in Russia, has proposed a price of up to 151 million euros for the Russian business of the Finnish packaging company Huhtamaki Pule group. (Reuters)

Wal Mart acquires minority stake in US beef company

A few days ago, Wal Mart announced that it had acquired a minority stake in sustainable beef LLC located in the United States. Wal Mart’s equity investment is part of a strategic partnership to purchase beef from the new beef processing plant of sustainable beef Co., Ltd. (issued by the company)

Fast reading of food industry information

日前,森永乳业宣布已于8月31日将进口和销售天然奶酪的合并子公司 Tokyo Daily 的所有股份转让给三井物产。转让金额尚未披露。(日经)

The global food price index fell for five consecutive months

On September 2 local time, the global food price index report for August released by the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations showed that the global food price index in August was 138 points, down 1.9% month on month, still 7.9% higher than the previous year. Since hitting a record high in March this year, the index has fallen for five consecutive months, and in August, almost all food commodity prices fell. (CCTV News)

ByteDance says it has no plan to go public

A few days ago, Gao Zhun, CFO of ByteDance, said at a meeting of the company that ByteDance currently has no specific listing plan or timetable. (Zhitong Finance)

Ali invested 912.5 million US dollars in lazada to enter Europe

Yesterday, Ariba

Wall Street’s response to the appointment of a new CEO of Starbucks was lackluster. Nongfu spring invested 1.25 billion yuan to build a base in Huangshan, Nestl é opened a flagship tmall store in Shengming garden, blue bottle coffee opened, and Ziyan food’s IPO was approved

日前,买下麦当劳在俄罗斯餐厅的西伯利亚商人Alexander Govor已提出高达1.51 亿欧元的价格收购芬兰包装公司Huhtamaki普乐集团在俄业务。(路透社)


日前沃尔玛宣布,其收购了位于美国的可持续牛肉有限责任公司(Sustainable Beef LLC)的少数股权。沃尔玛的股权投资是战略合作伙伴关系的一部分,旨在从可持续牛肉有限责任公司的新牛肉加工厂采购牛肉。(公司发布)










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