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Lu Zhengyao and Luo min’s Prefabricated dishes have become “abandoned children” after all?

Luo min stopped shouting and Lu Zhengyao turned his energy to new projects.
High profile entry, but low-key retreat. Luo min and Lu Zhengyao’s entrepreneurial road of prefabricated dishes has not gone smoothly.
On August 10, the first tongue tip hero store in Beijing has quietly closed its door. At present, this store can not be found on the tongue tip hero applet.
As the headquarters, at present, there are 31 stores in Beijing, of which 7 are closed. A Tianjin Tongjian hero franchisee disclosed to wired insight that his store was closed two months ago.
In just seven months, the hero who claimed to have landed 3000 stores in five months did not achieve his goal, but went to the road of closing down.
Now, Lu Zhengyao’s energy has been transferred to new projects. According to tech planet, Lu Zhengyao is planning to launch a new coffee startup brand, cotticoffee. After Ruixing coffee, Lu Zhengyao returned to his old business, which also means that the hero of the tongue in the restaurant project that did not go well may eventually become an outcast.
Tuyuan Tongjian technology official website
Like Lu Zhengyao, Luo min, the founder of qudian, also holds high and enters the Bureau’s Prefabricated dishes.
In June, Luo min returned to the public’s view with the account of “owner Luo of Qu store”. Standing in front of the camera, Luo min is familiar with various recipes. “CEO of a listed company” creates momentum for the prefabricated dishes of the new project of qudian.
But not long after, due to the negative impression left by the previous entrepreneurial project, Luo min was once again considered to be “cutting leeks”, and became the target of public criticism. Under the whirlpool of public opinion, Luo Min has quietly cleared her Weibo and Tiktok, and changed her Tiktok account to “qudian prefabricated dishes”.
Recently, qudian’s Prefabricated dishes have been off the air for eight days, and fans have dropped a lot. After the rebroadcast, the sound volume is far less than before.
Behind the cold, Lu Zhengyao and Luo min both chose the strategy of low-cost drainage and joining to make money. For example, heroes with sharp tongues have sweet and sour pork tenderloin of 9.9 yuan, and qudian has pickled cabbage fish of 9.9 yuan. In Lu Zhengyao’s vision, the hero with the tip of his tongue will quickly expand his shop like lucky coffee; In Luo min’s plan, the number of free physical stores will reach 10000 this year.
But the reality is that the same thinking of the two makes their brands go downhill, which can not help but make the outside world sigh. More importantly, the loss and difficulty of making money of franchisees have cast doubt on their business models.
Behind this, it also exposes the industry problems of prefabricated dishes themselves. On the one hand, the red sea like prefabricated vegetable market attracts many players, and on the other hand, it is difficult for consumers to insist on paying for prefabricated vegetables, which are falling into ice and fire.
At present, a fugitive killing under the wind is on stage.
Lu Zhengyao is stuck in the tide of closing stores, and Luo min can’t sell prefabricated vegetables
It’s been a long time since Luo min appeared in the live broadcast room of qudian’s Prefabricated dishes.
August 2nd
As a matter of fact, the difficulties of the hero of the tongue in opening up stores have been shown for a long time. According to leopard news, a regional agent of Tongjian hero said that since the end of June this year, Tongjian hero has stopped joining. Tongjian hero decided to make money for the existing 500 stores first, and then consider opening up its franchise.
This project, which Lu Zhengyao had hoped for “another lucky”, not only failed to achieve “lucky speed”, but is also experiencing a trend of closing stores.
Now, Lu Zhengyao’s new project, Cotti coffee, has just started. He will undoubtedly put more resources and energy on the coffee track.
Whether it is Luo min or Lu Zhengyao, the end of their pursuit of fashion seems to show that even if the story of prefabricated dishes is sexy enough, it is still not easy to make money.
Following Lu Zhengyao and Luo min, is it easy to get in but difficult to make money?
Two months ago, the Tongjian hero joined by Wu le in Tianjin was the first to close down. Although Wu Le did not disclose the specific reasons and the amount of loss to wired insight, it was difficult to hide his helplessness.
In less than a year, many franchisees like Wu Le have exited. As a matter of fact, joining a tongue tip hero store requires a lot of money in the early stage.
It can be seen from the official website of Tongjian science and technology that to become a franchisee, you first need a sales support fee of 30000 yuan / outlet, a deposit of 30000 yuan / outlet, a warehousing, logistics and distribution fee of 20000 yuan / outlet / year, and a design fee of 1800 yuan / outlet, which is a full 80000 yuan.
Tongjian hero joining fee, tuyuan Tongjian technology official website
It needs to be understood that the main reason for opening a shop is the cost of rent, decoration, personnel and so on. A franchisee once disclosed to Beijing Business Daily that, in addition to the tens of thousands of yuan paid to regional agents, it takes at least 150000 yuan to open a tongue hero, and 200000 yuan is also common.
