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Coca Cola, the most popular beverage, will soon be no longer cola

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A cup of Wahaha Cola always reminds people of traditional Chinese medicine; A cup of vigorous forest coke always feels different when you drink it; Although a cup of Coca Cola and Pepsi can’t tell which brand by blind test, most people agree that this is the taste of coke – even if there are many imitators, it is still irreplaceable.
In the category of cola, the two major brands are basically the only rivals of each other.
But they are also trying to be opponents of others.
Coca Cola, new products are loved
In Japan, the pot boiled barley tea launched by Coca Cola has become the biggest rival of tea in the whole Japanese market.
YaKan no mugicha has been on the market for one year and two months, and its cumulative shipment has exceeded 400 million. This achievement has also made it the most popular new product of Coca Cola in the past 10 years. The heat of this summer has promoted the popularity of barley tea, which is very important for creating new trump cards, but in the final analysis, this product has stood firm.
Coca Cola has never been a complacent company. Selling carbonated drinks can naturally make the whole brand feel free to eat and drink, but to become the largest beverage brand in the world, only carbonated drinks are not enough.
As a large company with business in more than 200 regions in the world, Coca Cola has more than 200 global brands, so it is not surprising that each region has new products and differentiated new products. In Japan, Coca Cola can launch more than 100 new products a year. Fewer of these new drinks survive and more disappear silently.
From this point of view, this pot of boiled barley tea is valuable enough and special enough. “Pot boiling” is the biggest feature of this tea drink. The brand’s technology also preserves the aroma of the tea drink to the greatest extent (barley tea has a special aroma). The refreshing taste, coupled with the uncomplicated and easy to accept taste, has enabled it to successfully break through the tight encirclement and gain a foothold in Japan’s very rolled tea market.
For Coca Cola, the success of barley tea in Japan can also inspire people. After all, Coca Cola in 2017 said:
Japan is a very unique market. Outsiders who come here for the first time will find that there are many kinds of drinks here.
As Coca Cola continued to grow into a full-fledged beverage company, interesting things happened – the rest of the world began to look more like Japan. The U.S. market has also had a series of dazzling beverage products, and it has been growing. Tea, drinking vinegar and other products have gradually become the mainstream.
Coca Cola is the most popular new product in the past decade
In other words, the world’s beverage market is more and more like Japan’s, with a variety of varieties. This also means that the pot boiled barley tea itself can be killed from Japan’s Red Sea
What is the specific taste? Coke can also be a feeling. Dreamworld, a new taste of limited edition recently launched, is very mysterious and belongs to a sensory product. “A drink inspired by dreams and combined with Coca Cola can bring the joy and brightness of dreams to life.” it tastes like a tropical fruit cola, but even so, some people still want to taste it.
However, most of these cokes are restricted and sold in specific years, seasons and dates, and those sold all the year round like original coke or zero cola are still a few.
This is the choice of brand, while the “limitation” of new brands and new categories of the Coca Cola group is the market choice. If they do not sell well, they cut a product line. If possible, Coca Cola also hopes that the new products will become the sales champion by themselves and sell well for decades.
Cherry cola
In China, Coca Cola has launched a number of new products, many of them even for the first time – tea drinks, bubble water, alcoholic drinks, etc., trying to fill up the large enough beverage market one by one.
Topak hard soda sparkling wine, the first alcoholic beverage launched by Coca Cola in the Chinese market, is made of gluten free alcohol and soda sparkling water. It has the characteristics of low alcohol content (4.7% vol), low sugar, zero fat, and natural fruit fragrance. Although it contains alcohol, it still introduces three rich flavors to meet users – lemon lime, strawberry guava and colorful pineapple.
Non alcoholic bubble water should also try to bring a little alcohol taste. Coca Cola’s brand “little universe ah! One ha!” The red bayberry Baijiu flavor bubble water does not contain alcohol, but also can achieve 0 sugar, 0 calorie and 0 fat, giving you a slight intoxication without alcohol.
Japan’s popular instant tea has also declined in China. Coca Cola’s Chuncha tea house launched a new cold extract series two months ago. Yulu green tea and Tieguanyin oolong adopt the cold extraction method, which takes longer but tastes better. At the same time, the burden free drinking of 0 sugar, 0 essence and 0 energy is also one of the selling points.
The herbal tea market of jiaduobao and Wang Laoji in China also has new trends of Coca Cola. This Prunella vulgaris herbal tea called health workshop is its first entry into the herbal tea market in mainland China. The package of the product indicates that Siraitia grosvenorii brings natural sweetness and does not add artificial flavors and colors. It is not cheap to sell, but it can also be seen that this is a direction Coca Cola is trying.
Compared with the new products released by Coca Cola overseas, Coca Cola, which makes carbonated drinks, really cares about your health.
Coca Cola attaches great importance to health function scenarios
When you were a child, your mother always stopped you from drinking coke because carbonated drinks were unhealthy.
But today, the largest carbonated beverage brand is trying to make the most popular carbonated beverage.
In China, Coca Cola’s unique formula is sugar free
Among Coca Cola’s brands, there are also many new products, such as 100% pure fresh juice, dairy drinks with different flavors, and even more and more alcoholic drinks that have been newly developed and introduced to individual markets.
Although the new products focus on health, functions and scenarios, these are the phased goals of Coca Cola. The ultimate goal is still to make sure that the products you want to choose anytime, anywhere are made by Coca Cola. Whether you want to reduce fat, improve, or caffeine, alcohol, Coca Cola can provide you with choices.
We can give you a choice at any time. From dairy products to water, to some different drinks, more than 200 brands of drinks are ready to provide you with fascinating and wonderful experiences.
Previously, a middle – and high-level insider of Coca Cola told the media that the two Coca Cola giants had held meetings and were determined to bring down the vitality forest. This is because the product characteristics of Yuanqi forest bubble water are highly similar to that of coke. This is likely to shake the foundation of coke. When young people grow up drinking “fat house happy water” no longer, the habit of drinking it has disappeared, but what is affected is the purchase of it for decades.
Since we want to promote new products to build a moat, we should work together with different drinks such as bubble water, tea, functional water and so on. Coca Cola’s goal may be that all the drinks you drink, no matter what age, scene or season, are produced by Coca Cola.
In this way, it can be regarded as a qualified beverage empire.
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Coca Cola, the most popular beverage, will soon be no longer cola
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