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Osmanthus oolong is in season, and Lipton, the world’s largest tea bag brand, has made the latest move

The high temperature gradually faded, and it was autumn in the twinkling of an eye.

September is the season of sweet osmanthus fragrance, and snack generation has noticed that many brands have taken sweet osmanthus into taste to retain the taste of short autumn.

Among them, Lipton, a century old tea brand, also joined the “heat” of Osmanthus fragrans and launched new high-quality original leaf tea. Let’s take a look.


For a long time, qilitun, a tea brand founded in 1890 with a history of more than 100 years, has almost become a synonym for tea bags, and the office drinking scene created by this brand has also been deeply popular.

Not long ago, the parent company of Lipton, Ecotech (Lipton is the world’s largest tea bag brand and also our most important brand in China, accounting for more than 90% of our revenue. “

After entering the mainland China market for 30 years, Lipton is still striving for product innovation.

Following the new cold brew fruit tea launched at the end of July, Lipton chose China, the hometown of tea, to select high-quality original leaf tea from all over China, and launched three flavors of Lipton LOHAS pure tea bags: Sunrise golden Osmanthus (osmanthus oolong)

According to Lipton, the new product has four main features: including adding the whole flower bud picked in a limited season, choosing the original leaf tea from the tea garden that is limited in origin and meets the standard of the Rainforest Alliance, not adding any essence and sugar, making the product label “clean” and creative packaging, and paying attention to the “ritual feeling” of opening the box.

Sunrise golden Osmanthus (osmanthus oolong) is the main product of this series, targeting Guilin, one of the four major producing areas of Osmanthus in China, from August to September of the lunar calendar. In Guilin, every autumn, if the streets where osmanthus is planted are connected, a 127 kilometer golden “osmanthus corridor” can be formed.

Lipton picked this golden osmanthus with rich flower fragrance and matched it with Jinxuan Oolong produced in the high altitude area of Taiwan, China Province, China. After improvement, oolong tea made from Jinxuan variety has a unique milk fragrance. Sweet osmanthus fragrance superimposed with milk fragrance makes sunrise golden osmanthus have obvious and long sweet return.

This series also includes large leaf Pu’er mature tea from Lincang and Yiwu in Yunnan, or green tea from Huangshan and Sichuan, which all collide with different tea soup flavors.

The three new LOHAS pure tea bags are full of fresh and natural feeling. With dark colors and elegant hand-painted paintings, they bring out a poetic mood and give people a refreshing feeling. The positioning of the golden logo also highlights its high-end positioning. It is in line with the brand proposition that this new product hopes to bring consumers back to nature, pause busy moments and enjoy a slow life for a while.


It is not difficult to see that the innovation of Lipton LOHAS pure tea bags aims at the young and high-end market demand.

According to the analysis report on the current situation of China’s tea bag industry market by the Huajing Industrial Research Institute in 2021, the main consumption countries of tea bags are still concentrated in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. Although the consumption frequency of tea bags in China is relatively high, it accounts for about 5% of the total tea consumption population, which is lower than the world average level of 24%, far lower than the European and American countries, which account for 80-90%. The potential of China’s tea bag market has not been fully tapped, There is still broad space for development.

Under the huge market space, new brands are constantly emerging, and tea brands such as Xicha, Naixue and chayan Yuese are now being made

Young people of Elle can “brew a cup of brand-new Lipton LOHAS quality original leaf tea”.

According to Euromonitor International, in 2021, Lipton still holds the first position in the market share of bag brewing black tea in China. In addition to black tea, Lipton is also cutting through thorns and thorns and constantly expanding its territory.

Years of development have enabled Lipton, the world’s largest tea bag brand, to always have solid product R & D capabilities, advanced technology, purchasing strength to find high-quality tea and other raw materials, and market insight to provide a basis for innovation. All these will help Lipton rejuvenate its brand and consolidate its market position in the exploration of a younger and higher end market.

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Osmanthus oolong is in season, and Lipton, the world’s largest tea bag brand, has made the latest move













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