If we say that the low-cost marketing at the beginning attracted a wave of customers, but the consumers also left after the discount fell.
Previously, according to the report of leopard transformation, a Chongqing franchisee admitted that the customer repurchase rate of Tongjian hero was not high, “less than 50%”. Tech planet has also reported that franchisees in Fuzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu have suffered losses to varying degrees. Among them, the franchisees in Chengdu have been losing money for four months in a row, and even the electricity charges can not be earned back.
“Now when business is bad, the daily running water is only about 200 yuan, and there has even been a situation where no single order has been sold all day on Saturday.” According to the Beijing business daily, a tongued hero franchisee who has been open for about three months speaks out. When they first opened, some franchisees had a turnover of as high as NT $6000-7000 a day.
In addition, many prefabricated food franchisees are worried about the passenger flow of their stores. At first, the platform will provide some traffic support for franchisees, and orders will come from the hero app, but now the company’s release has weakened, so franchisees need to find customers themselves.
A franchisee confessed to wired insight, “I have never done catering at all. It was only after joining that I found that
In the capital market, Sequoia, Hillhouse and other head capital have successively injected capital, and prefabricated vegetable concept stocks have soared one after another. According to the 2022 China prefabricated vegetable industry insight report, from 2013 to 2021, there were 71 investment and financing events in the prefabricated vegetable track, with a total disclosed financing amount of more than 1 billion yuan, involving 42 projects.
The huge market has attracted many players, but consumers are not willing to buy it.
The most prominent point is that as an emerging species, prefabricated dishes have not become the same way of eating as in-house food and takeout food. If it’s not the price, consumers are more willing to choose hot fresh ingredients. More importantly, the safety and taste of food also keep consumers calm.
“At that time, I had a month’s worth of prefabricated dishes. It was convenient, but it was really incomparable with restaurants and even takeout.” Wen Xue, who hoarded goods and prepared vegetables this spring festival because of the epidemic, told insight.
Consumers’ willingness to pay is not high, and the exodus of prefabricated dishes has begun.
Looking back on January this year, Lu Zhengyao, with a hero in his tongue, made a high-profile layout of prefabricated dishes, which left the market fresh in its memory. At that time, in an interview with Securities Daily, Li Yingbo, the rotating CEO of Tongjian technology, said that since Tongjian hero began to recruit franchisees in January, it has accepted the signing of 2500 intended franchisees. Now, according to the data of the narrow door restaurant, the number of offline stores of the tongue tip hero is only less than 300.
The same is true of the capital market. In April of this year, affected by the epidemic “hoarding tide”, weizhixiang, Qianwei central kitchen and other prefabricated vegetable enterprises had raised their daily limits, but with the recovery of the general environment, they could not escape the trend of falling stock prices. As of press time, the share price of weizhixiang, the “first stock of prefabricated vegetables”, has dropped from the highest point of 137.88 yuan / share in June last year to 58.84 yuan / share, a difference of nearly three times.
According to Deloitte’s consumer industry insight 2022 prefabricated dishes industry outlook, from 2020 to April 2022, because b-end enterprises were still facing channel pressure, investment and financing events decreased slightly, with a total of 5. At the same time, as the prefabricated vegetable industry is still in its early stage of development, most enterprises facing the C-end are still in Angel round and a-round financing, and the scale effect has not yet formed.
It is undeniable that the rush of capital and players, coupled with the lazy economy and the impact of the epidemic, have turned prefabricated dishes into sexy stories. But as the tide ebbed, the prepared dishes still failed to catch the young man’s stomach.
As a catering industry, taste is the key. Although the industrial content of prefabricated dishes is convenient and fast, the problem of homogenization is inevitable. For example, today’s Prefabricated dishes are mainly pickled fish and sweet and sour tenderloin. It’s not easy to find your own characteristics in the same dishes. In addition, the first meaning of eating is “health”, and there is a long-standing saying about prefabricated dishes.
More importantly, there are many players, and the prefabricated dish market has become a red sea. Entrepreneurial brands such as tongue tip hero and qudian prefabricated dishes have limited competitiveness.
Lu Zhengyao and Luo min’s Prefabricated dishes have become “abandoned children” after all?
















同样的,资本市场也是如此。今年4月,受疫情“囤货潮”的影响,味知香、千味央厨等预制菜企业曾涨停,但随着大环境恢复,也难逃股价下跌的态势。截止发稿,“预制菜第一股”味知香股价从去年6月最高点137.88元/股,跌倒 58.84元/股,相差近三倍。











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